Marine Le Pen Predicted to Lose French Election

It seems our meme efforts are in vain channers. What else can we do to make sure she wins? Anyone got any ideas because it looks like she will lose in a landslide. We need some ideas!

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Yes we will come up with some ideas just you wait. :-)

OP is gay!

Haha just kidding OP. :-D

Yeah just saw the news she is predicted to lose in a landslide, we should do something.. waiting on others for ideas.

You tards actually believe you can make a difference in the french elections hahaha

I agree. She will lose in a landslide unfortunately, it seems Europe has rejected far right racist ideals. :-)

Yes we need some ideas guys!! xDDD

We need to beat the liberal elite and their vicious ilk before pepe gets mad! HEHEHE

They are holding nothing back. At this point it is apparent that even overtly illegal measures would be used against her. Problem is the globalists are on the wrong side of history and will destroy themselves in the end.

Is the artist trying to imply women are inferior as they have 40% less tentacles than a man?

Any of you darkie anons willing to start a riot in central paris? Pls reply.

[spoiler]She will lose[/spoiler]

Why do you want to help LePen this commie ?

>Hillary Clinton has a 95% chance of winning

Don't worry we got this.

>unironically using 'channers'

This place is the landfill of this cesspool


today is bring-your-retarded-child-to-work day at GCHQ?

Yeah I remember seeing that in almost all (((liberal))) "news" sites.

Fuck you papa roach


Kill all roaches

Trump was also predicted to lose.

polls predicting landslide loss is a goodsign, where have you been the last year?

Wasn't Trump supposed to lose by a landslide? Wasn't Brexit?


We may have to accept that Europeans want to be overrun with Islam, and are content to have their cultures and traditions destroyed. Sad.

*sigh* well, i guess it's time to pack up, better stop memeing this failiure, probably wont even pay attention to the french elections lol

Storing energy should a spirit bomb be needed across the Atlantic.

Yes pack up. Nothing to read here. You seem tired. Time to sleep....or something. Now where's my check Shariablue?

Weak faith is the sign of a cuck.

Hello friend! It seems you are samefagging to a pretty atrocious degree, do you need help?

You know you're winning when the opposition becomes desperate to make you think you've lost.

maybe we could send her an actual political program ?

meme harder

It's not like we fucking TOLD you bluepilled newbies that Le Pen has ZERO chance of EVER winning the french election (even with all the fucking terror attacks + permanent martial law + soldiers with machine guns stationed at every street corner of Paris).

But keep putting your fucking hopes into the (((election jew))) you bluepilled shitters.

who are 'you' guys?
the same people who told hillary will win?

> "channers"
Nuff said about op

We will witness something very anti democratic

there are 11 candidates, Le Pen already has 35% of the votes, Fillon ( right ) comes second with like 22% and Macron ( left ) is like even with him
the only way lepen can win is to get macron second because of case of a duel between extreme right and right all media will call people to vote right, FN made a landslide in regional elections in 2015 but on the second tour they all called to vote right and FN didn't even have a region left

>Marine Le Pen Predicted to Lose French Election
By who? Experts?

>no yarmulkes
i call fake


You're trying too hard.

Is this how mental breakdown looks like?

Surely this meme can be beaten. He is
>Rothschild banker
>former Socialist party member running on conservative platform
>basically the French Tony Blair
Just let Papi Le Pen off his leash and let him tear into this fucking kike.

>wasting trips roleplaying
you can stop now, it's sad just as it was at the beginning

you do not seem to undestand that we actually want him to be on the second tour

people are stupid enough to fall for him
I wouldn't want to risk having macron on the 2nd turn

Le pen can't win against fillon
so it's either macron or a lose

sadly, the things are not bad enough yet for lepen to win. give it a few more terrorist attacks and the people will wake up.

Well we just had one, and they always come in packs. It could just push more musulmerdes to attempt something.

>X will lose in a landslide!

Have heard that one before

if she loses it matters not AS LONG AS SHE GAINS GROUND!!! she needs seats so next time she will win

"Le Pen est fini" dit l'homme plus en plus nerveux pour la sextiéme fois.

Unless russian hackers have some dirt to spill on him he'll win it tho. France, I can smell the Tony Blair of that cunt from over here. If he wins you will regret it.®ion=br2


I am sure an English-speaking board will somehow do something meaningful about a French election You right-wing Anglos hate the Frenchies anyway. Why do you even care?

(((They))) allowed Brexit and Trump because they want mass privatizations of social services. Le Pen is talking about increasing the welfare state, that shit doesn't fly.

La liberté a un coût. Le sang des allogènes mohametans doit abreuver nos sillons. Emmanuel Macron AKA "Dhimminuel Makroud" n'est pas mon président, c'est un boboiste hors sol anti nation et probablement un homosexuel de surcroit. Louis et Napoleon ok pas Mohamed et Rachid. Vive la France

>Marine Le Pen predicted to lose

godspeed to you gaufrettbro, i really wish she would win and i'll cross my fingers for all of you when voting day comes.

A-are you a shill masquerading as a pro-nationalism Brit?

Why do you look and sound so artificial?

Why is that all those Trump portraits distort his actual features so much?



because he is an ugly old man

the one you're posting is deceptive in the same sort of way; he he is a bit fat but he doesn't walk around looking exactly like that either. It's an unflattering photo.

Possibly because Le Pen is German.

> let's compare the american elections to a whole different french elections

how it's going to go
first vote: le pen win
second vote: all parties cuck lepen and macron wins

The situation is very different from 2002. JM Le Pen voters were mostly racist old-timers that were uneasy with immigration. Nowadays, people from all ages who actually experience "cultural enrichment" are behind Marine.

My pals went to her meeting at Chateauroux and were surprised by the amount of youngsters they met.

It's more than an unflattering photo. It's a photoshopped image.

The irony of this is incredible. The image you posted here is itself distorted with photoshop.

Kek confirms

but there's no EXE file header

trump was polling worse than hillary by 3/4 of the polls the month of the election. brexit wasnt suppose to happen according to 2/3 of the polls

all im saying is that random faggots claiming that some one will lose means nothing

Because stupid frenchies don't speak english as first language which blocks meme magic from spreading and they only get shitty homegrown top-down 'memes' from the government and jew media

That file name and samefagging though.

They aren't sending their best folks.

shills are this retarded ?

but user gchq use phones like this

Yup. Everyone in europe is buying the MSM narrative that Trump is a failure. They do not report that more jobs were added than expected, bigger consumer confidence, DOW skyrocketed etc. Only reports that he's a failure and russian agent.
Kind of ironic truly, the people did not believe MSM before the election but suddenly trust them again now. Europe is doomed and god forbid if Trump somehow ends up impeached or is only a one term president then US will be too.

why would you want them to elect her? There is literally no problem with Muslims

Trump was also predicted to lose in the elections, yet we memed him into office

In fact translated version of this is the front page story today in our biggest news source.

lend her your digits, lads