He's not wrong, Sup Forums

He's not wrong, Sup Forums

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Just sounds like another loser who's butthurt that the Clinton crime family didn't get into the White House. Wahhhhh, Bill the rapist didn't get into the White House. Muh political sophistication and issues, tho.

And Trump isn't the criminal for lying under oath and having people interfere and give him an election?


>he's not wrong

Pol is not an echo chamber. Any idea that is disagreed with gets more replies which makes more people see it

I've been out of high school for 7 years while living in my own home

I know that what the current government is doing isn't right.

This is the reason why they'll lose in the end. They are trying to lump everyone who disagrees with them into a set of bad characteristics. While in reality we are just as capable as they are. We are sitting in class next to them. Our children are in the same class. We work together.

If they want to have any chance of winning they need to acknowledge that the issues we have with society aren't just the ideas of basement dwelling NEETs

Show me Trump lying under oath. And show me Trump having people interfere with the election. You can't. Clapper said there's no evidence of collusion. The best you have is an indeterminate FBI investigation. Look how well such an investigation turned out with Hillary.

Besides, even if Trump were demonstrably a crook, that doesn't change the fact the left is simply butthurt that THEIR crooks didn't prevail.

There are even people who saw both candidates as crooks but decided to pick the one who'd receive 24/7 scrutiny vs. a free pass from the media and establishment.

if it wasnt for reddit and t_d Sup Forums wouldnt even exist. i think u "memers" need to remember that

>"He's not wrong"
>"They haven't developed cause and effect relational thinking"
>no arguments
>"btw I think we should let the entire 3rd world colonize us and this will work out fine if not for the greedy 1%"

Spicy, rich and very well seasoned

In fact, you're actually right. Sup Forums has been more open to dissent anyways. It's r/The_Donald invading Sup Forums that has been causing him to believe these things.


r/The_Donald invaded Sup Forums. You're a newfag though so you won't understand.

Not an argument

You actually just took that bait, in this bait thread

Sort yourself out



Where does that show lying under oath?

hey reddit nigger , keep browsing Sup Forums and eventually you'll accept the red pill

slowly but surely the bubble you live in will pop

>want to fit in with all the other basement dwellers

why would anyone want to do that? liblogic


>echo chamber
This place isn't a safe space, hug box or echo chamber. You get raw unfiltered information from all over the world and from people of all kinds of political ideologies without worry of being interrupted by some liberal shit every 3 seconds or them getting overwhelmed by the emotion of talking politics face to face with someone.

In plebbit you don't have to see anything that you find offensive or distasteful because moderation will censor it for you. If you don't like something someone posted you can just down boat it so it doesn't get around. Unlike in Sup Forums where it doesn't matter how much you disagree with something going on here you can't stop it.
>Harassing HRC with pepe
>Poking the CIA for keks
>Blood cults (see: Ebola-Chan)
>Death cults (see: Baal worship)

Sup Forums is a hurt locker full of barbed wire. We don't give a shit if your feelings are hurt or if your political ideology is shit we'll say it to you. If you say something stupid here everyone is going to ridicule you for being stupid. In plebbit they'll just be condescending until you sperg out and get yourself down boated.

The way I see it. If you want to talk politics in a cushy padded environment where you don't have to see offensive material go to rektit but if you want to actually talk politics like a big boy with people who are not only multicultural but international uncensored then you come to Sup Forums.

Just be ready to get hurt while you're here. Toughen up sunshine this place is waiting for you to fuck up.

>my oponent is stupid
wow guess I am voting for hillary now

Go back to the dindu threads, you fucking knob.

Yeah I don't give a fuck about politics that's why I have an anyuerism everytime I read shit tier posts from shit tier ideologues on reddit and clench my teeth together everytime I see an unemployed mudshit rapefugee walking around my town

>The way I see it. If you want to talk politics in a cushy padded environment where you don't have to see offensive material go to rektit but if you want to actually talk politics like a big boy with people who are not only multicultural but international uncensored then you come to Sup Forums.

This is true. Leftists thrive in only Net nannied and censored environments.

>butthurt as fuck
>white trash
>basement dwellers
>high school

he's certifiably fuming

Fucking kek
You think you're smart for engaging in a Youtube tier argument with an obvious troll

Couldn't have said it better myself and if they can't be in that environment they try to create it. You ever notice how liberal cop outs consist of "OMG YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT LOLOOOLOOOLOLL!!" and interrupting their opponent in an attempt to get them to be emotional so they can delegitimize the point of the discussion?

It's like they can't stand that anyone could remove emotions when talking about politics like they should. That and I'm pretty sure liberalism is the most selfish ideology that puts the needs of the individual before that of the overall whole.

>Let alone their parent's home

Whatever happened to living at home until you found a proper girl and were able to afford a place to move to?

Why are people so quick to leave their home to live on their own?

>butthurt loser blames anime imageboard for causing grandma and grandpa to vote for trump

Why would you listen to a man called WontReadTheReplies? He clearly won't fucking listen to you.

>Sup Forums
>unpopular opinions gets highlighted because more people reply
>echo chamber

>designed to mute opinions you dont want to hear
>shadowbans and what not
>not an echochamber

Rare pepe for awesome quote incoming

I'm an engineering student, I live 400 km from "home", I'm not immature little cunt, and I know exactly what I am doing.

This outrage is hilarious and I secretly crave more.

>it's another "Democrats remain unelectable because they are too arrogant to work out why ordinary people won't vote for them" episode