Is he a meme?

Former Rotschild Banker, Macron rules for the french presidency.

He presents himself as an "Anti-establishment" candidate!

Topfucking kek!

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Everything is a meme. Have you been paying attention to the last 8 months or so?

jeesus never seen that flag bevore. Sup Forums is truly global


Macron is Rothschild monkey.

We need to start a unified meme offensive against this faggot right now if we want Le Pen in.
Start digging up dirt on him and package it in easy to digest memes, both in French and English.

I have a serious question for you guys:

Why do you support, or pretend to support even, Marine Le Pen?
I think for most of you it's just for memes and keks. But there are a few of you that seem like die hard true believers. Why?

Seriously? Why? I get that she's a politican and all that, but what has she done for your country? What will she do for your country? How?

I'm really wondering, after having watched almost every rally since the one in 2015, what the hell is she even trying to say?

She never offers any specifics about anything at all.

Sure, she put some dumb one page shitposts on her website about taxes, illegal immigration, and muh agriculture... Is there one serious legislative proposal whatsoever? Is there a specific plan of action with respect to possible decree? What is she going to do if elected? Not even The Schulz knows. That's disturbing desu senpai

Fuck. That. Shit.

Marine Le Pen is full of shit. You know it, I know it, and everyone else who has an IQ>85 knows it. We really need to focus on electing a true liberal leader with some electablity and that is

Emmanuel Macron fits the bill perfectly, he's brash like Trump, he's a Amiens native who also loves all of the rest of the France...
The difference between Le Pen and Macron is this: Macron knows what the fuck he is doing

Macron is an civil servant, a former inspector general of Finance for France before becoming a banker for Rothschild & Cie Banque, was previously a member of the socialist party, and is previously a chairman of a very influential position of the second valls government.

Clearly, Sup Forums should be getting behind this guy. I don't understand why it's not happening.

Is it because he's jew or something?

Im a burger. Guam is still 'Murica.

nice fake, faggot
fillon and Macron are the only candidates who are not crypto commies
MLP is a lefty who wishes to win by pretending she'll solve the immigration issues
She's the handouts candidate, she's the debt candidate, just like the lefty candidates

He's married with his 20 years older french teacher but cheats on her with guys, not even fake news.

I can't download because of my Company's policy. I'll do it quickly!

link to a non governmental Russian website?
no proofs, just plain lies

France is fucked at this point. The only redpilled candidates are Dupont-Aignan and Asselineau.

I do not pretend Macron is a commie you stupid cunt.

Melenchon a commie? Are you even serious?

He's a traitor to his cause.

Crash the EU first, or at least throw spadefuls of sand between the gears. Most problems in Europe stem from Brussels, taking it down is priority number one, the rest comes later.

have you watched the picure you posted, these are the symbols of communism

fuck off shill he's a know globalist puppet.

A few years ago Jacques Attali announced he'll be the next prez, and almost no one knew him at that times, except for conspiracy circles. He's our Hillary, I agree Le Pen is far from ideal.

> > > irony > > >

Poe's Law is a pain in the ass sometimes

based guam knows what's up
everything is a meme
and we are meme magicians
reality is merely a concept

this tryhard again


Are you shitposting?

If you are European, you simply have to support the ones that are the strictest on immigration. I don't care about the economic system, we are getting replaced.

German media is shilling hard for Macron atm.
They all say he clearly won the debates according to 'blitz polls' .
Macron seems to get all the support from MErkel and german elites that they can offer.

Also take this into consideration:
France is still under 'emergency law' or whatever you call it, since the terror attacks...
They can still use the military and circumvent constitutional laws if they want to...
If Le Pen really manages to win, the (((elites))) will impeach and coup her immediately with the help of military.
dark times


This guy is funny as fuck, watch this :

"I do not need a ventriloquist"

>Fuck up the economy
>Replace the native population

It isn't a hard choice

That image screams "I will castrate them all"


>even frogs on Sup Forums are not voting Le Pen
She never had a chance did she?


And this : "I am Emmanuel Macron, share this video" is top tier. This guy is a nuthsell

What's the name of that literal Sup Forums guy that tweeted anime pics?


Didn't he promise to bring back conscription? I';m impressed at the lengths they will go to to stop nationalism.


>guam gets it's own flag
>the rest of the US don't get their own state flags
still salty

same in italy


Puerto Rico
American Samoa

All get their own flags. States actually get a vote in the House of Representatives. Id trade that for flagposting you mong.