Give me rational REASON to not hate this country

Give me rational REASON to not hate this country.

>low standard education level(especially higher education)
>low research standard
>people are divided into two groups, one is fucking idealist dumb liberals or ignorant poor nationalists
>has no future. This country has no potential to grow better than other developed countries.
>people obey to the authority. the reason? because it is authority. "Don't think, just obey."
>fucking outdated culture and society. it is still unacceptable to be gay or marry with gaijin partner
>stupid regulation stop people starting up bussiness. and the government wonder why there is little start-up in Japan.
>Start-up bussiness in Japan is actually hard mode. People prefer to be "a part of big company" rather than having company. totally slave mentality. also venture capital is relatively much smaller than America's one
>talented people abandon this shithole and move to abroad. only people left in Japan is ignorant idiots like me

I can't stand with this life... I can't stop hating myself.


Kek wills to kys.

Go to South Korea.


Oh look it's the English teacher pretending to be a self-hating Nip to get more (You)s on a daily basis.

Japan needs to purge you filthy gaijin out. Last thing this place needs is to become more vulnerable to their cultural Marxism displayed here.

Asia is fucking shithole.

They need cultural enrichment too

Stop whining you pussy.
Your country is not a shithole.
That should be more than enough to not hate it.

No they need to drop you filthy gaijin larpers out of a helicopter in the middle of the shark-infested areas of the Pacific Ocean.

You forgot to mention that you have the worst debt to gdp ratio in the world.

Come over here to Georgia nip, well show you what low standards look like..........

Greatest ally, when will our female exchange program be finalised?

At least you guys aren't slaves to the EU.

Lowest murder/crime rates in the world
3rd largest economy in the world
Inventors of Chinese Cartoons
Almost no tax on alcohol makes it incredibly affordable
A stable of incredibly talented modern authors (e.g. Mishima and Kawabata)
Even if the universities are dogshit, secondary school and below are well regarded
Drivers are very polite
Will probably be the first country to have passable waifu androids


you never come to Japan. right?

See Japan with your eyes, you will be happy in geogia


teehee excuse me

>low research standard
>has no future
>starting a business is hard
>talented people leave the country to work abroad

Damm, for a moment I thought I was reading about Brazil.

Everyone hates their country, deal with it

Don't you fucking say that you little fuck
I would swap my Australia citizenship for you Japanese one in a second if I could

>low standard education level(especially higher education)
The only reason I ever learned anything from the school program is because my mom paid a shit ton of money to the private teachers.
>low research standard
STEM in Georgia is dead and has been dead since USSR.
>people are divided into two groups
People around here brag about shit like what street they are from, or what part of Georgia they are from.
>fucking outdated culture and society. it is still unacceptable to be gay or marry with gaijin partner
Every attempt at a pride parade ends with pissed off priests beating the fags while screaming "Heresy."

And the town rapist gets free ice cream on Thursdays

Your education levels aren't low standard
dunno bout research
that's not true
depends on your definition of growth desu
that's dumb
well honoured tradition =/= outdated
that's dumb
that's dumb
they're dumb

Looks like the biggest problem is stupid people staying and smart ones leaving

Ooh you can't be gay?
Sign me up to be jap bois , I rather take shitty educations than live in a country with retarded faggots

Hey look, everybody. A depressed Japanese.

How unique.

>Every attempt at a pride parade ends with pissed off priests beating the fags while screaming "Heresy."

sounds better than the gay parades we have to put up with.