Is he autistic?

Is he autistic?

Yes, its called redpilled

I think the better debate is whether OP is a fag.

I'm feeling a strong yes.

We like to call it 4d chess but really it's just autism

>judging people for being autistic when youre autistic

I think OP has the autism

He's just got a sense of humor. Or at least, he's trying to.

to the extreme

OP likes to drain seamen sacks with his buttocks.

Absolutely. Doesnt nake him wrong.

He's kinda playing into the maymays now. Hope he doesn't get too carried away.

no your just a thin skinned run of the mill european conformist from the former soviet bloc. No argument necessary.

he's seizing the memes of production



>Supposition me owwsidde
>Owww booowww dddat??

suppose someone argued that because your a canadian you post in this contrarian style inevitably, would they be wrong?

>Supposition me ooowwsiideee
(all fresh OC, I mean to post this pic )

Your just stringing word together. Seriously
>S-s--s-s-sort your postings out

Slide thread

This is interesting, you project to run away from arguing at all. Its almost like all canucks are fundamentally transmuted at birth from babies into literal downies.

It's this leaf again

Shareblue hads a hard on for some canadian professor who never leaves canada, talks outside of canada, and no one knew about until he posted himself on here trying to get people to defend while he might lose his job.

Fucking shareblue

fuck... this. I already replied twice. thanks poland bro, love your people. Hope they are ready to be the saviors they once were.

Well you see, you your sentence literally made no sense.
You say
>suppose someone argued that because your a canadian you post in this contrarian style inevitably, would they be wrong?

Which literally means nothing.
You want to say that maybe a canadian will eventually post in a manner that is counter popular belief , and then something about being wrong.

Like it's seriously blah blah blah blah

The worst thing ever is dumb people like you, who think they are smart.

I think he was just trying to be humorous.

the arab!

hhhhooooo boy, another canadian who thinks he isn't part of the larger defeatist canadian herd, its poetry in action. I bet you think Sam Harris is on the frontier of philosophy.

I wake up, look outside and get on my computer because I didn't die in my sleep or magically get transported to a nice country with jobs, women and $$$.

Every day is the same.
Life is Purgatory
This is my entertainment.

>hur durrr diss guy is back. I can sit on Sup Forums all day and night remembering everyone and dasss cool! When people things I dont like it's "autism" :)

Brains of children


as i said defeatist canadian, reads like poetry, "life is purgatory."

whats life like as a walking meme.

Ayyyyyyyy it's Obamaleaf


>tfw overprotective mother

Canadians sure are bad at shitposting, but.. does that mean.. they're better? or worse? Canada was a mistake

Look man, you can't string together a bunch of words, make an incoherent sentence, get called out on it, then accuse the person of being a defeatist.

Is that what Professor Supposer does??

my first reply was a question, the fact you can't handle one question speaks to how one dimensional you are.

Ayyyy it's some Sup Forums autism who didn't take his morning (((behavior modification))) drugs and thinks I'm someone I'm not and will not take any other answer.

Seriously, who the fuck is "ObamaLeaf"??
I've seen the name , but never the actual poster.
It can't be me, I don't defend Obama and never did.

you and your shit memes.
Don't like looking in the mirror ey bucko?
Can't stand to think that you actually could make your life better but are too lazy and afraid to?
just want to blame the someone else for your failures?

your a bad joke, to everyone here, to yourself.
sort your self out.

Dude, your question made no sense.
You asked if you could suppose that since I'm canadian I will post counter popular beliefs inevitably and that would be wrong of you to suppose that.

>suppose someone argued that because your a canadian you post in this contrarian style inevitably, would they be wrong?

It's a question that makes no sense, you ask a question that doesn't make sense, and then answer it, and then act smart??

You're too stupid to even talk properly.

Dude, you're insulting me for not liking a fraud who you like
>S-s-s-s-s-sout yourself out tranny

Debating morons like you Peterson lovers is hilarious and entertaining
You're all literal dumb shits who know nothing, listen to this guy say big words and you all nod and go
>ya think about it



curious why he is a fraud.

i figured he was at least just a first year psych instructor

"heh, nothin personnel, kid"

Like I literally blow you losers the fuck out.
It's like a game I can never loser. You Professor Supposer lovers are so stupid.
So so so so stupid. Lookit the Aussie guy who can even pose a properly worded question.
He's using words wrong.
All you dummies do is ramble on about garbage Junggina shit.
>do you know your archetype? We cannot debate until you've slain your dragon in the underworld and saved your father.
>Think about it

What the fuck did you do to my thread


jesus the fucking shills. i hope it's obvious to all you faggots itt that the shills are trying to discredit this man the same way they try to bring down all the other "alt right" e-celebs. notice how their memes are not based in truth and are not funny

>oh no. People are mocking my favorite YouTube e-celeb hero

Maybe this Canadian should be reported for spamming?

He's posting exactly the same things every single day in every single Peterson thread

If that isn't spamming, what is?

I'm trying to wake you up to the fact that you are almost entirely predictable, apart from the fact I can't see you of course, its like I've met this anger before. That's what I'm implying in the question, that as much as you call us parrots of this man, you are a walking meme(((individual))). Now its up to you to prove otherwise but you haven't with axioms like "Life is purgatory".

Is it hellish to argue, is it inherently wrong to suppose in the absence of being able to live through other people's lives. Are we born to be literal hypocrites by not understanding the subtly of the human experience, and in turn how we teach and operate with one another. You're the type of thinker who has a hammer, borne out of trauma who then sees in turn every attempt at quantifying your pain as nothing special, a nail. You'll hit away at all suppositions until people slowly fade away to find other with actual nuance and not just edgy contrarian smug nothing replies.

Seriously if you have any sort of answer speak now or forever hold the title of the quintessential cuck nihilist.

I find his credentials and life story to be suspect.

Growing up Canadian, I've learned 99% of Canadians will lie and bullshit at the drop of hat simply cause they can get away with it.
My goodness, the stories I've been told.
A Canadian will tell you stories from sun up to sun down if you let them.
Just blah blah blahhhhh me me me me me me me me me blah blah blahhhhhh
Seriously think they are the most interesting in the world.

wow, your delusional and unhinged as fuck.
i remind you that YOU are the one making shitty memes in an autistic rage.
YOU are the one trying desperately to derail all JBP threads.
sort your self out.

what is suspect about him? maybe I can look into it and see if he's a fraud or not

>Is he /ourguy/?

>He is /ourguy/.

K dummy, tone down the Junggina shit and speak to me like a normal person.
I don't want to read what you type, cause I don't have a basis of Junggina Peterson mouth diarreah as a baseline.
Not everyone has listened to this moron for hours on end.

I don't like your Professor, so you can say ALL canadians in canada are defeatist, because ME, one man, in a whole country, does not like Peterson.

You will not stop until I say
>I love Peterson

Fuck off you brain washed cunt. Neck yourself please.

he's got complete control over his

these memes, this trolling effort
2/10 got me to reply

nobody care if you like him or not, ok, you don't like him.
now why don't you just leave the thread?


No one cares if you like peterson, you are a
after all
It's your shit memes and bad efforts at trolling that get the (You)s

yep, you understand what he wants people to do then. Which is think about what he's talking about. Gj mang i think the reddit gold button is broken

ahahahah immediately thinks i've ever listened to jordan, I'm dissecting you, you autist. You are on a manhunt that is literally making you schizo. Sort yourself out.

No, autists wouldn't dress as well as he does

>autistic rage
I think I got a 6pac over the last couple days from non-stop LULz
My shit tier memes are hilarious to me.

You sound deranged and mentally unhinged cause I don't like Daddy Peterson.
You can't act like a psycho and then blame me.
Get it you??
You can't murder someone in front of everyone and then say "that guy did it"

Really avoiding your archetypes with autistic rage and pure boner hard on love for Peterson.

You won't fool anyone here leaf

>when your watching maps of meaning lectures and jordan is talking about a nice story only to switch it up at the end and give you a visceral punch in your stomach

>obamaleaf now gunning for peterson for some reason

I almost want to study psychiatry so I can understand this bizarre specimen.

>nearly a quarter of all posts in this thread
>still mad

I'm your #1 fan noidedleaf.

Keep those conspiracies up. Someone has to.. Fuck...

>Sup Forums bonding over obamaleaf sperging out
>yet again

You're doing a shit job you autist
You can't even pose a proper question, you autist

>makes totally bullshit nonsense question
>gets called out
>I need to "sort myself out"
>I'm "autistic"

See, you're like a child who is wrong and cannot accept defeat. You lash out in all forms trying to win, when you have so badly lost.
Your mind is reeling from over emotion and trauma. Talking to me, realizing your wrong over and over again, is like hitting a broken bone with a hammer.
I'm the hammer, the hammer of truth, the hammer that proves you're an idiot who can't even ask a question and be understood, cause you're too stupid to use words in the proper context or type properly

>Sort yourself out you fuckwit 2 IQ parrot tranny fuccboi

Just ignore him, you autists. That's why he's doing it for the attention.

You keep posting this, but it doesn't even make sense. He doesn't use the weird "supposition" more than any other term, so it comes across as a desperate half-assed trolling attempt.

You could at least work in "pathological", he says that all the time.

but it's amusing and all he's doing is making peterson more popular just like he made obama even less popular here

range ban

It's like watching a caged ape play with and a typewriter

"I don't want to read what you type"
"I don't want to read what you type"
"I don't want to read what you type"
"I don't want to read what you type"
"I don't want to read what you type"

Go outside ya fucking cucked syrup nigger. Go for a jog, go fucking do something to clear your head. Your autistic rage posting is going to accomplish absolutely nothing. You're just making Canadians have even less respect on Sup Forums

OBs 4 PuT

Obama 4 PuT?

What did kek mean by this?

"make my day jew".mpfourat


Wanna donate to my Patreon??

His skull is huge. Mogs the fuck out of that loser

Jesus Christ, The autism in this post.

Yes give link please I'll buy you photoshop

You get paid in (You)'s.

Cuase of this Bloody Meme some Marxist made
about how he teaches bloody good suppositions.

>He teaches bloody good not certain things
Is literally what that meme is saying
Then goes on to say people "aren't sorted"

Like the cognitive dissonance and disconnect from reality with Peterson fans is hilarious.

say something autistic again please

Possibly. He's still right though.

Some Sup Forums mods are Leafs. We will never be range banned.
Mods don't hang out in /pol keking at memes
Most of them hate this place.
There is a whole website of sub=forums here. Not just /pol
Increase your world view

Nah, he is just an old dude who has seen a bunch of meme's about himself and is now trying to be hip and cool for the youngsters.

It's always cringey but not autistic.

are you a marxist?

>I don't live in your country
>I don't know what the weather is like at all
>Go outside FFS

Ummmm no. It's cold and dark a shit outside.
Canada isn't America. Not at all. Not even close.
There's no giant malls here.
There's no amusement parks
There's no arcades
There is literally nothing to do where I live and it's cold as fuck outside.

Please genius, continue knowing everything about everything

How can you ignore him when he is singlehandedly derailing every single thread on Peterson?

Surely this should be considered spamming anyway?

Holy shit dude, shut the fuck up.

>Ya I'm a Marxist for pointing out that shit tier meme is him saying he teaches bloody good made up bullshit.

Get a dictionary.
Look up the word "supposition"


Make me fuccboi

you are so jaded answer the question bitch are you marxist?

yes or no

stop redirecting.