Is he right, Sup Forums?

Is he right, Sup Forums?

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Pretty much.

The other chan Sup Forums is leftist, same with /leftypol/

Happens in real life too, any group of friends or coworkers I've ever had in a place that doesn't give a shit about political views inevitably becomes right wing.

>The other chan Sup Forums is leftist
lol no. the only other semi popular leftist Sup Forums i can think of apart from leftypol is dudeweedchans pol and that place is heavily censored.

Most ideas out there are wrong, there are even ideas on the right that are wrong. Its just the case that there are no ideas on the left are correct and when people can actually put out coherent arguments via text the left has NO chance.

8pol has antifa mods and is actively censored. And so is obviously /leftypol/, which is literally aimed to be a leftist version of Sup Forums.

That said, this place isn't much better...

Yes, its been that way for two decades or more. Leftist ideas simply do not hold up to scrutiny.

There are a lot of wannabe fascists and national socialists on 8/pol. They fail miserably at being Aryans but they're still leftists.

Most right wing ideas are wrong and a lot of people fall for those fake ideas. That's why we need censorship to filter out the wrong ideas from the right ones and why leftists are usually smarter instead of just believing everything they here.

>we have to filter out the wrong ideas from the right ones

Exactly. That's why I support the creation of a ministry of truth to sort this out, and perhaps a ministry of love to show people who have wrong thoughts the error of their ways.

Yes he is. A stupid but still legit example came to my mind.

Most of us know . Well you can notice there how channels with little to no moderation are pro Trump , pro white etc etc like Ice Poseidon vs the official twitch channels, riotgames etc that ban you even for breathing

nope. he's trying to generalise and has got it wrong

But how? Are leftist ideas just so retarded that people will stop believing them if exposed to arguments? Or are leftists just pussies that flock to forums with censorship because they don't want their feefees to get hurt?


it's not about being leftist or rightist per se that leads to censorship behavior, but for those ideas being in power for so long, that the only way of not being attacked is through some form of censorship (control of language, upvotes-downvotes, straight out ban, etc)

The exact same thing happens with rightist ideas once they are in power for some time

take the black pill, bro.

I love how it's always paid shills, and not people who think the right wing is fucking insane.

>pink ID

yeahh boii you be more gay than i and my cuckshed is full oo dicksucking magazines.

/leftypol/ are a bit of an anomaly. Most of the people sharing their shit are open natsocs.

>Most right wing ideas are wrong
>That's why we need censorship

How about the wrong ideas prove themselves wrong through trial & error?

That's like saying "someone" always knows what's right and we trust them to always censor the wrong. But what if they're wrong? Nobody knows exactly what's right so there's nobody who should be entrusted to censor the "wrong" ideas. Your comment is beyond full-blown retard so for my sanity I need to assume you're a troll.

The sad thing is it is on the internet.
Lefitsts are everywhere. And they influence the next generation. Internet, music, movies, schools, books, games...

Thank god the generation experiencing the shift to the right today in Western countries is going to make a difference. Right-wingers are most likely going to end up in higher positions, have some power due to their education. Their money is going to fuel right politics.
Lefitst are most likely going to end up struggling and with time and age they'll realise how wrong their cultural marxism indoctrination was. Especially women who get older, get kids and realise those politics harm her own family. Only the a loud minoroty will continue wearing pussyhats and showing their sagging tits on the streets, supporting identity politics and Marxist ideas. But those people are just loud with no real power.

This shift to the right today is going to have an impact.
Colleges can't push their bullshit anymore, indoctrinate the youth, without a pushback. Even normies laugh at leftists and their stunts/ideas/protests.
Media is losing its market share and thanks to the internet we are experiencing a more decentralised access to information. They can't censor the right anymore.

It used to be that people had to travel far and wide to hidden enclaves of forbidden knowledge, so most just believed what their lords and clergy told them; those who didn't were ostracized and silenced. Then they invented the printing press.

It used to be that people had to dig through a library for old dusty tomes of truth, do years and years of their own research; so most just believed what the newspaper and later radio and television said. Those that didn't were ostracized and silenced. Then they invented the internet.

Now, millions of people are capable of the free exchange of ideas and truths across continents at the speed of light. The hardest truths are distilled down to a convenient, byte-size screencap or infographic. They try to ostracize and silence those involved, but it's starting to not work - so they come up with endless distractions and convenient falsehoods to lead as many as possible astray.

But it won't work - no army in all of creation can restrain an idea who's time has come. All the lies are collapsing under their own weight and the truth will triumph again.

if pol existed in pinochets chile, it would be far left

Right wing economic ideas have been and are being tested. It's not looking good, mate.

Of course he is.
Liberal ideology runs on 2 core concepts.
>Censorship of opposing ideals
>Selfish attitude towards global or national problems

It's not about censorship it's more about lack of structure/social capital and maximum disconnection from real life.

>implying Capitalism, economic freedom and property rights are Left wing policies

Stick to child molestation thanks.

Disagree. Places with Free speech are generally anti-establishment. It's just that the establishment has been left for the past 8 years.

It's paid shills because it's always the same cointelpro bs they spew. We don't mind an actual debate, just bring arguments backed by proof, and not muh feelings

The Jew fears the truth

What if I tell you the army of paid shills are the actual right-wingers on a forum?

That's not what I'm implying at all, are you functionally retarded or is the sun getting to you?

>cultural, national, and individual suicide isnt insane


What you're seeing is real time memetic evolution enabled by instantaneous anonymous communication which causes ideas to conflict and be adopted despite prevailing social norms which would otherwise discourage adoption by ostrazation

This idea has merit.
Uncensored boards lead to trolling because it's fun, at the moment it's most fun to troll lefties because they can't take the spice, having become soft from not having to defend their ideas and being echoed in the media, etc.

What if we did it for free?

>generally anti-establishment
False. Clearly a newfag who wasn't around when Romney-fags got roasted.

Romneyfags were like Trumpfags, they weren't Sup Forums users. They came here for the election. The Sup Forums users mostly had no candidate, followed by Ron Paul, then Johnson, then Romney/Obama tied.

Leftism is inherently emotional; someone look after me!

>they weren't Sup Forums users
>Sup Forums had no candidate
To an extent the most vocal were Ron Paul and Romney fags. That and Libertarians and Anarchists were always ridiculed but never as much as Commies though, Sup Forums always had energy to whip Commies.

This place reeks off reddit and therefore; occupy.


I think he's misattributing, more likely is right wing opinions get you banned elsewhere so naturally they gravitate to sites with free speech. The same thing would happen if the situation were reversed

Look at Chile vs Argentina and see which economy is solid and which is a piece of shit.

What other places besides here have free speech and allegedly "little to no moderation"?

The contrarian meme is dead, don't you remember /leftypol/'s failed attempt to push communism here

>But how? Are leftist ideas just so retarded that people will stop believing them if exposed to arguments?

Most so called right wing environments actually accept left wing ideas.

Most of them are completely okay with homosexuals, for example.

They are less reactionary about religion, sex and drugs etc.

However, there are a few issues, immigration and Islam, where the leftist position absolutely cannot hold up to scrutiny.

Basically the left has been so staggeringly victorious that it has had free reign. They have come to have some pretty fucking insane beliefs. If you open it up to scrutiny, they will adopt a more right wing position. That does not mean all of their beliefs become rightwing.


he sure as shit is not left

To be a leftist means to no-platform any opposition. They won't argue facts or statistics, even when faced with unassailable reality they will deflect and double-down in their unsubstantiated bias.

Made this exact post yesterday and got 2 replies. The answer, of course, is yes; though.

Have a look at leftist governments

They ban free speech exclusively

No, he's onto something. Leftism is being a cuck in that you want the state to fix everything; opinions you don't like? The state. So, leftism IS censorship by its own doctrine.

>religion, sex and drugs etc.
And now we'll see where that took us. Most people just gave up, "well fine, I don't like it but I'll tolerate it". Now we have Islam and transgender refrigerators. Slippery slope is no meme.

Except it doesn't work like that. Many political ideas are neither right or wrong, simply different perspectives often based on lived experience and varied information. Your comment reveals your lack of depth.

On topic, there are leftists on pol. Quite a few actually.

You mean the ones who get relentlessly mocked and their ideology can't stand up to scrutiny?

This is true. You can get prosecuted here for a wrong opinion or just simply stating facts or statistics. Mostly right wing. That's pretty far from a free speech.

That is true, and something I hadn't noticed consciously. It suggests leftism is losing in spite of making ever greater efforts to control the narrative

Anarchism is an extreme leftist position. Left vs right has little to do with the 'size' of government. Part of the problem with political discussions is that people can't even agree on terminology.

People in this thread claiming that 'the establishment' is left wing. What the fuck? Are we even on the same planet?

The Libtards tend to huddle in ideaological safe space ghettos. They come here and they will be redpilled. You see a few on the fence but most of the leftist posting smells like bullshit and you gotta wonder what your government is getting for the hundreds of millions it spends on "countering propaganda".

Anyway, who is stupid to listen to a libtard? I mean they are ok if you need a new color scheme for your trophy room, but never let them near the levers of power.

Mocked by whom? Edgy losers on Sup Forums? Trump gets mocked every day by people from his own party. Can't stand up to scrutiny? What are you on about? From our perspective, your positions don't stand up to scrutiny.

really makes you think

okay yeah fuck off commie

What is this right wing?



Oh you went for commie instead of cuck this time, nice one. Let me know when you're an adult, can't wait to hear your crushing, misspelt arguments that you just came up with and aren't backed by science or any credible evidence, just 'muh traditionz'

>right ring
>belligerently racist/sexist
you said it not me

leftypol please you're exaggerating how many of you there are here

The left used to be about challenging the status quo. Now it is the status quo. That's why it wants to ban free speech and police what you say, and control what you think.

The Left will not tolerate dissent. It refuses to allow ideaological diversity. It cynically uses the oppressed to advance its power. It is the greatest, most murderous ideaology ever conceived.

Over on this side, we just want to be left alone.

>Public Enema #1 (a live enema on Youtube - with me and my friend Anne)

leftypol is dead as fuck

like 100 people post there. not even worth going there to fuck with them

race is real and reality isn't pretty cuck

Nonsense, most forums will ban you for pretty much the same things.

In fact the only forum I know which will ban you and pre-censor your posts before they even appear because they are afraid of discussion is Stormfront.

Islam hates the gays so any sane person that's all for gay rights would hate Islam with a passion

I voted democrat twice and for trump once. I'm not right wing, but I'm at least smart enough to see certain truths. Truths that are not politically correct, offensive and racist.

I don't push my ideals, opinions and exceptions onto others, and stay hidden until asked. It isn't wrong to defend yourself and your family with lethal force. It isn't wrong to not want low income, low education, criminal invaders into your nation freely and unopposed. It isn't wrong, to see black people stealing, killing and living in poverty while others suceeed and start to think that it really is just black people who are different, not others.

All the shit I say on this website, I say anonymously cause I really don't care if a person thinks otherwise. Long as they respect my freedoms, cause if they don't, I will defend them lethally.

Not really, no. /leftypol/'s mods are fucking aggressive at purging dissent; they'd make a political commissar proud.

Sup Forums leans national libertarian for optimists, or strong armed reactionaries and national socialists for pessimists.

heres your bingo cards folks

>Lives in Norway
>Bashes left wing policies
Sorry but if you aren't social democrat neo-liberal then you know fuck all about economics.

>However, there are a few issues, immigration
Fuck don't start. Find a credible economist or literally any economic study showing that low skilled immigration (not even touching on high skilled because then you have no fucking chance) that finds any negative effects other increased unemployment and decreased wages for the bottom ~10% and a net negative impact and then people will take you seriously.

Literally the most conservative religion on earth what the fuck are you talking about. The only thing leftists have in common is that their keen as fuck on Arab socialists.

Lefty/pol/ moderates.

>Anarchism is an extreme leftist position


It's far right, past libertarianism

Left = more state control
Right = less

That's all it comes down to

For some reason they don't. I can't never understand it. And they won't realize it, before the beheadings start.

This is false. Pretty sure Sup Forums isn't rightwing. Lefties go to more normal forums as their opinions are generally accepted while Sup Forums-tier rightwing shit can only exist as edgy jokes and in places where the standard is very low.

So it's more that Sup Forums tier forums exist only where retarded manchildren with nothing better to do bother stay and identify with.

capitalism is inherently right wing

you're a fucking joke. I bet you've never taken an economics class

>Left = more state control
>Right = less
>Right wing intellectuals
Which side of politics advocates for drug, prostitution, euthanasia, abortion and union prohibitions again?

rules are just pretty non-existant here so it became a safe space for edgy retarded cuckservatives

Also shills are not real

Cure your autism or go back to red dit



hello Ahmed

Opened my eyes

Literally every centre-left party in the west supports capitalism though. This is like the modern day left claming women's suffrage as a uniquely left wing idea

>Pretty sure Sup Forums isn't rightwing.
It's poltically neutral with an occassional nigger joke.
>Lefties go to more normal forums as their opinions are generally accepted
Because most forums are inhabited by millenials.
>while Sup Forums-tier rightwing shit can only exist as edgy jokes and in places where the standard is very low.
Free speech isn't a standard you retarded Swede, it's a human right. Everyone is invited to post here, liberals just don't dare to because they'd get offended.
>So it's more that Sup Forums tier forums exist only where retarded manchildren with nothing better to do bother stay and identify with.
Yet you come here? I see you are projecting hard. Most of Sup Forums is either students or respectable adults.

Leave it to the Swede to post cuck shit.

legislation =/ state departments
>left wing intellectuals

Sup Forums is a containment board.

It's removed the idiots who once fucked up the rest of Sup Forums.

>right wing economics works so well the left also uses it and all the far left shit like communism was outed as a joke over the last century

thanks for proving my point

Communists tell you what to think, say, do. Never accept responsibility for their own failings but would still rather enforce their Ideology with force preferably by a governing body.
Not only is he right its a clear indicator that the USA is going to have a civil war of sorts.
The Bolsheviks are coming.
I just found out I was called a Nazi officially today by a uni student on Facebook. As a bi-racial person, I'm tickled pink.
What a time to be alive.

You're an idiot.

pretty damn accurate now i think about it

What if they did as well?

you're a very smart boy and you're making your momma and I so proud