Niggers selling trinkets in Italy chimp out against a News crew

Niggers selling trinkets in Italy chimp out against a News crew.

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Doctors and engineers leaf

zitto animale

Those guys are huge sjws, they are probably still defending them after they beat them

>Those guys are huge sjws, they are probably still defending them after they beat them

Look at these ugly monkeys. Send them back.

I wish... by the way the video you posted has pretty much no views, did you subtitle it yourself? It's the same style as the one where they are interviewing people on the outskirt of Rome and people say they would burn the immigrants alive
I appreciate you or someone else doing this but half of the phrases are just "unintelligible"

Vote Lega Nord
Forza Hellas /=\

Cosa ci fai qui fottuta foglia

>around blacks
>ever relaxing

>bring niggers in your country
>get nigger results
>cucks still want to pursue the Detroitification of Europe
niggers can't be civilised, when will cucks learn? The best niggers can do is Botswana and Rwanda, is this what we're aiming for?

why are Italians so weak ? where is the Roman spirit ? watered down by pussy moors ? my car keys would be in the throat of any filthy coon who touched me. fuck i can see why the libtards are dropping Africans off in your country.

This is the problem with all the countries with Independence movements. Same can be see in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

The regional politics steal the right-wingers and excludes many others. Right-wingers from the south wont vote Lega Nord, Right-Wingers from the North won't vote some Southern Right-wing party.

When they stopped speaking Latin and started speaking faggy Italian was a start

Therefore they should divide Italy,
It's to late for the south, they have no honor or spirit. The north are a hard working people.

The South > The North

Everyone knows this

>el merchadiso el farta
>means fake merchandise

No it wasn't me who posted the video/wrote the subtitles.

These vermin cunts are fucking everywhere in Paris and London as well. I fucking hate them.

>el merchadiso el farta
"merce contraffatta"

I was laughing the whole time how can anyone take the Italian language seriously?


What a shithole europe is

Stop Yankposting.

cit neolatin countries.
it's the fucking left.
like in every other state.
politically correct.

those niggers will lower our iq.
same thing in other european countries

>my car keys would be in the throat of any filthy coon
>internet tough guy imagines fighting with car keys

Would have been a lot more entertaining and powerful if he were dressed like Super Mario

World militaries have been fighting with carkeys for more than a hundred years.

actually kekd

All white bois are weak, they cower and their limbs turn into noodles when in the presence of a black bull. Europeans, your women will submit to foreign men with more testosterone. And there's nothing you guys can do but WATCH lmao cucks.

>Slav imagines owning car

>Italy is the smartest non-asian country in the world

color me surprised

Small dick - high IQ
God is wonderful


If Italy is so smart, why did they support the Nazis?

and they still went back to their faggoty news org to shill against white people and obfuscate all shitskin atrocity

Virtually all "journalists" should be executed, nearly 99% of them - not even joking.

Jesus Christ!


rather have small dick and high IQ than big dick but fucking retarded as fuck

Based blacks btfo fake news. Keep fighting the good fight, inshallah

Small dick detected

exactly. it seems the higher iq the smaller the dick.

ayys don't even have dicks.


in that case women should be the most intelligent cuz their dicks actually intrude but thats not the case is it?

Yeah, get to work Italy. Don't embarrass yourself like Germany and France.


more like stolen

It works for women too but with tits, the bigger the dumber


"the cream of the cream of the cream"
Here is a version with 42k views. Read the comments... they are all hating against those shitskins

nice try

so true

>:56 Bumpercars!
Are they at a carnival?

So where the fuck are the police?

>American slavery and segregation is responsible for creating the black mans plight of today and the culture surrounding it
>niggers noggin' in Italy same way they be noggin' in America

Welcome to Europe, boy!

It's even worse in the cities here!

They used to come at some bar I frequent with bags loaded up with their fake shit.
One day I got fed up with it, so I paid one of them a beer and invited him to sit next to me to have a little chat.
When he did I started to ask him about the location of the depot they keep their counterfeit at. I also asked about their boss.
Then I told them I work for the federal treasury and they legged it. They were scared shitless. Never saw them again.

Gave the intel to some agents I know.

>Arrest people without ID
>Can't hold them indefinitely
>Government won't spend resources to deport

The more intelligent the being, the smaller the dick. This is evolution as we progress towards becoming spectral balls of energy that reproduce asexually. Any physical component of the human body that is considered "superior" because of physical properties is truly inferior because it contradicts the path set forth by our enlightenment.

this is one of the saddest videos I've ever seen :(

Yeah I'm sure it would all be fine if they were Christians.

God-speed, Sweden. Never stop being you.


Yep. Canada.

Bitch please, Sweden.


We have these same places, just with gypsies instead of niggers selling trash.