STRATFOR wants to shut down Sup Forums

It's all over lads, the Neo-cons and Globalists @ STRATFOR have persuaded the FBI to go after so called "alt-right" news sites, with special mention given to meme warfare.

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stratfor a shit

"Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed the computer commands, known as “bots""

>just discovering bots

These people are the real conspiracy theorists. Completely incapable of accepting the chaos of existence.

Kek protects us. No harm will come our way as long as we remain loyal. Praise kek for he is all and all is he.

They close us down we spread all over the internet and redpilling exodus ensues

kek has forsaken us..

Better not let Soros know that these technologies exist. Would be a shame for half of Sup Forums posters to once again have their viable career options replaced by machinery.

see you all on TOR?

>Too late to explore the earth
>Too early to explore space
>Just in time to watch the fucking US Government go to war against memes

Wew and I thought I was missing out.

>We've found that these people are able to post a thread every day at the same time.
>Obviously Russian hackers, take them down.
Rip /jp/.

Never seen them put out an accurate report

Don't bother trying shill

Check out the comments. No one is buying this shit

Of course I just deleted all my old memes, I had tons of screenshots of shills.

Just mass shitpost all those CTR links from Twitter and shit

Can we get a based stickman pepe?

>See that hornets nest?
>Let's smack it.

I love government logic!

>He said his research showed that Americans who call themselves “patriotic programmers” also activated bots to aid Trump.

>Patriotic bots

Praise the omnissiah!

I only got awoo stick man, ocktober bro

>OP is a faggot

How dare you criticize George (((Friedman)))