Pol has ruined my life

I'm redpilled, but I'm also brown, Muslim, and my parents were cousins (Bangladeshi). How do I stop looking down on myself?

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join a ufo cult

Convert to Christianity. As long as you're not degenerate and only have 46 chromosomes the rest doesn't really matter.

Move back to your ancestral homeland and better that country. You do not belong in Italy and you feel it.

Kill yourself

You shouldn't. If you're Sunni, you should redpill your fellow Muslims about the Israel, ISIS, Jihad, etc.

Do you have to urge to jump the Indian border?

>this fucking post
Daily reminder that Christcucks are the destroyer of civilizations!

Why don't you suck of some kike pre-cum and send your sons to die for Israel?

I get paid more in Italy.

You don't. You're a fucking mistake. Never meant to escape the deserts. You're an anomaly that shouldn't exist.

>just don't be degenerate xD another based black guy
Why do Christfags always cuck at the first posible instance? You people used to have balls. You used to behead heretics for the glory of your culture. Now all you do is sing absolutely gay, hippie-tier songs next to grandmas

Just be the best person you can be. And you can use your position as a "POC" to speak out against liberal idiots without them being able to use the FUCKING WHITE MALE card against you.


>Convert to Christianity.


>implying protestants represent Christianity

Redpill does not see race or religion, only character. Teach some Italian or immigrant friends how to be real men. We're all in this together.

Stop letting anonymous kikes and government agents on the internet tell you what to believe and how to think.

Money is not everything, you say you hate yourself. Think about why. Only Jews can live happily if money is the only thing they have.

Make yourself better and better your brethren. Become a prophet for the White Man's love

On what border?
Have you even thought how ISIS would do this?
They have already attacked with rockets and a truck.
What woukd your next move be caliph?

Get a dog.

Lol just kidding. The punishment for Apostasy is death.

Remember that you didn't choose to exist. You're parents are to blame for your inbred existence, not you.

Disavow Islam, stay away from romantic relationships, don't reproduce and find a job to contribute to society with.

Islam is based. Run with it.

becuase those are apparently things you care about. find some other things to care about more.


>How do I stop looking down on myself?

You could start by leaving the religion founded by a child molesting mass murderer, and then by disowning your incestuous relatives.

Then get a job and start lifting. You are undoubtedly a manlet also, if you are a self hating indian. Yeah, an indian. Your indian roots go back way further than retarded muzzie scumbags invading the region do.

Leave Italy, prob solved

please, go away. seriously. our country doesn't need you. we are 60 millions in a fucking tiny strip of land. go away. please.

Put a bullet through skull

>my parents were cousins
typical italian

Campaign for birth control and limit on children a couple can have based on their income... too much children born in slum equals more future problem(lack of school,sanitation, etc)

Don't breed, you shit-coloured piece of shitting shit.

This is a subtle way to tell him to kill himself because leaving Islam is a death sentence.

Make sure you make an extensive DNA test on genetic diseases before breeding.

You may never know what will await your children and may regret prevented great suffering.

1. grade cousin marriage is absolutely haram.
3. grade is technically ok.

Do the Right Thing.

Infect yourself and your family with Ebola and Avian flu, return to your homeland, spread the love fast and far.

Make sure to leave a blog about it so we can list you as a hero of the human race.

I guess Pope "Muslim prayers filling the Vatican Air" Francis is a better representation?

You have to go back to and make Bangladesh great again


I'd say keys but you'd probably end up Allah akbarin so w.e, go blow up the stupid cube or something

I have a good job here. Even able to send money back home. No jobs in my specialty in Bangladesh. I have no options.

1. Do what normies do. Stop visiting a containment board for uneducated people with autism, start socialising with a group more similar to yourself or who hold opinions conducive to your existence, and slowly, through the magic of the human brain, you'll exchange your present ideology for theirs, allowing you to live a life of peaceful ignorance.


2. Harden the fuck up and transfer all your concern for this nonsense onto the things in your life that can actually be improved.

Okay, let's imagine your retarded scenario where we end up in a full on religious war

A) He doesn't convert and ends up fighting for the Saracens - Christians die
B) He doesn't fight and gets executed - Nobody dies
C) He converts and fights for Christianity - Muslims die

But yeah C is not an option because muh feewings. Kill yourself, Stormnigger.

Nice thread, Rabi.

Trying to get Sup Forums to be sympathetic towards shitskins. Sure ain't working for me tho

Same as you. I'm Jewish though. Lefties hate me for being redpilled, "racist", "sexist", "homophobic", "transphobic", whatever for wanting a meritocracy, Sup Forums hates me for being a "civic nationalist" and what my identity is even though I'm very critical of what the shit the Jews do.

I just wish people would shut up about their identity. It's infuriating and depressing for me when it's fucking everywhere these days. All I just want to do is play vidya or have a fun time with friends. It just won't go away. It wasn't this years ago and it honestly makes me tear up thinking we'll never get the old times again.

I'm afraid that's impossible at this point.

Nearly 200 million people, in a country that's smaller than the US state of Minnesota. We are also lower than sea level so climate change will fuck us completely.

then you are no better than a jew.
Pride in ones self and country, your heritage. It means more than every dollar in the world.

Start living in denial like rest of the niggers.

Become a catholic, become a brother. Live a good, disciplined, traditional life.

Cast away your degenerate past, you are a man, as a man you have been gifted with the ability to make choices for yourself. Chose to no longer beleive in a religion based on using terrorism to keep its followers, a religion thats contributed nothing to art, technology, science, culture in the last 1000. Who's followers are an uneducated rabble of backwards cockroaches who are nothing but parasites draining the resources of this earth, breeding like rabbits, and spreading their degenerate caveman like ways.

The choice is yours. Accept Christ into your heart brother, Accept the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the original church since the beginning.

This post is worse than a riddle

>I'm redpilled, but I'm also brown, Muslim, and my parents were cousins (Bangladeshi). How do I stop looking down on myself?
You have only yourself to blame. I'm sure that at some point early in your browsing of Sup Forums you mentioned your status as a brown muslim inbred person and were told to get the fuck out. You chose not to listen.

Most of the educated world is bluepilled, man. I don't mind being different and perhaps smarter than others at times but when it gets excessive and witch hunt-like you can't help but to think you're alone and can't find solace of any kind.

Thing is, I'm sure a lot of people are in a good situation with their lives here, it's just that they're deprived of the other things that make normies happy because no one will accept them, despite at first not caring about it at all, realizing being apathetic also bites you in the back.

Except Christians don't fight Muslims. They import them into white countries and wash their feet.

You realize that being red pilled isn't about one group being better than others is about every race determining their own destiny without foreign influence

dont fall into that hiphop bullshit and don't wear typical gangster clothes and shit

also the bible can debunk the quraan, so ur basically christian if u decide to get redpilled about God

How does you being critical of jew practices manifest itself?
Are you out there publicly speaking against it and trying to redpilled people?
Or do you still profit from it while just telling yourself you are against it to calm your conscience?

Jesus fucking Christ do you people shit babies?

Convert to Budhism or Christianity or just accept some scular phylosophy and work on your self.
Concentrate on finding work, earning a living and being a good person.
Avoid conflict with your family and show them you can be a good person without that religion.

Try to make some routine workout or something that will keep yor mind of blaming your self for nothing and generally stay constructive and positive.

People have traditionally large families. I have 5 siblings.

the Christian thing is objectively correct
but from a purely political perspective:
simply promote ethnic-nationalism within your own nation!

Deport yourself, or Suicide

Chose 1

that's a job you are stealing from us italians.

My sister can't find a decent job because all of them are taken by people like you.

Go back. You are damaging us, the economy.

Go away.

If there are no jobs in your specialty, go create some, or be homeless. I don't care.

of course our own in-group preference means we care about whites/our own specific nations;
but our idaealogical cause is to have as many nation states that are anti-jew; and pro ethno-nationalism as possible

>be redpilled mixed race
>swedish nationalists somehow think this is hilarious because im a living meme
>play along with being a sweden yes meme and make friends
>we hang out and im essentially accepted as one of them but they still make some mocking jokes like "as long as you dont steal our womyn" "isnt it time to pray to allah now?" and call me mongrel
>actually fuck one of their girlfriends
>they dont think the meme is funny anymore and beat me up

Look, all I'm saying is that shitskins are not going away, and It's better to have any ally than an enemy or a corpse.

No can do. I have a family to feed.

this, except in your real nation. Italy for Italians.
Move back to Bangladesh and just support your own people.

Do you all shit in the street like Indians?


I like just how a few years ago this was treated as a disease. But now I actually understand the "organization", "system" or "government" they spout out of really means.

Globalists. they really do exist.

There is no problem with you,just go back to your own country! And dont racemix

To quote Molymeme, create the job you want

oh; well this goes without saying!
of course you could use your position as a minority to counter-signal "muh-racism" - as was done with the trufinns 'black hitler' guy
but still: fashing one's own nation is infinitely more helpful than even being a total servant in another

here is a video by one of my fav fashy channels with an indian lad talking about leftists in india ^_^ check it out, poo-bro ^_^

God bless.

>Redpilled half nig
>Fucks friends GF
Just a full Nig tbqh

>How do I stop looking down on myself?
by going on a counter-jihad against mudslimes.
if you kill more than one, you've already been a bigger help than burden even if you spend rest of your life in jail.

>How do you act to dismantle white privilege?

t. mudslime

fuck off achmed

>wanting to stay to degenerate Islam



Kill yourself.

>I'm redpilled
>but I'm also brown
Can't help what race you are.
FUCK OFF. No one is Muslim unless they choose to be. Stop being fucking Muslim.
>and my parents were cousins (Bangladeshi).
Can't help what your parents are either.


because paper money is not equal to gold and silver. they are the true money.

I'm not proud of it but I was a virgin at the time and she came onto me so I couldn't say no. He broke up with her after because she was a real fucking slut who had been unfaithful several times and we're on OK terms now. Still a sore topic tho.

Move to Bangladesh and be with your own kind. It's the only sensible answer.

Your church is ran by evil adepts and wicked sorcerers bro, and its about as pagan as it gets..... maybe you should cast away your degenerate past

Hey, at least you're not an atheist

I have a Muslim friend who's studying about Christianity because he wants to convert, I advise you to do the same

>Accept the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the original church since the beginning.

No. The first founder of the Church is Christ, not any Roman. Who btw, killed Christ in the cross.

An inbred family.

Get a vasectomy. Bring your family back to their homeland.

this was meant for

high 5!

ahhh no, with craftsmanship and art they can be molded into works of beauty, but at the end of th day they are just a clump of shit in the ground.


All I am saying is that you are a cuck and have no will power.

Leave Sup Forums.

Yes, you're a naive cuck who fails to understand the character and mentality of the shitskins you cuck for.

You and your family are not welcome in the white mans world. You'd know that if you were actually red pilled.

>be British
>wake up at sunrise to the salat al-fajr blaring through ever speaker in London
>wave at the CCTV camera while I'm taking a shower
>eat some shakshuka for breakfast because my wife's son says breakfast needs to be more diverse
>there's a letter in the transom saying I must pay my TV license because indoctrination isn't free
>take the underground to work and get blown up by an innocent refugee
>wake up in the hospital getting free healthcare
>wave to the CCTV camera by my hospital bed
>hospital food is harira and fried grasshoppers since it's halal
>get a notice I have to pay for my email license
>realize I've been circumcised while I was unconscious, Dr. Patel says it's' more sanitary this way
>Sharia Police runs into my room and demands to know why my wife's son isn't wearing a head scarf
>try to mansplain that he's a boy
>my wife's son says he doesn't identify that way anymore
>Sharia Police kill everyone in the room
>my beheaded body is paraded through the streets while everyone chants "fuck white people!"
>the Guardian and Telegraph says they're worried about my public execution because it might cause Islamaphobia
>be buried in Highgate cemetary
>my bones are being monitored by CCTV
>have to renew my burial license next month

>wasting time typing text I won't even read

Stay American.

>tfw want to marry my cousin and have lots and lots of babies.

put a bullet through schlomo's skull

When did I ever say I believed in or was against white privilege?
The kike on the other hand claimed he was against what other kikes did so I asked him how he acts based on that.


>How do I stop looking down on myself?

By reinventing yourself. Duh.
And distance yourself from mistakes made by your predecessors. Spread awareness.

Screencapping this for YLYL threads

>money is not everything

That's easy for someone in one of the highest per capita GDP countries in the world to say