Perfect jobs don't exi


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How is it perfect when there's a bounty on his head?


Bulgaria saves the day again

Slouching tracksuit pose. Never change Slavs, never change.

nice blog you peice of shit

Isis getting buttblasted and placing bounty on his head ruins the whole "jihadists want us to reject innocent refugees" narrative.

He will die soon

Is that Dinko?


Shit, this can be real and legal? I want to go to Bulgaria.

Don't former Commie states have anything better than the Hind yet? I thought that thing was like 60 years old

>A migrant hunter who has had a bounty put on his head by ISIS
Absolutely badass

As a hero

Ruskies alao have a literal Apache copy and the KH 52 double rotor attack heli, they prefer the Hind because you can transport 10 people in it, lime a scifi dropship.

>given immunity
pretty fucking based

It's very expensive for one person to buy a modern attack helicopter, don't you think?

WTF I love Bulgaria now!

Does anyone have the pic of him with the painting of himself in the background?

Hahahahaha. This guys sounds really fun.

Based bulgariabros, greatest ally

Hinds are like a shotgun. You don't need to shoot it, just show up with one and "rack" it and the migrant will fuck off.

You mean it can't fight unarmed kebab?

Yeah, haha! Fuck due process!

Jokes aside, how many migrants are actually going to Bulgaria?

They aren't wealthy enough to give gibsees



Btw this isnt fake news this things are real shit confirmed.

They going through Bulgaria, stupid Burger.

Like, all of them. They're literally on the way towards welfare land.


amazing. would pay to ride with him as a tourist and kill shit him.

They just cross the country.

>not knowing that they pass through bulgaria to germany because of burger education
Not even surprised anymore

The good thing is we can gun down muslims and give free helicopter rides.

dinko is a real life superhero. he single handedly saved a bus full of children.

A Hind D?

Whats a Russian gunship doing there?

Dinko is a closet faggot


I don't think there is any helicopter that would be better suited for what he's doing.

>Bulgaria's populist President, Rumen Radev, is a former Major General in the Bulgarian air force.

lol he was the commie party's candidate

what a time to be alive

Fix this one also

Valev, who lives in Yambol, close to the Turkish border, has claimed every refugee is a potential jihadi and last year ISIS reportedly put a $50,000 (£38,000) bounty on his head.

Why would a Turkish rape baby go against his brothers?
Strange that no one already took the 38k € bounty, that's not a lot but still worth it



Thanks for Sharebluing the Record™

try harder nigger

Apparently he's a self styled gangster and millionaire.

C'mon Sup Forums somebody must have saved that pic, multiple keks were had over it.

Thanks user! I'm keeping this on my "keks that must be lost" usb.

who fund that guy ?
he's living the dream even the bearded manlet in america cant do that

Where do I sign?

If the IS has a bounty on your head, you are doing something right.

Parties here don't matter, the same commie party enacted a 10% flat tax. Radev graduated some college in the US Air Force, but he is also sort of pro russia, basically he was made president to match the Trump administration

Europeans are silly. What they should do is build a highway from Turkey to Germoney with signs along the way saying "Germoney X Kms".

Then you should line the way with shops and stuff to sell goods to the refugees so you can make money off them and help them on their way to the Promised Land.

If you're smart you might even trick the Krauts into funding it. Say its Europe's desire to learn how to build glorious autobarn with German Ordnung or something.

Just close the border with Germoney once they're all in there though. I hear that shit can explode if you don't keep it contained.

damn that's nice tracksuit

I bet you're coming from South-Eastern Europe...
Please tell me Bulgarians are white

You fucking suck

you should lurk moar, your b8ing skills are terrible

how is that better than just locking turkish border ?

>screams death threats at migrants and that's against their human rights.

I didn't know Syrians could speak Bulgarian.

Haha I can see the desperation on that shitskin's face when he just lost hundreds of thousands euros of free money.

Don't Hungarians chase immigrants on horses or something? What's with ex-commies being so based?

Its like a flying tank and it has an autocanon what the fuck more do you want???

It's easy to speak Bulgarian.
Eй, мaнгaл, мaмa ти чepнa дeйбa.
К'вo cтaвa, пyткa мaйнa.
Дa ти eбa мaйкaтa.
Eй, пeдaл, мaйкa ти шe eбa.

Theyve already been jewed once, now they are jew wise.

pffft, maybe in Russia

>Germoney exists
On a serious note, Germoney unilaterally set the immigration policy of the EU with such a ridiculous declaration. Therefore it should have its wishes honoured.

With its poorly thought out decision it destabilised already stretched rescue and immigration processing systems. With it's unilateral declaration it should be forced to take responsibility rather than pass the buck to other nations.

Not gunning them down while theay march single file down the highway.

Just gun your own face down faggot.

What's the deal with Germany constantly trying to destroy Europe? Is it just coincidence?



Not surprised you have that flag.

Why would I want that? you now how hard it is to clean blood stains off the concrete?

And why not? You make money off the goys and you move the problem onto the people responsible for it.

>never change xD
kill yourself, autist.

Never trust the eternal kraut




>>pffft, maybe in Russia
>t. Australia
you cant even own a BB gun without a permit

this, the hind looks more intimidating than an apache

>tfw shitskins going through your private property, so you killing them with your attack helicopter

Neck yourself you literal waste of oxygen

God, I love that he's just low key posing in front of a painted portrait of himself.

lol, the memes are becoming real. Best timeline now?






I checked out his Facebook page and it has a video of him in the cockpit. It looks like it is 40 years old and held together by duct tape and rubber bands. I would be scared to fly in it.

Like every single Russian aircraft. It's fine.

No big gulp in the drink holder?


Bulgarian and Russian armed forces actually work pretty closely together. Similar equipment and training.

kinda surprised it took this long, nice work user


is dinko ex military pilot? Does he know how to pilot that thing? Even so, how is he going to afford fuel all the time? And on top of this, how the fuck can he detain migrants from a fucking hind?

That's the point though.
An Apache is full of hightech that produces thousands of USD in maintenance cost a month.
The maintenance for a Hind costs you a bottle of vodka for Ivan and a few Rubel to pay for duct tape.

lol germany and sweden taking all refugees is just so that they can easily round them up and send them to camps later.

>flag confirms it

Shut up, Ahmed.

What a good time to live in.

t. shoots immigrants and does not tighten gun control after a massacre

also, after all this time is he still working alone? no pack of sunflower seed spittin' tracksuit fittin' militia to tag along?

And I thought we were the ones that had The Great Second Amendment.
Look at this guy, Bulgarians get to buy fully kitted out attack helicopters!
Someone post the Bulgarian law and/or Bulgarian Constitution that Bulgarian citizens to buy any weapons they want, except tactical nukes.....say what?!?!?!
They can own tactical nukes too????????????


>how the fuck can he detain migrants from a fucking hind?

You just fly it near them.
The outrageous amount of pant shitting that ensues will hold them all in place for days, you just come back later to pick them up .


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