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i won't, but you do have the option to refuse other companies to use your DNA for privacy reasons i think.

this fuck off OP is just mad he discovered his tainted bloodline. companies will always keep your private information secure and destroy it if you ask nicely

Not with 23andMe, I believe. I think it's contractual when you use their services. Also you really think that will stop companies from using that data? We know cell phone companies have been doing it for years without consent from their customers.

forgot my image

companies will always keep your private information secure

I'm a minority so it works in my favor, lel.
It's only white people who will be targeted t.b.q.h.

And if you do manage to get an evil white scientist called Jacob to concoct a plague targeting 'coloured' people only, then more power to you.

((( )))

you pay them to do this and they sell the data for more than you paid them thats why there are so fucking many of them all the sudden

Veteran. They already have mine.

Trips of Truth.

I can literally have them destroy my sample.


Do you really think that these companies will do this? Holy shiet...

But I used a fake name with throwaway email and a friend's apartment as the address

Oh well...

I'm with you OP, id never do that shit.

They'll literally tell you they did.

I hear that

already gave my dna to the US army, why not dna test

I don't need to do a DNA I know i'm 100% white because my dad works for Nintendo

what's it like being a living meme?


Good, my genetics are perfect.

Most hospitals take samples at birth anyway, who cares, you're in a database already, loser.

what is the risk

Wheres his pecker? Not so perfect no is he...

Who had yellow fever? Your mother of father?

Would you get a chip in your arm if someone told you to do it?
same shit, respecting your privacy is respecting yourself. if you don't care, then don't worry i suppose

>0.1% African

I'm Russian, fiancé is French pale ginger and grey eyes type and she has apparently half Portuguese kid. Tired of this Portuguese are shitskins meme and think about the three of us to submit a test. Yeah I know >my wife's daughter, but she's a literal 10, 19 yo and from incredibly wealthy family

Kek. Enjoy seeing your clone taking over your life and sitting in your favourite chair while you stare through the back window.

Aryan males don't need womyn to procreate, we grow them in tubes nowadays. That's why you also don't see a navel on the picture.

Haplogroup is R1b-U106, hope that explains things.

How does it feel not having to pay your denbts?

delet this Eastern Africans wuz Aryans n sheeeit.

pic 4 dataminers

you guys are more naive than my wife

18+ board faggit

kys vancouver stop contributing to our artificial house price inflation

likewise any of you faggots that got busted for a minor crime then consented to a dna test to show you're a good goy. Nice work retards

t. leo ITfag

>you do have the option to refuse other companies

Filipino not Chinese, Flips dislike Chinks just as much I'm almost certain.

Spratly islands gibs back China NOW!!

Hey, look on the bright side- at least you're 0.00% jew. Better a happa than a jewnigger kike

(((They))) put it in literally everyone's results. Haven't seen one without it.

Wrong, mine was 0.01% Finn instead
Herro my white friend

hapa cuties WEW, are you a hapa as well pal?

I actually had a good grasp on my ancestry, the dna test only confirmed what was already written down.


>funny that you of all people would say this
being this new


>post deleted
hmmmm what did he mean by this?

parents never think of their children's future

at least you know that your father couldn't get a white chick hehehe


Nice extra chromosome op

I have older half siblings who are white. My father was kinda proto Sup Forums and fell for the azn grills are traditional mayme and ended up starting a new life with my mom. He's dead now.

it means you look like a gas huffing indian squaw to me

You all look the same to me. Again, stay in your BC safe space and don't come to the rural east, for your own safety

>Eastern Canada
>irredeemable shit
pick 2 very fast!!!

Also stay away from m-muh jobs

Hans has ascended

nope, dunno what I am, though my great great grandparents came over from Switzerland. My mother is into ancestry shit, and from what I remember of what she told me a long time ago, I've supposedly got some Scottish on both sides, and a bunch of other stuff presumably.

so what?

I work in (((software)))

I'll be fine

And yes, this is God's country. I have the beach all summer, skiing all winter, can experience the beauty of the seasons, forests and parks everywhere, life is cheap, I own 2 houses because they are affordable, I can afford to have a 4th kid, etc...

Eastern Canada is seriously the best place on earth to raise a family

we have gypsies for hundreds of years on the balkans

the main reason why everyone so far has forced segregation and avoided marriage is to not have bastards like you

you are a halfbreed that aesthetically resembles a people what is not native to where you live

at some point you will have to pick, Chinks or civic nationalism because the white in you is gone

reminder that genetically, flips are the niggers of asia. Chinks are the anglos, japs are the aryans.

And what are they going to do with the DNA sample?

Give me one good theory as to what they could do with it.

You should make some hapas tbqh. qt east Asian 4u

Eastern Canada a shit, enjoy that aging workout not to mention your peasoup frogshit neighbours on one side and chug shit neighbours on the other.

Funny you say that my Turkish rape baby Mohammedan Serb friend. Chinks a shit, I might not mind moving to the Philippines, Civic Nationalism is pure garbage.

I think I'll capitalize on the rampant miscegenation taking place on the west coast to coax my own Eurasian ingroup into existence, that being creating a new identity from a group of mongrels.

pic related, Eurasian Cascadia : ^ )

>flips are the niggers of asia
More like spics tbqh
>Chinks are the anglos
>japs are the aryans
You could say that I suppose.

Create some disease or virus that only targets people with dna similar to yours or something like that, obviously Jews would use it against those evil white oppressors who been keepin down Ahmed and Jamal

My parents took a DNA test. I did not. Still waiting on results, desu. Technically they don't have my DNA but I'll know my exact heritage.

Also, I'll probably never do one of those genetics tests, unless I can trust the company not to store/use/sell my data and not to fuck with it before giving it to me. So yeah, probably never- can't trust those fucks. Unless technology advances enough that a reliable home DIY test kit thing goes on the market. I'd do one of those.

That, and what if I get the test results and I have a high percentage of ashen nazi or whatever? Not that that's very likely, given what I know about my ancestry, but there could be a crypto-jew or two in there.

>you are a halfbreed that aesthetically resembles a people what is not native to where you live, which means you're right)
(ps: I live in a metropolitan area filled with Chinks and East Indians, so

>because the white in you is gone
If I was a coward I could easily move to some rural white town and dilute my Asian side but I think I prefer to create my own nation state of hapas.

Ah yes, 23andme is going to use my dried up spit to clone me!

Leave my favorite chair out of this
Too real m8 too real

buyers remorse

what a cuck, theres billions of women out there and you are raising your wife's daughter from another man


Look how triggered the non-white subhumans mongrels are kek

>rural white town and dilute my Asian side
hahahahaha if you only knew what white women think about people like you

Agree. You can be guaranteed if you did the test youre on a watch list. Literally half of world now knows everything about you. Every jew, every pharmacy, every research laboratory, every secret agency now has a direct link to you.

Have a nice day.

Stop telling Sup Forums this story you faggot, also

: ^ )

hehehe well that is what the majority of southslavs are

going from regions you have R1a in the north and I2 in the south

my grandfather and by extension my father comes from the south

if i did sell my DNA samples to the jews id prob be ~2/3 of any native Mediterranean/Balkan that was here before the slavs came

south slavs are the most blendaup slavs, it is well recorded and know even by serbs, +50% of their population is I2 or non slavic origin

all they do is take your genes - do research on them for possible cures to diseases and then sell them back to you 4000% higher even though they're your genes but the company now owns a patent on them

Anybody born in the US since the 80's has their DNA on file already. They take a sample of your blood from your umbilical cord.

Are you a white woman?

Why should I care?

Considering that I'm not some subhuman with zero impulse control and I'm not a degenerate, why should I care?

Why the fuxk wiuld anyone do this? People saying they're not allowed to share the info or that they can have it destroyed are naive as fuck. Holy hell you fools.

>a list

Does this imply that I would matter?

because my mass is pretty big already.

Yes, I'm a fat depressed reality warper, fuck off.

believing that they do this hahahhahahahahhahaha
everyone who made such a test is fucked, the companies are jew-owned

The dutch government already takes an DNA sample from newborns to determine genetic diseases.

What they don't tell the goyim is that the samples are preserved and stored by the government.

>tfw rarest bloodtype
>tfw will be the first to be experimented on when conservatives will be send to gulag

South Slavs sound spooky, Russians speak like girls compared to them at least. What do you think about my Eurasian pipedream?

My haplogroup is actually a smaller subclade of R1b-U106(R-U198), most common around the North Sea apparently, not that it matters much.

Keked heartily at the thought of someone being cucked by themself.

>when conservatives will be send to gulag

Gonna happen sooner than you think. Train up, skill up. War is coming

That yellow bitch fucking killed him?

Imagine having to watch yourself fuck your wife while you have to make their toast in a Black Mirror esque personal assistant computer orb

its a pipedream just like a united slavic state

because us south slavs and even the east slavs are mongrels

only the west slavs, Poles, Czechs and Slovaks and mby the slovenes are real slavs

you are a gypsie my friend, because unlike you i have a nation to call home that gives executive government privileges exclusively to certain people groups

I sent them my dog's DNA to test, that should fuck up the 'LIST'

>Implying your dad wasn't cucked by the mail man

it's cute how naive you are

Imagine if anything ever started really happening to your country and you didn't want to be a part of it, so you started protesting a bunch and going against it joining a resistance against what they were trying to do. All they'd need is a couple strands of your hair and your anonymity is gone, your location, phone #, background, your IP, what you pay in electricity etc, almost anything they could imagine doing to shut you down is at their fingertips

Incorrect. I put Rusty Shackleford on a list.

What are the jews going to do with all that DNA?

The commies won't let me have a gun for self-defence.

yep I did.

you are a nigger. one drop rule
Kill it with fire
You are not getting a homeland, you are getting a rope. Begone subhuman buk buk

Yea. Fucking this. I dunno how people can be so naive for muh roots.

You get to opt in or out of them storing or using your DNA for further research. I do not know about though.

>cucked by themself

LOL no, that would make for a good story though huh.

All is well, maybe I can come visit my friend in Tuzla and have fun with some of your women?

As a result of Globalism I should naturally be a proponent of it yes, since I have my existence to thank for it?

Perhaps I start with a ethnic enclave in the PNW, I can always upgrade to nation once it becomes large enough.

>you are a nigger. one drop rule
ooga booga sheeeit
>You are not getting a homeland
Says who Levi? On the day of the rope I'll be shitposting on Sup Forums while Israeli will be under a big ball of fire.

>Imblyign real life activism