Gun control works

Gun control works.

Look at the UK there has only been one mass shooting and it was a farmer with a shotgun. Even in china there are only knife attacks because guns are controlled. Guns are problematic and need to be controlled.

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>Gun control works.
Except I would shoot anyone that tried to control my guns, so it doesn't.

North Korea has no freedom of speech or elections and look what happens there. Everyone loves their leader.

Dictatorships work.

England has had more than one mass shooting and they all used shotguns.

We have not banned shotguns.

Guns cannot protect y-

yet checkem

Gun's are a part of the culture over there. It's not really the same.

Back in the day, everyone had a gun like everyone had a pair of shoes or a hat. it was a necessity just to survive over there, it was fucking dangerous.

We never had that in Europe. Guns were always a surplus during the same time period. Like, sure you could have one but it was never a necessity as Europe had been colonized/tamed.

Removing guns will be a difficult thing to do over there. It's not as simple as "let's just ban them" like it was here.

There are gun crimes every single day in the uk though...

You don't need a gun to defend yourse-

You might want to compare landmasses and ideologies. Thing is, USA wants to go full commie China. That's not a good thing, and "China has no gun violence!" is not a good way to sell mass-murdering your own people for state dissidence. This is why having access to weaponry is important. Giving up your guns is like sexual reassignment surgery in how there's no going back after you make the decision. Who's going to let you have weapons again? The government?

I don't care how many people shoot each other. Freedom is not free and freedom is not security. If people want security they can go somewhere else instead of trying to coerce every nation in the world to assume an identical political establishment.

Gun crime does not mean someone was shot. It doesn't mean any violence with a gun took place at all. Someone having a disabled gun, essentially an ornament, is a gun crime.

Haha... yeah... totally works right??

>Gun control works.
Gun control does not work.

Fuck off with your vague unfalsifiable statements. They're set up to move the goalposts.

kek dis just as much as this argument kid :)

Mass shootings are statistically irrelevant. With greater freedom comes greater risk. As long as I don't kill myself or join a gang, my chances of being shot are insignificant.

Owning a deactivated firearm isn't a crime here, unless you mean waving it around in public.

562 gun crimes in 1 city alone over a 12 month period...

>Gun control works
Good goy

Yep, they replaced shooting with stabbing.
Way to go m8

It's semantic, the point was gun crime doesn't mean violence took place.

Saint Jo (PBUH)

Point is, there are plenty of guns out there, most of which are in criminals hands and the gun ban is only preventing innocent people from buying a gun.

>the point was gun crime doesn't mean violence took place.
Everyone else in this thread knew what he was talking about you autistic faggot. Instead of whinging about semantics, how about you address their point?

>Gun control works.

If there are so many gun related crimes happening despite gun control how is gun control working?

Guns. We need lots of guns.

Pointed at everyone.

From sunrise til sunset.

People are getting shot.

they are all chinks

It's making it much harder for criminals to get one. It's also easier to disarm them, there's no blurring of lines.

I'm neither for or against it. I was just explaining how gun crime statistics do not equal in an increase of violent crime statistics.

But he dindu nuffin! Wuz gonna use dem jewell money for College n sheit!

>>Gun control works.

Every time I see that I get hard.

1) Remember folks, immaculate situational awareness.
2) Top stance and proper grip.
3) Don't fucking hesitate.
4) You have a large capacity magazine for a reason; use it.

Sure come take them.

I have just about every gun I need and could arm an entire floor in my condo. Mostly unregistered firearms, high cap magazines, and plenty of Kevlar vests.

Your neighbors senpai.

Neither hungerford, nor dunblane involved shotguns, you stupid fuck

I did... Did you read what he wrote? English is your first language right? or are you....Pedro? that you?

The purpose of gun control was to reduce gun related violence. It's done that.

Guns are used in 0.3% of crimes in Britain and that includes replicas

You're presuming they care if it works or not. They don't - so it's a pointless argument to have whether it does or not.

>The purpose of gun control was to reduce gun related violence. It's done that.

A proven success.

Except in countries with niggers.
>Chicago has strictest gun laws in US
>Highest gun murder rate in US


Cool beans

>your neighbors

The reason why (((gun control))) won't work in the USA is because there are just so many people with guns as it is, illegal or otherwise.

There is no way for us to implement any gun control policy because that would mean they'd have to scan every potential gun owner and verify they have them legally.

Its like the freedom of speech amendment, you're free to say whatever you want, you're free to have any guns you want.

The repercussions for such actions are not documented by law.

If you got a gun you better know how to use it.

This is true. I don't care if I knew for a fact that were we to ban guns that it'd drop our murder rate. That's not why I own them.

I like gun control but not so extreme
Buying a gun should be like buying a new car or house.
One must have to do paper work like provide personal information, have a license and etc. to get a gun just like with other big purchases. Guns shouldn't be treated like cellphones or vista consoles

Burn the coal, pay the toll Senpai.

LOL If only an American armed to the teeth was there to stop them.

It's not the legal gun owners that are the problem.

What we really need is black people control, not gun control.

>Gun control works.
Gun control, as in "YOUR BARREL MUST BE THIS LONG", does not work.

What work is a combination of laws that heavily responsibilize gun users rather than heavily limit their choices and hell's bureaucracy dragging their feets which has the side effect of weeding out the impatient, and most likely unstable, cunts.

History also played a part, i mean we had one gigantic war that did fuck-all except murder a generation, and another that shed so much blood just to set the stage for something that was deemed inevitable until rows of concrete blocks felt.

I try not to be racist but that was funny.

Gun control works only in countries with no niggers, sandniggers, or spics. Once the shitskins start pouring in, not having guns is a huge problem for the general population because they are now unable to defend themselves/their family/their property and the police are either unwilling or unable to help them.

>only knife attacks
Why not control knives, too?
Together with forks and sharp pencils.

Fuck off, nobody wants a nanny state.

So, how would you stop them from getting a gun if they were legal?

>No niggers, sandniggers or spics allowed

>I try not to be racist
r/the_donald retard alert!

Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.

By not being racist, your enemies win.

Racialist policies are natural. The founding fathers were racialists.


Still dont think people should be allowed to have guns?

1 mass shooting?

Thats excluding every other "mass" shooting eh?

An gun control DOESNT work

I can goto the streets and in a day - with the money, no doubt manage to get one.

AK47 - a weapon thats NEVER been made in this country, especially the automatic variant, Autos were banned around 1916 - yet some how, Mac10s, Mac9s, Tech9s, AK47s and other SA rifles have been recovered or used in crimes.

Dale Cregan was even able to use fucking grenades in an attack on police - GRENADES!!!

The only other people id heard about having access to that kind of shit was a paki i was serving time with in prison.

Gun control works? Only if you're going to kill yourself.

kek says the man living under Duerte

Haven't been banned for it yet.

Must not be a referral link, offer, solicitation, stream threads.

If you don't like my username I use here, you can either filter me out or go somewhere else.

Yeah it's the schizophrenic sons of the gun owners that are the problem

It's not "guns can't protect you," it's "if there were no guns you wouldn't need guns to protect you."

I'm actually anti-gun control, i dont give a shit if some niggers get shot the fuck down, but your argument is shit either way.

I want guns.

I can see that.

Or black people, they seem to be brandishing illegal weapons in every single music video.

Make them prohibitively expensive, at least for non-whites, or better yet just prevent slimes and coons from having them all together by implementing some kind of background check that excludes people based on immigration status and nationality.

If guns are made illegal in the USA the jews will import guns and sell them to gangs for extremely high prices. Or if jews don't do it, someone will. Guns are more profitable when they are harder to get.

So I presume you are for the legalization of drugs then?

Czech + USA = 2 of the most pro-gun countries in the world Vraclev. I must be arguing against my cause because I'm pro-gun.

>Make them prohibitively expensive
Violent crime takes place in poor areas. You've effectively destroyed the point of making guns legal.

>some kind of background check that excludes people based on immigration status and nationality.
Based on your argument, some of those people are a poor, normal, people who are apparently suffering from violent crime and need to protect themselves.

Your rules don't work to meet your own requirements.

Wow, shils stepping up their game

I don't know bout him, but I agree with the regulation of illicit substances as medication AND recreational use.

But like alcohol drugs are gonna have to be regulated as medicine first.

>mass shootings are the only measure of how successful gun control is

I am, maybe with the exception of heroin and meth.

Only the rich and police/military can afford legal guns. It literally costs less to hire gangster to kill people for you than buy an imported gun.
There's a massive home made gun market in here. Surprisingly they don't blow up that much

I'd prefer marijuana not to be legal but it is only a matter of time before it is. Maybe decriminalized only.

All other drugs, I'd prefer not to be legalized.

I'm not so sure.

>Post anti-gun thread.
>Get recked and laughed at.

Registration of every single firearm and immediate revocation/refusal for those convicted of or charged with violent crimes. As well as mental health checks and safe storage laws. Gun problem fixed.

*Standard capacity. Don't let the shills get you, 30 rounds is standard.

This video always makes me sick

>Look at the UK
why would anyone do that?

>Violent crime takes place in poor areas.

Which is why poor niggers and dune coons shouldn't have access to weapons in the first place, they might kill decent white folk. It would be better to round them up and ship them to Liberia or something (where they'd be free to create their own unique culture and technology, independent from the oppression of the white man), but preventing them from having any kind of weapon is a first step.

What about stolen guns?

>criminals will have harder time to get guns with gun control
Is this what cucks actually believe? Gun control debates are soo 2015 anyways. BAN ASSAULT TRUCKS

If guns are banned in the USA, 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

It's simply not feasible financially.

Harder to do when they're stored in gun safes.
But I see your point, here it's hard to steal a gun because of the ridiculously strong weapon storage laws.

Too many illegal gun owners. Legal gun owners need that kind of protection.

You were raised without a father.

Lad, I've seen gypsies with fucking Uzis, the police just don't want to go after them

Daddy? Is that you?

No. NEVER. My dad would never be a fucking leaf.

>Which is why poor niggers and dune coons shouldn't have access to weapons in the first place, they might kill decent white folk.

Awesome argument man.
Fuck it, skip that shit and open up the FEMA camps. Just put a sign out side "Free Fried Chicken and watermelons" and wait.
Then we can all have guns!

America YES!

>ridiculously strong weapon storage laws.

Is that supposed to be a bad thing ?


In America they just steal the whole safe.

Sure it's a little harder, and one retard a couple days ago had a safe fall out of the back of his truck while he was fleeing, but it really won't stop them if they can lift it or slide it out.

I just can't wait for the day where brandishing a weapon in a music video can be just cause for a search warrant.

People just use knifes and acid here instead.

>gun problem fixed.
>Gun-control status--- -Mexico level enriched.

op is a faggot

Yes because then they don't have access to them in the event of a home invasion.

I have an AK-74 and 4 loaded 30 round magazines in case someone wants to "get silly".


kys paddy poorfag