Come to big brother chan

I'll just leave this here. Those that wish to come over to the uncensored chan are welcome. This site has been become so cucked with normie shills.

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So you're trying to bring more shills over there? Isn't this kinda counter productive? Makes me wonder about your intentions here.

No minus the shills.

SSSHHHHH. His cunning plan to get normies off Sup Forums /pol

But, EIGHTchan literally cooperates with antifa??

They do? Sup Forums is still pretty GAS THE KIKES from what I see.

But having a sense of humour is a bannable offense on 8gag

Nah Sup Forums is more fun

This is why people don't like Australians.

Rise without fear

>/BOL/ BEADY-FO - huffingtonshitpost.goodgoynetworks.jew/trump-is-bad-says-nth-celebrity

>he doesn't use a filter

That's actually useful to bore the fuck out of actual shills, who will retreat assuming they have turned the board to shit and won. Bots, however...

I'm tempted to switch over. I'm done with this place now that Reddit has taken over. This place is for (((civic nationalists))) and Kike lovers.

4 Sup Forums should be those three Redditors with the Hillary and KKKK man kissing photo on their shirts.

You do realize leftypol and 8 Sup Forums are different things?

Full of shit chan is autism made real, didn't they dox on of their allies because the shills told him to? That and the midget owner lost money because he hired a programmer for the site update that basically just stole his money and fucked around for months.

>uncensored chan
literally CIA honeypot

Better bantz here and opportunities to redpill retards, and 8pol is too slow. Also no flags.

Reddit was shut down... well the main alt right page for Reddit. Eight c han is the way to go. I just can't believe there are so many (((Civic nats))) on here.

You doxxed TRS and gave their info to antifa because they shilled for Spencer
Just tell them to fuck off
Every chan is a honeypot

if you go there make sure you dont fucking post anything without having lurked for at least two year. we dont need more newfags shitting up the board

We should all migrate to 420chan. It's small and slow moving and very cucked. We should un-cuck it. I got your back (I am a mod)

I won't support that pedo site with my brilliant postings and rants. Delete the jailbait and half dressed kids board(muh free speech,you're condoning the production of pedopphilia for profit) and then you can talk
also reported for subversion :DDDDD


Most of the Civic Nats flooded in during the election.

You do realize if shills are genuinely shills, they are paid to do their job and boredom isn't a factor.

Or do you accept that the notion of shills on Sup Forums is just part of a delusion of grandeur/paranoia?

Most "shills" are just retards trolling for (you)s.

Exactly. But a lot of the losers here like to think they and their secret cool guy group are so important that goons are paid to try and sway them from The Truth.

Double-chan are intellectual proles.
It's literally Sup Forums if you replaced the geeks by 50 year old alcoholic teamsters.

>when we are about to redpill normies we should crawl back deeper in our hole
sounds about right according to Nietzsche

Problem is, for them "the kikes" is literally anyone with a German-ish name.

Their problem is not being too extreme, it's lacking (in average) the IQ and culture needed to be politically efficient, or at least interesting.

>uncensored chan
dude you get banned for anything there. dont think hitler is god,banned!

Talk shit about Sup Forums as you might, but over there they are more critical and ban happy of criticism than this bullshit board. You can't even mention anything remotely critical of the people or site there without getting a ban, you're a fucking moron if you defy this.

Shills coming here is a good thing.

It tempers our ideology and builds skill in defending the truth.

The failed raids on us have probably redpilled more people than any other form of memery.

On the other hand, let's all congratulate OP for being so stupid that he has now compromised his favorite safespace.

I check it out from time to time.

At least in this piece of shit we can complain that we can't talk about gamergate

I can't get there by goygle

>On the other hand, let's all congratulate OP for being so stupid that he has now compromised his favorite safespace.
To be fair if shitposters and trolls go there they are insta-banned.

they thrive on bordom, thats y when u laugh and have fun, it frustrates their slave mentality; its like edging them and going 'ohhhh, JK LUL'

also since faggotry:


I love exploding shill heads in the morning with my articulate rhetoric exposing their stupidity and ignorance.

>uncensored chan
lol fuck off I got banned from Sup Forums there for saying that Trump did say grab her by the pussy
its the biggest circlejerk aside from maybe reddit


Does leftypol want to gas the whites?

This. The flags bring much bants

We should invade and colonise all the chans

I use both. Both chans have strengths and weaknesses.

>the uncensored chan
Where you get banned if you aren't a larping pagan or atheist, and if you don't absolutely hate TRS and anyone who ever watched one of their podcasts.

I just don't like how it works on my phone

i agree, even if this isnt the best way, you'll just end polluting fulllchan Sup Forums with the same cancer that cuckkchan Sup Forums has:
>communism general threads
>lgbt general threads
>spam, trolling threads
>"X is not white" threads
>many more
cuckkchan Sup Forums sucks now..

True, gookmoot is selling our location data,

Why does CIA always Leafpost? Can't you cunts use another proxy?


Fuck imkampfy that control freak.

>Sup Forums has sweet pink/dark text
i'm gonna stay here

chan is no fun without shitposting

>uncensored chan
Top shit. 8/pol/ is worse in matters of getting banned

Also 8 ch is dead now without Hotwheels. Several of the good boards went to shit and some got deleted

After years of isolation, the creatures who inhabit that place have lost any semblance of humanity.

Come to 8/pol/ guys, you won't get banned, unless you're not a stormfag.


if you compare the users of eight-chan and Sup Forums, Sup Forums will look like pure chads

seriously, eight-chans users are hyper-nerds

He's talking about the TRS stuff, Antifa managed to get 8pol to dox them and send the stuff to Antifa directly, there's a thread still up on /baphomet/ because it's so slow, you have guys that are clearly antifa saying "the enemy of the enemy is my friend, let's dox these guys and send it to Antifa"(followed by a link to an email address) and people were going for it. They're totally infiltrated.

>do you accept that the notion of shills on Sup Forums is just part of a delusion of grandeur/paranoia?

It really isn't. Post a topic here that makes them uncomfortable and watch your thread fill up with garbage sage posts and get shut down. I used to think like you do, even during Plug media days, then it happened to me.

Mod of 8/brit/ here, we're a lot more fun and banterous than those larping stormfaggots.

Why are you spreading /leftypol/ myths here?

is 8brit in 8pol or is it your own board?

Let's dox some more right wingers for antifa because they posted things I didn't like amirite my fellow crippling autisms. Cripplechan is for autists who can't figure out how to work filters or hide threads

Our own board lad. We got banned from Sup Forums because those autists couldn't handle some bomber harris banter.

Why are you pretending it's a myth? I saw the threads and I've been called a TRSodomite for saying that doxing them was fucking retarded.

will have a gander

cheers lamb.

>shill thread attempts to divide and conquer Sup Forums by sending us to other sites
>results in digital crusades and glorious conquest of rivals
>expansion of Sup Forums influence

I'm slowly making my way over there.

This place is occupied territory now. It's The_Donald with the ability to say nigger and kike and whatnot.

What's so terribly wrong about civic nationals?

This. It moves slowly and it isn't funny.

Might as well go to stormfront.

Sup Forums on both sites

Remember when Gex was permabanned from 8/pol/ for disgreeing with them?

civic nationalsm is a meme pushed by the shills