Gillard to run BeyondBlue

So BeyondBlue is going to be headed up by Julia Gillard. BeyondBlue is mainly used by men, and is often the life line that helps them, and is being taken over by a feminist who while prime minister of Australia, made it so that women who brought false accusations against men in the family court cannot be prosecuted for the false accusations.

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You guys need to get your women under control
>pot calling the kettle black
We're trying, ok

I guarantee beyond blue will now be run into the ground.
>Focus will start to slowly cater towards more women.
>Services that catered to men will start to dry up.
>Cases of male depression, anxiety and suicide will continue to skyrocket.
>Any opposition or simply highlighting this trend will be blamed on "patriarchy" and "misogyny".

Who cares - depressed people have a mental illness, just like traps and trans and nu-males and feminists. All people with mental illness should just kill themselves already and stop draining resources and $$
- besides no one out of Australia, knows or cares about this organization. I wish you would stop shilling news from your dumb website.
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I know, its something that I never thought would have happened but then again politics make weird things happen... its going to suck soon for men needing help.
I hope that Movember stops funding them, or I feel like I will stop shaving my beard for them and growing the mo for a month.

Yep. I'm willing to bet she will feminize it and somehow use it to blame white men. She will shift the focus to identity politics and within a year or so she will have transformed the charity to focus solely on to intersectional issues - women, immigrants and abos and she will use gov and charity funds to pay for expensive tv commercials to push the intersectional social engineering cause. White men left in the ditch once again, and once again they will do it with white man tax dollars.

Fact of the matter is, that it is white men that kill themselves at staggering rates in the west. Here at a rate of 3 times that of women[email protected]/DetailsPage/3303.02015?OpenDocument


Fixed it! Sorry couldn't help myself...


Her eyes aren't pointing in the same direction. Brain damage? Left side eye screams insanity and hatred.


She'll just label all depressed men as misogynist so she can justify spending all BeyondBlue's budget on only women.

And the whole planet will watch on and clap, like the last time she pulled the "misogynist" card in parliament and call her amazing.

Great, one of the few things out there to help depressed men taken over by a childless anti-male feminist.

>implying you wouldn't
Naw man she's pretty hot!

She's all yours. "Enjoy"


It's a good thing I'm not depressed anymore :^)

if by brain damage you mean being welsh, then yes

Shtrayya, kunt!

Clinical depression is a mental illness, but you can also be depressed from environmental factors you fucking gin.