Why do liberal women find liberal men to be turn offs?


Ever heard of a shit test m8? That's what liberalism is to a woman. It's a giant fucking barometer of whether or not you, as a man, are retarded enough to eat up that silly garbage. If you are you get cucked and laughed at by women. If, you're smarter than that and have some ducking self respect, you get fucked by women. Any questions?

>Any questions?
why did you use both "ducking" and "fucking"? If you're going for irony shouldn't you have been consistent?

iys a typo fag just take the message


im sure millionaires go on there.

FAKE NEWS article, liberal men are more compassionate and are strong enough to not feel forever societal's patriarchal role of made-up 'masculinity'. What women wouldn't want this caring and unbiggotted man?

*feel forced into societal's


can you be economically liberal and a millionaire?

oh my fucking god

went to london recently, saw several of these. some even had girlfriends.

i just don't get what women see in these faggots

Most women aren't into scat and rooting around in a man's asshole, so most women prefer conservative men.

>can you be economically liberal and a millionaire?

simple - you'll be a liberal if it's good for business.

BECAUSE they're all tryhard cucks who won't take charge.
>former liberal who was UR A FUCKING WHITE MALE'd out of the Democratic party.

Yes, it's clearly not full of huge try-hards having a mid-life crisis and pretending they're doing great financially.

>simple - you'll be a liberal if it's good for business.
George Soros, for example.

Because women want a man and they put you thru the paces of pussying you up.
You turn pussy, you fail, you tell that bitch to shut the fuck up, she bends over.

consider the women in those relationships have awful psychological problems

>Women looking for comfort and protection

It's been true for thousand of years, what else is new?

liberal men are basically women

Libcuck '''men'' are low test whiteknighted betas, yes.

Also, millionaire and career womyn need gassing. Nearly as bad a feminists.

You don't even have to be that alpha, women have pretty modest demands when it comes to masculinity. Don't turn into an anxious wreck when you face a problem, that's all.

last time i conversed with human beings at a social gathering, i dropped pro-trump redpills amongst a sea of libshits numales and fags. the asian girl to the right of me was oddly silent but listening. in my mind her panties were moist. later that evening i dropped truthbombs about rape and haven't been invited back

liberal women are basically men

keep it up m8, eventually they'll crack

>go to mega liberal uni
>(((environmental sciences))) major because i like nature
>nothing but crazy liberal girls in my classes
>have to lie through my teeth about political beliefs
>still get cucked most of the time anyway

can't wait to fucking graduate kill me now senpai

Soros isn't so much a compassionate liberal as he is a rich psychopath who wants to see the West burn

t. liberal numale


Most women really just want BBC. They don't care about political views. Even Charity Crawford is doing interracial now.

Do you think he's out getting revenge for the death of his beloved Fuhrer in WW2?

this is what real men does

Women don't actually want a guy who acts like he's their fucking sister.

The same reason radical feminists have made 50 Shades of Grey a bestseller among women and why the women's march during the Trump inauguration as well as a women's march in London featured feminists shrieking the muslim prayer call: they are mentally ill degenerate whores throwing a tantrum and begging society and men to slap them and tell them to sit down and shut up.

This is why they are becoming increasingly provocative and vitriolic against western civilization.

Protip: I know there's at least one male feminist beta orbiter in this thread scoffing at "the evil fascists" but keep in mind, no matter how much you grovel at the feet of mentally ill women, you will never have sex, let alone a meaningful relationship with one because they all inwardly burn for a white Christian Chad. The few of you beta male feminists who manage to have sex with some leftist whore will have succeeded in nothing more than awkward smelly sex with the lowest hanging fruit in society, complete with neon hair that's falling out from industrial dyes, sweaty hairy armpits, lack of vaginal hygiene, and too many stretch marks to count.

Even welfare niggers have more decency than cultural marxist betas.

yet no one on Sup Forums can get a gf. interesting....

>tfw no sugar mama

>environmental sciences
>complains about liberals

no one here is a rich conservative who is also good looking
A lot of people here are socially awkward teens who play games and pretend to be neonazis while it is cool
If they ever got asked about this in real life they would respond with socially appropriate liberal values

Masculinity correlates with conservative values and politics same way femininity correlates does.

Liberals are disproportionately men who fail at being men and women who fail at being women.

All this fucking projection. You have no idea who lurks pol. You absolute fucking clowns.

The only women who want BBC are black women.

Meanwhile no men of any race want black women.

Exactly - it's not a problem of men at all. It's a problem of degenerate liberal urbanite weirdos, both male and female.

BOTH of them believe things that are simply untrue about the world.

Which means that they both end up leading lives of degeneracy.

the last time i dropped some redpills at a social gathering, one guy, who tried to defend antifa, killed himself some weeks later.

Never change, straya.

She already has a pussy, she doesn't need a second one.

>upper middle class
>upper middle looks
pic absolutely not related


>Woman who wants to be a man
>Man who wants to be a woman
>Get together, fuck, have kid
>Kid now wants to be an hero
Dog bless that kid.

t. Tai Lopez

You're a loser mate. Stop having delusions of grandeur. Nobody believes that you're anything other than a socially dysfunctional loser.

I see the threads every day.

Sup Forums is nothing more than /r9k/ with a political slant

in fact, i think theres more virgins here

I dunno, I'd fuck a black woman once or twice if I could. There's one who lives near me that is fucking hot.
However, I very much doubt I'd stick with them for 10, 20 or 30 years.

Time to be a fucktoy!
I have at least half a dozen children.

Just go hard on your conservative ideals. Bet anything there's conservative girls in your class who would never say shit either. Establish dominance by not giving a fuck what others think, only cucks hide their convictions.

I spit out the truth whenever necessary, though I know how to hold just enough back to avoid losing my job.

i'm sure you do

you're just a Sup Forums shill

that guy was albert einstein.
like and share

Because women don't know what they want

I find it hilarious that you don't believe me. Tell me more. I want to show my lady what you typed when she gets home. Make it witty.

Not surprising. Leftists crave an authority figure that their dad couldn't provide as children

Redpill: those guys get the best girls. Well, maybe not that extremely faggy looking. But a nu-male that is not ugly/short/bald will ALWAYS have a pretty, white gf.

Meanwhile Sup Forums is full of virgins...

says a board that continually has a trump thread going

most pathetic board on Sup Forums.

>i just don't get what women see in these faggots
fashion accesories and trhe need to feel in control bc something happened in their past ,but mostly the first category. They rarely love them that's why they move from one to another so easily,unlike if they're with a more dominant man who can easily make them head over heels,and that feeling lasts esp if that guy turns out to be abusive jerk. That's why hoes love their pimp

idk, sometimes welfare niggers might pretend a 14 yr old welfare white girl is 18 and rape her...

mainly cos of a drug and alcohol problem.

of course. if they had a life, they wouldn't be spending 20 hours a day shilling for pol and nazis.

meanwhile, life goes on outside their parents basement door.

if i was their step dad, i would make them get a job. they need their ass kicked. take away their mountain dew piss bottles and hot pockets.

>"Wife! Come quick! I must show you this shitposter who does not believe your very existence! He called me a shill and denied our children!"

>"Michael have you been spending all day on that frog site again? I told you to look for jobs. And you couldn't even get any milk? For fucks sake Michael when are you going to be a real man? I want a divorce"

>50 shades of grey
>Women want to be ever so slightly dominated by a handsome millionaire who will turn submissive at their first tear all the while internally monologuing the thoughts of their vagina.

Sounds about right.

Sup Forums's full of neo-nazi autists. They're not representative of your average conservative male.

Women are naturally attracted to men with confidence and conviction. This comes from a system of a values that is both logically consistent and deliberate. You rarely find these traits in men on the left.

Just ask a leftist what philosophical principles drive their ideology. Not only will they have to sit there and think, but it will take them 5 minutes to give you an off-the-cuff answer that won't make any sense. They play identity/issues politics 100% of the time and literally never think about the idea of having an overriding philosophy.

That is why they love Islam and blacks so much, they are mostly untamed and have highly masculine and patriarchal cultures. The brown man is attractive because he is nobody's bitch and clearly knows how to act like a man.

In prison.

Thank you bong. You delivered. Laying pipe is my full time job now.


Real pathetic shariablue

you must not be very bright.

phoneposters OUT

Yeah nah drinking guiness right now that pissi is the fucking shit, yummy as fuck cunt, I don't know what you put in it but it's tops mate.

Niggers are a dumber and lazier version of what the white man once was, an average gang member is like a viking but with half the brains and half the courage - seeing that we're flooded by numales and cucks, the nigs look pretty good in that context

such witty memes. but i expected nothing more.

Liberals arnt real just like real Christians arnt real. People only role play online to get replies because they are lonely. No one is actually that stupid.

Do you fap to interracial porn?

i drop redpills constantly in my classes. people have a problem with it and i have a folder on my phone full of statistics and etc that i reference constantly. cucks and feminists tell me "you can't say that" and i tell them that our school accepts federal funding and must uphold the first amendment and if the school tries administrative action against me i'll just lawyer up and win the easiest $50k settlement in my life and get my degree paid for and i'll be sure to thank the cuck who reported me personally.

i'm also the only masculine guy in my classes since i've been lifting for years and i'm muscular and stand straight while every other "male" in class is a hunch-backed skinnyfat beta.

i'm pretty popular with the non-landwhale women in my class, too, but it's too bad i'm in a serious ltr

>Wanting to surround yourself with hormone crazed black bucks, eyes spinning around their heads, tongue and lips flapping and they run and leap, can't think due to the amount of blood permanently diverted to their erections.


>Be a liberal
>Be confused with a hippie leftie faggot because Amerilards cannot into political nomenclature
Murricans get out reeee

Unless it's qt negresses getting bleached, no. I'm into some fucked shit but interracial and cuck porn has never interested me in the slightest.

Come on now, here in the UK it's harder to be a Virgin than to lose your virginity

Nice guys finish last.

Read the Book of Pook.

>go to friend's birthday party
>all are students
>I talk to some hippie girl, she's cute
>the topic goes to politics
>they are walking liberal memes shitting on Trump and AfD
>I just say: "I would have voted for Trump and I'm going to vote for AfD"
>they dismiss it as a joke
>I smile and say I'm serious
>they still don't believe me (apparently having a different opinion is so outlandish to them that it cannot be real)
>somehow the topic goes on equality of man and woman, wage gap and other gender related myths
>I tell them women and men have a different biology and different skillsets; they shouldn't compete, but rather complement each other in a traditional union, also women must give birth to more children from a younger age
>they call me "Assi" (something like "jerk"), I keep my smug smile and the hippie girl has typical impotent rage
>I grab more beers and drink away
>at the end of the night I'm dancing with this hippie girl and sharing beer when I feel like it, but ignore her otherwise
>party is over, I go home to my gf and fuck her
Life is good as an uncucked alpha male

I'm not saying I want niggers around at all, I'm just putting forward the biological perepective of a female, nature doesn't care about WE WUZ KANGS or IQ, it only cares about brute strength and peacocking.

People who are too dumb to want immigration control because they are hippie lefties and people who want to be free to economically exploit millions of illegals are not the same but they form the same voting block.

>Everyone should be free!
>I should be free to fuck that last guy over.

You need to get better at spotting auto-correcting smartphone posts

>>>I should be free to fuck that last guy over.
Doesn't work like that. Also, I mean I am liberal in the sense that I want small government and little government intervention. Not that I don't want unrestricted immigration, quite the contrary.

I think every woman hates liberal men, I'm just a normal working class girl, I fancy the pants off liberals like Chris Evans and the usual Hollywood set, but I think they fucking suck off screen due to their emasculated, cancerous, clueless politics of 'bend over for Islam/BLM/Anyone who hates white men!'

same here.

but the problem is, for every black Canadian woman, there are Ghana, Nigerian and Jamaican women.

If you are not Ghana, Nigerian or Jamaican, then you do not have a chance with these women because they are nationalists!

You also have to watch out for a few of them because they have been known to base their men's loyalty on "payments" they ask for if they do not live in your country/

This is the norm for them. We call it a scam but it is a kind of charity because the money gets sent to their home country and benefits their village.

As for black women born in Canada, they exist. Try asking at the local Baptist church. ;)

>Life is good as an uncucked alpha male
agreed. i'm not actually an alpha but i discovered /fit/ 4 years ago and have been programming my lifting and nutrition autistically and went from a skeleton to a shredded cunt. people think i'm alpha and i say what i want to people but then i go home and watch anime and play vidya and lift.

tits or gtfo

>tfw you will never shitpost to normies irl

My experience is that you don't have to be he-man to get girls. If you are an assertive skinny fat white boi with a fat wallet you will get better girls than the feminine beta males and the hyper masculine retards of any race.

Women are attracted to male potency. Money gets more done than muscle now. Assertiveness is desirable as well as intelligence. You won't lose points for muscle but it's not even in the top 3 most attractive male traits.

I got drunk and let rip on a guy wearing an anti fa t shirt. He apologised to me. Lel

>no one on Sup Forums can get a gf.

i've never seen a white girl with a black man in australia m8


Because why would a woman want to be around other women?

Liberal men are feminine and emotional. We are already like that, so why would we want our man to be like that?

liberal men are more likely than conservative men to hold the fundamental delusion(s) that women:
know what they want
say what they want
should be treated like an equal/should have one's personal traits projected onto them
i blame the single mother meme for this pattern of thinking. if i had to give my younger self a piece of advice on women, an ultimate redpill, as it were, it would basically be to avoid all of the thought patterns above