Daily reminder to btfo RIDF

Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow.
Everything that is south to Voronezh is a churka land.
Everything north to Vologda is for crazy people who like being cold.
Everything east to Moscow is Siberia (watch previous point)
St Petersburg is full of detestable intelligentsia.
Hence, Moscow is the only place to live in.
BUT, here comes the big "but"
Even Moscow is a depressing, decrepit place (study picture, neighbors drinking coffee with peeled paint). See you tomorrow.

>not churka land


The only real city? Who cares? City life is an abonination and gives way to degeneracy.

So...any place in russia that is nice?

Sometimes I like RTV wanna fight about it?

None, but Moscow and Petersburg city centres

looks comfy

>t. Muhhamed Kadyrov from Moscow

Is it true eastern russia has towns of redheads living there?

>coffee with peeled paint
Oh come on now its not that bad

Military Underground base #3***** (will not tell you because of deanon)

Russia endured jewish bolshevism. Of course many parts of it are shitholes.

was about to post this

this is relevant to my interest.
I wanna know, I cant stand the irish accent so no irish cutie redhead for me. maybe a ruskie broad.

>St Petersburg not a real city
Yikes. It's only the cultural capital of Eastern Europe. Moscow is full of gopnicking Uzbeks

This man speaks lies. Viva la Rossia!

This and some hunting areas and untouched nature

Пoшёл нaхyй, yнтepмeньш

False. Limassol is the nicest Russian city.

Yeah, ok. Ill run it through my potatoe-speech translator.

No idea, google translate is having a stroke over this.

Vladivastokk is like asia, so amazing

DPR soldier spotted


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peeled paint looks comfy as shit m8
get out wit yo suburban pretense nigga

It means "fuck off, faggot"

Yeah, lost my virginity there

>the only one real Russian city

Place is fucking full with gays, degenerates and illegal Ashots who rocked the pipe in your house.

in Finland?

survival Russia has fun in Siberia.
also oppic looks comfy.

>illegal Ashots
doubt they got their ID checked 5 times a day

Moscow sucks. St Pete is the the only city that is both modern and beautiful.

Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Volgograd ( special mention of the terrorist city Grozny) are some of the prominent cities but they are still like industrial hellholes.


t.Saint Peterfaggot
I thought your kind died out of starvation and swamp diseases

>The grass is always greener....

Is Kaliningrad okay?

>implying there's people outside Moscow

RIDF, pls. We both know that you can't drive even 100km from Moscow not facing some monsters.

Not after the 1945

lmao this pic is great

To be fair there are some nice small towns that are 30 minutes from Moscow, but it doesn't really count.

monster hunter Russia editon when?

"fuck off" is " ot'yebis' "
also, untermensch is not "faggot," it's a german word meaning "subhuman"
the true translation is "fuck you, subhuman"