The earth is a sphe-

>the earth is a sphe-

>OP is whit-

If earth is flat how is there mountain?

Your kind is being replaced fair and square hans, try not to embarass yourself on the way out. The West will bend the knee to brown cock.

ever heard of tectonic plates?

>When you're an American meming on ethnicity and race
>67.3% 'European, Middle Eastern or North African decent'

For all you know half of 'white' America is already brown.. Why do Americans always spew these memes when their country has no concept of what ethnicity actually is?

> OP is not a fagg-

This doesn't explain retrograde motion though.

stop trying to derail the discussion you dutch bastard

Mountain is SSBBW ass of earth. Simple.

Don't be mad at me, be mad at the US census bureau instead..

If the earth is flat then how come flights from Australia to Africa dont go through India?


more like baby elephant.

The easiest way to see that the world is round is to come here on your next holiday, look up at the moon and you'll see the crescent moon is horizontal (hence land of smiles, because even the moon smiles in thailand). This can only happen if the earth is round.

you cant really convince /x/ like that

The earth is round but that could still be possible in a flat model. Flat earth people believe the sun and moon basically spin like that yin and yang gif above the atmosphere, turning like a clock to cover areas in a spot-light fashion.

>Be American

>Be white

pick one

Explain gravity without pseudoscience.

I'm whiter than you, Ahmed.


Or baby rhino

Say the Earth is flat.

Now what?

What does this knowledge do for us?

How does this change anything?

This is a non-issue made into an issue to make people look like the retards that they are.

what, are you fucking gay?

ultimate redpill


ultimate fagpill

cleaning toilets is the ultimate polish redpill

Wikileaks is about to drop.
Time for a flat earth thread.

>earth is flat
>the rest of the planets and the sun is round

really makes you think