Here is a red pill for you that may be hard to swallow

Here is a red pill for you that may be hard to swallow

Sup Forums has never made anything better
It makes everything worse
It destroys you inside
You lurk too long you will be a hateful depressed loner
With your radical views you will lose all your friends and the hate on women you acquire will keep you from ever finding a partner to happily spend your life with
In the end all the joy you have left will be shitposting and insulting people on the internet while you sit in front of your computer in fear of the apocalypse

Take you chance as long as you can and get off Sup Forums forever

Do it now. Get out of your comfort zone/safe space. Explore the world. You will find out it's not as bad as the media or people on the internet tell you. Do something that matters, that actually makes the world a little bit better or at least makes you happy
Travel, create something, lose the fears that make you so hateful and most of all:

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Half of my irl friends (quite a lot) browse pol and by gf also browses pol(no she isnt a trap, she's quitw based) My "radical beliefs" aka national socialism have brought me nothing but strength and purpose, this place isn't toxic, it's genuine and fun and quite frankly revolutionary,you're part of the problem.

And the problem is?


((you)) are delusional

ليوم تذكير ▲ (ctr)الله ملاك العلم يأتي الآنالله ملاك العلم يأتي الآ

What does you make think that?
How am I delusional?
I'm pretty happy

that you're a weak faggot who when faced with insurmountable odds, caves instead of doing what's necessary to better yourself and your people.

What insurmountable odds?
I am bettering myself everyday by educating myself and good deeds what are you doing to better yourself and 'your people'
What are my people anyways? I smell racial ideologies. Why are you not trying to better the conditions for all people?

How's that revolution going, van der user?

You are talking about 'the problem' and 'whats necessary' but you can't define what you are actually talking about
That makes it obvious that these are not your opinions that were formed by experience or your own thinking
You are just talking after other people.

Like I said it's hard to swallow and I don't expect you to change your life from one day to another but I hope I can give some people a new direction to think

Joke's on you user, I have always been a hateful depressed loner.

Well do you want to change?
Or at least try? If you fail you at least have that to think back in moments of crippling depression

To be fair though women are trash, Sup Forums didn't do that though

I was already a hateful depressed loner. Check mate fag

That's an even better reason not to hang around here

Actually I'm just joking you faggot. Hate has given my life purpose, the days are getting brighter and brighter. Kys

'bettering conditions for all people" empowers those who want you dead you fucking retard

Red pill is old fag. Go back to school CNN.

kind of hard to define better to folks who want to see the world burn

So it actually helps by giving me the tools to see beyond social niceties and understand if I'm about to be fucked over. People aren't your friends and nobody is looking out for you but yourself.

I don't believe you
But at least you read what I said so I started something in your head
Maybe in the future you will find your way

That's not true
Many people look out for you if you open your eyes for things like that
I encountered many situations in my life where people did something for me without knowing me or without getting any reward or praise

Nah you're just an idiot teenager. Actually the older you get the less you buy into stuff like this. Reality is not depressing, it's just the way it is and you just have to man up and do your part. "Ideas" aren't depressing or happy, they're just true or false. Leftism is mostly wishful thinking.

I'm not a teenager and yes I have seen some places
That is the experience I made in my life
As soon as I make different experiences I might change my mind but there is no reason to believe the world is as bad as pol or the news tell you
Where do you get your idea of reality from?

It's not as bad, yet. Which is why we need stop importing the problem. The point is to prevent it from getting that bad. But it's like turning a big ship around, it might already be to late even if we don't see the effects in our own lives yet.

First of all what's the problem?
Also how do you think you you can prevent something from getting bad with hate?
Who are you hating anyways?

The problem is the white race being diluted and white culture being overrun. Hate is just a normal human emotion that happens when things have gone too far and you realize someone is responsible for it.

Is that what you experience or is that what someone else told you or you read somewhere?
Have you ever been outside of your country to make yourself a picture of the world?

Yep, I've been to worse places than the west. There are good people everywhere, that doesn't mean I want my country to be like theirs. Just about every country outside of the west is a worse place to live for the average person. As for my personal experience, it doesn't matter. On that level broad statistics are what matter.

Lord of the shitpost, master of bait, I pray to thee.
Still a kike tho.

Well obviously you want to live exclusively among white people so there will be no country outside the west you would ever consider
So you say even in a country where you never had a bad experience you wouldn't want to live because of statistics? Statistics about what?
Btw if you like statistics look up children mortality, mothers mortality at childbirth life expectancy and education worldwide

This is what I actually believe

>Tfw i have lurked Sup Forums since 2005
>Was only 13 when discovered
>Was as happy a teenager as teenagers can be
>Grew up knowing all the redpills there are and also enjoying a fulfilling social life
>All these redpills actually helped me to be "that smart guy who knows about a lot of stuff"
>Tfw friends, relatives and people ask me things because "they think i know" in a unironic way
>Ended school with a lot of friends that will be forever with me
>Entered uni in economics despite being poor as fuck
>Get along with rich classmates and a lot of professors because Sup Forums taught me how "first worlders" behave
>Tfw get invited to do research in math with people with phds and such despite beign in my freshman year
>Start business with family, austitic math skills(mostly learned from playing austitic games) make the business success and destroy local competition (some of them closed despite being decades in the market)
>Tfw now i'm not poor as fuck
>Get normie christian cutegf by Sup Forums recomendation
>Slowly redpill her
>Now she sees all the other guys like "lowtier blu-pilled shit"
>Tfw now i have a cute redpilled gf in love with me
>tfw thanks to Sup Forums i have good friends, a cute gf and a promising future
>tfw OP is forever a faggot

What makes you think I'm Jewish?

Stop projecting, not everyone is autistic as you are

If this is true I'm happy for you and you should know that this post was not directed at you
There are undoubtedly people here that I described or do you deny that?

This. Why do people pretend evil just dissapeared all of a sudden.

I'm happy with my life thank you

It doesn't. But how do you fight evil?
Do make two wrong a right?

People with weak mental health to begin with will find this place to be harmful to their well being. I notice that when ever I'm feeling good I'm hardly affected by anything I read on here. I learn a lot of negative shit, but it doesn't affect my mood. On the other hand if I'm in a poor state of mind Sup Forums tends to increase my malaise

Maybe pol is like a psychedelic
It can change you but if you are not stable enough to process it it will fuck you up

Nationalism gives reason for living life and creating life.

Nationalism is a cage

Do you believe the world is just?

I come here to troll edgelords, they are an easy target. When I am not here, trolling them, I am on yahoo trolling trumptards.

When Obama was in charge, I trolled SJWs.

A balance needs to be maintained, no one should ever have too much power.

>Tips for gullible idiots from a gullible idiot

No it's not
But nationalism is not the answer
I don't know what's the answer but the world is changing and going back to 'the good old times' will not happen

I would be happy to hear what you have to say about this topic