Don't want the EU anymore

>don't want the EU anymore
>refuse to take immigrants and put the all the weight in the rest of the continent
>still not funny

what should be done about these faggots, that suddenly are not complying anymore? Nuke them? Or let them continue to inbreed until they stop resembling humans, and then nuke them?

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Radical idea:

- Portugal leaves EU
- Portugal closes her borders
- Portugal deports all non-Portuguese


Sorry but who said it was mainlands duty or obligation to take in all the migrants?

Did we say that? I seem to remember David Cameron being staunchly against what Germany decided to do. You take responsibility for your own actions and own decisions you fucking faggots and don't complain to us or any other European nation that doesn't want the ficki ficki shitting up their country.

Fuck off you stupid nigger moor.

>let them continue to inbreed until they stop resembling humans
>implying that hasn't already happened

>turning on your oldest ally

Fuck you fucking retard

Ports closed we are full.
We never wanted to be in the EU anyway
Fuck the euro-istanian-cucks

>when you're oldest friend stabs you in the back

Dont get gobby you fucking moor cunt

If there's one place on that map you guys didn't jew your way into I'll be damned. I think Napoleon summed it up best, "Britain is nation of shopkeepers".

I thought Portubro's were big Britain allies
What happened?

>having immigrants
They don't have a welfare paradise

You mad because you worry you can't come over and steal a job?

>that map
jesus christ how can anybody even compete

Sticking up for the EU? Remember when the EU paid for the A22 to be built in the algarve, fully paid and then your leaders decided to make it a toll road....

Sort your own country out before you bitch about others, also where's maddie you pedo fuck?

you can start by taking notes

fucking demi-spanniard

Its just bloody beautiful isnt it

Never successfully invaded America when it was a country :)

You invaded yourselves.

We were too busy laughing americunt

Nice reading comprehension

1812. :^)

>British taxpayers help fund £20billion EU handout to struggling Portugal

No more mommy and daddy giving freebees once the EU is disbanded.

We didnt need to occupying your capital and burning the White House down was enough of a lesson,you didnt try to take Canada of us again after that.

1812 you absolute mong, we invaded and burned down your White House...

Fucking hell do they teach you Ameriflabbers nothing?


>Hans spending his Holiday shitposting on Sup Forums

Try these steps:

1. Kill yourself

You bongs do a better job burning your own capital down anyway

Technically Malta was never invaded by the British, we invited them to come over when we got sick of Napoleon.

Distinction without difference, I'm aware, we still were part of the Empire for 200 yearsish

oi you filthy welfare nigger migrant get the fuck out of our greatest allies country right NOW

Come here and you'll see how fucked this sinking island is. Your country looks like an unfinished loft conversion.

Based malteaser at least you aren't betraying us

>Malta was never invaded by the British, we invited them

Cheers based malteaser

>Portugal picking fights

Oooh we're so scared! The Turki- I mean 'Portugese' are gonna 'nuke' us. If only your economy wasn't based on paella and sandcastle buckets and spades I'd actually give a fuck.


(tl;dr, Napoleon tried way too hard to take down the church and spend money on the wars and whatever else Napoleons spent money on, so all that was seen by Maltese is him looting our churches)

Euroskepticism is on the rise in Malta after having that cunt Malmstrom treat us like shit for not taking fifty trillion immigrants a day.

For some reason, that shitstain Schulz listens to our Prime Minister, Muscat too. Don't get it.

thanks for all the replies. I'm afraid I might have been misinterpreted. my issue is with the inbreeding. And I just can't understand why the chimping out in Britain atm. Taking all the migrants would:
1. Solve Europe's migrant situation
2. Solve the inbreeding with an injection of new blood and new genes


Are you jewish? Just asking

not that I know of.

I was actually taken aback by a bong taking credit for this rather than some random Canadian fucktard.

The fact that you are talking about the immigrants and how they are a 'weight' on the rest of the continent should tell you enough why Britain doesn't want them.

yes, but they need them and we given their history , they are due the sacrifice

What? So we need them...because the British deserve them? Because the British don't fuck enough?
Fuck cunt, are you high or something?

Let them be? Fuck off eurofascist, their country, their rules

Do the Portugese actually contribute to the EU? I bet youre one of those poor useless countries that used to be great but is now part of a system it cant survive without

The Brits are not paying your welfare anymore and hopefully soon neither Will the other north European countries

>Used to be great
Nah mate, always been useless.

I know this, but they must be an ethnostate. We must all be.

they are due to pay for their past sins, and all chaos they've brought to the world and to Europe in particular.
And they need them to solve their inbreeding problem, it's getting harder and harder to defend white supremacy when all an opponent has to do is to point to a british person

We were the first humans to step in your country

> We were the first humans to step in your country

But user, there were already nati-

> Abbos

Ah okay carry on

>not having a cheeky baker torch your capital in pursuit of the perfect Eccles cake

>b-but but the British have to be held accountable for what they've done!

Lets try that in different contexts
>b-but but the Germans still have to be held responsible for being Nazis!
>b-but but the Niggers still have to be held accountable for killing and robbing from white people.
Fucking Portuguese. Just mad that the British didn't want your shitty country.

Shut the fuck off you faggot. Nice vpn Spain.

True. The anglo is best ally

Spanish jews trying to turn us against each other

Don't mind him. He must be a reddit fuck fag. We'll always stand with you Oldest Ally. Praise Brexit and God Save the Queen!