What is the most humane way to kill a communist?

What is the most humane way to kill a communist?

Commies aren't people so humane doesn't apply

Let them starve themselves.


We have humane ways to put down animals you know...

Standing back and watching them kill themselves.

Humane ( and non interventionalist ) method of killing commies is letting them starve

Hang them upside down in the town square

let them form their own commune so you can watch them slowly starve themselves to death and then having to resort to cannibalism and sawdust bread

What the fuck did you just say about animals?

why be humane when you can just follow tradition?

With kindness.


Gas chambers.


By not letting him live.

That implies communists are the same level as animals

The way you don't die sir

Yes, definitely with a stick


Pure carbon monoxide, made by heating a powdered mix of zinc and calcium carbonate. Put some kind of condom over the container to collect pure CO gas as it expands.

>cost effective
>commies aren't humans anyway
>animals have been killed with sticks for thousands of years

Seems like it to me.



You cant kill what is already dead

Not even


neck snap via bear hands or rope

Out of a helicopter, into the shark infested waters, failing that dump them off a boat in the arctic circle

sub humans should be grateful for being able to experience free-fall before they leave

Pinochet is a Saint

Shoot them in the head before tossing them out of a plane.

Life in prison with forced slave labor producing food for wounded and sick veterans until they drop dead or renounce communism.

Why would you shoot a man before throwing him from an airplane?

you don't have to they'll starve themselves to death

ikr it just gets blood on the carpet

Show them that they succeeded by showing them modern day Australia.

They'll top themselves after seeing that outcome.

Kek agrees, check those trips.
>commies less human than animals

Helicopter rides

Legalize drugs.

I can't argue with those trips.

Pinochet was a real human bean....

Parachute them into venezuela to starve to death in their paradise

Praise kek

>implyin commies are human

Beat me to it

Fpbp. Death to commies. Death to marxism.


The most humane thing to do is to make them suffer so that all the people they've ruined and oppressed get something to cheer about.

Make them live with the poor oppressed people they love so much.

Burn them all

Absolutely this

this, kek


ITT: countries with no communist killing experience

Nice holy trips brah

Disolve them into an acid bath.