Sup Forums 1:1000 Earth minecraft server

Discuss your political views, build a faction and conquer the Earth

1:1000th scale Earth

You start in Africa as the map creator believes this is where human life originated.

Running factions and brewery, pirated clients can connect.

have fun

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Why not 1:1 scale

how does this work?

Too bad I don't have any accounts

anyone got some cracked legit acounts?

You can play with a cracked client buddy

Open minecraft and connect to

i refuse to play on a server where map creator unironically believes in WE WUZ YAKUB'ZZ

1:1 scale

Goodbye diskspace

>polish education

OH, are you hosting?


>forced to start in africa
>have to walk 3000 blocks to get to Portugal

We have warps faggot

this is an interesting idea
you could procedurally generate the map based on heightmap and satellite data, thus making it no different from regular minecraft, in terms of disk space requirements

has any bored Sup Forumsentooman tried this? i want to obliterate estonia with TNT

It wouldn't work

Minecraft's world is 256 blocks high

Assuming 1 block is 3 feet tall (a very generous estimate), tiny plateaus would completely fuck up the strongest hardware, let along mountains and sea trenches

... no it would take to much space.

There actually is a mod for it



This is cool


I'm starting a 9gag monument in a distant land.

It took me quite a while to reach it, so don't expect to be easy.

As soon as the monument is ready, will invite people on 9gag to come over and rule the world.

Want to stop me? Find me first.