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Black people are stup-

And who the fuck is paying for this massive waste of resources

>93 years old

Wow do Niggers really commit crime so long that they wait until their 90s to become educated?

White people taxes.

>it takes that long for a black to succeed high school

>nog was so dumb it literally took a lifetime for him to graduate from high school

I think that probably has more to do with being alive during a time where you could get a good job without sitting through gov't daycare.


x to doubt

He doesn not look 93 in the slightest

Niggers age fast through there teen years and then they just stop. They age faster than any other race known to man.

>took him 70 years to pass the course


That's not funny.

High school in the U.S. is really hard.

Id rather congratulate him for living to be 93 in the first place. You know, not getting shot or drugging himself to death, being locked up for life etc.

Actualy a bit, this man, although very old has decided to go back to high school and end his education, this is respectable. Even if it's low grade education. If more black people would make education their goal, that'd be great.

Thanks Zinadir

actually, OP is kind of right.

>99.99% of people don't understand how distributions work and how to make proper statements using them.

>He dropped out of high school during WWII


hes literally gunna die any second, whats the point


Congratulations on 8 decades of dealing drugs at school!

Holy shit! For 93 he looks amazing!

You best be jesting.

>visit florida with family when I was in high school
>meet other family with girl that's ages with me
>ask her about her school work (I know, I'm shit at social situations)
>mfw she was doing work that I had done 2 years prior to her
>mfw I was never very good in school and in the mid to low level classes

Here is his granddaughter.

the start and finish puberty very early. once they hit about 14 they're done, and then it's full on nogville for the rest of their life, whereas whites continue to grow and develop well into their twenties

Way to fool my expectations, I was waiting for a car to run her over.

I'll bite, american education is a joke. Ap calculus is the only remotely hard class at schools. The computer classes are a joke, teachers don't give a fuck and just playbit easy to give the illusion of being good.
American highschool is all about simple memorization. Nothing difficult about it, I used to go to school on 1-2hours of sleep and just sleep through all of my classes, and still get A's.
If anyone actually thinks US highschool is 'hard' they either are a little bitch, lazy, or a fucking idiot

youre a dumb autistic newfag that you replied seriously to an obvious joke

>I'll bite
>implying i didn't know what I was getting into

My apologies, sir.

At least he shits in a toilet!

you cant eat a joke fucktard

I respect him for going back to finishing high school

He dropped out at an early age you dumb poo nigger. He's going to finish high school. Nothing wrong with that.

Is it because only now he left jail?


Tbh it's probably a drop in the bucket as far as these things go. It's probably more pleasant to give an old man a chance to accomplish something symbolic than it is for teachers to be in schools teaching the black "youths" who have no interest in education and exist in cycles of bad behaviour and bad socialisation. That's where the real waste is.

The guy was born in 1924, there are probably plenty of white people even in the US who didn't go that far. It's ridiculous to expect every black person to have had the chance to go to "high school" in the past.

I picture him in class dancing on desks and cursing at the teacher. School resource officer has to come in to calm him down "your white ass bet not touch me. Don't touch me you racist ass motherfucker"

Other crimes happen so it's okay if this crime happens? Fuck off. It's still taxing other people for the needs of others, which is theft.