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dumb phoneposter

this really causes ya to ponder

Superman fights against crime. He'd be building the wall.

What's more powerful are these digits proving how much of a fag you're OP

>new york

Can't wait for Tru . . . I mean bat man to shove a large shard of Kryptonite through that Gary Stu fags head.


this is the culture of modern artists


By the orientation of that image, he's breaking a wall that's in the middle of the upper bay.

The only reason a wall would be there would be to keep New Jersey in.

Thanks Supes, now the rest of the world has to deal with New Jersey. Some (((Hero))) you are.

>Wall on the water
>Has barbed wire

>new york

so he broke seawall ??

I'm so glad Goku doesn't waste time in shit like this

Don't realize the wall was going to be facing New Jersey...

Oh look, another illegal immigrant ruining more American property.

Kek confirmed more powerful than superman

Wtf is Superman's problem? Looking at the location of that image, that wall could prevent flooding.

*Drops mic*...

People who read comics should not be allowed to vote. Live your life as a child, getthdviting rights of a child

Superman is an illegal immigrant and needs to go back where he came from

so superman is destroying a wall in the atlantic ocean? the statue of liberty faces the mid atlantic ridge which is away from america so as to greet newcomers coming from europe by boat


does this mean superman just committed treason?


So god damn lame

DCU ruined Superman anyway

Superman was written by Jews to counter the Aryan Superman.




Why is NJ so disliked?

My ponderance is whether the owner of the Superman IP is attempting to ruin it.

Kek is with us.

>Superheroes fight for the right for Americans to have $150 billion stolen from them every year by hostile third world invaders who bring drugs and crime and a racial supremacist mindset into the United States

Really makes me think

Superman should be deported to Krypton.

And praise be upon Kek once again.

An illegal Alien destroying a countries legally built property

Is that Superman destroying a refugee ship that is trying to invade New York?

try that with my kryptonite wall you fucking illegal alien
get back to krypton you piece of shit

is "powerfull" the new "BTFO"?

Great the seawall broke, now the fucking city is going flood. good job Superman

Weak. Fictional character demolishing necessary border wall in symbolic gesture that results in difficulties for citizens.

Really made me thonk

Of course an illegal immigrant would be against the Great Trump Wall.

I didnt know the statue of liberty was on the border

wtf I love Lex Luthor now

congrats sups, you just got batman on your ass now

Kek has blessed this thread brother.


To keep the dolphins out

Watch one episode of Jersey shore and then you'll know

is this propaganda against building a wall?

It's true that while Superman didn't depose the government, he didn't adhere to it either, and so therefore was free.

>an illegal alien commits a crime
art really does imitate life

Superman would never stick his nose in federal business.

He could literally make a separate planet with unlimited electricity and food and put immigrants on it if he wanted. Also, fun fact : Superman ASSIMILATED to match Earth culture, unlike most migrants.

This is fan art
t.superman reader

whats with these faggots parading around the statue of liberty and cape shit?

Why are leftists obsessed with capeshit, star wars, and Harry Potter?

you are the cancer that is eating /pol alive



Why would you put a wall up on Ellis Island?



They stopped developing mentally at the age of 7

Disconnection from reality

When Atlantis sends their dolphins they don't send their best. They send their rapists, their murderers, their drug dealers. And I'm sure some are good mammals.

I feel almost like it's their religion at this point. They're constantly referring back to this shit as though their moral compass is based around it.


>An illegal alien breaking the wall.

Literally proof we need to up the military

Superman is a fag.
Fags like Superman.


These people lack all things that can form someones set of values and morals. No religion, no parents that instill strict values, no eye opening life experiences. Their life experiences are the equivalent of working at starbucks and listening to their customers cry when trump gets elected.

Why is Superman implying Mexico is shit?


Don't listen to white male racists.

Soon we'll have atrificial wombs, and rich people like myself will just crates lots and lots of black baby boys and white baby girls. It will be a matriarchy of BM/WF and women will finally be safe.

White men will die out for all I care.

An illegal alien shilling for open borders. Nothing new.

>Has godly superpowers
>Loses to an old man dressed in a bat costume

Yeah what is this

Escape from New York crossover fanfiction?

Wall street?

>using fiction to stand up to reality

Apparently Superman doesn't believe in democracy. He can just go around destroying whatever he wants for any reason he wants. If the humans don't like it, too bad.

>Soon we'll have atrificial wombs

Just like Krypton.

If singles Trump will build the wall.

I dont understand why is he hitting the wall inside USA?

Shut the fuck up you utter faggot if you don't like it go back to /lgbt/

You son of a bitch stop complaining

He has to go back.

Op confirmed for astrofag.

God if only

Oh look another illegal alien who brings more crime, violence and danger to American citizens from outside sources whilst complaining how America doesn't cater to his personal and political beliefs.

But superman is a FUCKING WHITE MALE, is he not?

Why is he destroying government property?

Oh right, superman is a fuckin jew

saged, reported to the fbi, hidden, reported to m00t

Like someone called Superman could be anything but.

Krypton was destroyed, so now they have to come where we live and destroy it, too.

Sound familiar?

kek mit uns

They identify with it, having based their realities entirely on works of fiction. They don't possess the humility of a working, functional member of society; only the overinflated ego of someone who has never had to mentally confront the idea that they may be wrong about something, because modern society enables it.

Miss Marvel is a muslim now, if I'm not mistaking.

Fuckin' oath

Yeah, its a "Marvel" that she isnt in a headscarf and missing a clitoris.

Nobody has given two shits about Supes in 20 years.

And also immigrant, not only from another country, but another planet, which was destroyed by his people.

Even worse than Mexican or Russian!