Are niggers retarded by nature?

Are niggers retarded by nature?

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Yes, like 95% of them. The rest is held back by these apes.

No. 100% of them are retarded by nature. It's the measly 5% have somehow managed to work harder than the average white person to overcome their retardness.

Niggernomics, guys.

Shaq, trump supporter? Thats a redpilled meme. Is he secretly MAGA?

Kek does the headline really say retarded?

he's saying from his perspective the earth is flat which is correct



No, it's only OP who is retarded.

not retarded
here everything is explained

>what is IQ

Proof that Irish are not white

Poor guy. He was great to watch on the courts, but after a while, you just gotta hang up the spotlight, or dish it off to someone else before you out yourself as a loon.

The Earth IS flat though

shaq posts in flat earth threads on Sup Forums all the time. its great. it only gets annoying when he constantly posts "I'm a red pilled black guy, do u hate me?" threads

its obvious he is joking if you know shaq. Dumb autists.

Here are his arguments, by the way, I speak a bit of nigger.

1. If I were to hover stationary in the air for an extended period of time, the position of the ground would have changed so as China would have appeared to have moved underneath me.

2. I have travelled for a distance of 2,092 miles before and during this journey I experienced no immediate symptoms of vertigo or indeed any implications of a mean curvature of my path. I have extrapolated this data and can therefore assume that a complete circumnavigation of Earth will yield identical results.

>someone actually believes this on Sup Forums

Except the majority of flat earth proponents are white you dumb motherfucker.

And people believe in it because 90% of what comes from NASA is fake. Every Earth image is only a composite.

dude he knows, he is tall enough to see the edge of the earth

>watching niggerball
pretty degenerate user

try doing some actual research, dipshit

>Shilling your own thread this hard in a Shaq banter thread

>It's the measly 5%
Those 5% are well worded not smart,

>he unironically believes the earth is flat
>tells others to do research

flat earth is baby's first redpill.
time to get woke niggers

I happen to agree.

stop shilling your own shitty fucking thread you fat nigger

it's shit

it's full of people arguing over whether america or germany has the most brown people


From my point of view Sup Forums is a cesspool that attracts degenerate white beta cucks that dream of a white dominated world that in reality can't fight for shit. This is also correct.

I want to get raped by shaq

It`s not curved tho.

Can you prove it`s curved?

No it says retired, unfortunately.

This is just his excuse for a lifetime of putting up bricks.

This should be the /thread of this thread

>stupid news reporters not understand professor shaquille is mathematically correct that it is locally flat.

Even Pakis are smarter than niggers.

>Forest Gump the Functional Retard
T.Hanks was a mistake.

Most flat earthers are white though

Give me a break, there are outliers. My best friend is black and is just as if not more intelligent than me. There are ALWAYS outliers in a bell curve.

>Even Pakis are smarter than niggers.

thanks for sharing

Is he not wealthy enough to pay for a ticket to go up high enough and see for himself

Being rich doesn't preclude you from being mentally deficient.
Not long ago some famous black actor gave an interview and embarrassed himself by painfully detailing how he didn't understand simple multiplication. Blacks are still blacks no matter how much money a Jew gives them, and on average blacks have significantly lower IQ than whites.

Do you need to ask?

>stop shilling your own shitty fucking thread you fat nigger
not my thread. there's more of us out there that know the truth than you think. the round earthers are dwindling in numbers every day.

>Russian believes the world is flat
This sort of stuff is why your country is a shithole

it was Terrance Howard and he dropped out of university (chem engineering) because he disputed that 1x1 was 1

>pol is not ready for the flat pill

Go ahead, go the edge of the world and let me know what it's like.

Crazy that you'll be the first one who's ever been there, right?

Wow, bold statement there

No wonder this guy is a muslim.

The earth is round.

home made rockets have proven this

mainly because "flat" is just as wrong as a globe. its more a torus imo


congrats, youre smarter than a retard

>implying flat earthers arent exclusively an American """movement"""


Only in the US could a barely functioning retard go to college for a hard science without understanding elementary level math simply because the color of his skin earned him acceptance.


>I do not go up and down at a 360 degree angle

The same as Sup Forums...
Litterally no difference.


Is this modern resurgence of flat flat earth a Sup Forums psyop? It was shilled pretty hard here about a year ago with at least one 200+ post daily thread.

Around that time, a guy I know who frequented r/the_donald, but who is afraid of Sup Forums told me he believed in flat earth. Now Shaq is a flat rather too

Hello Cletus Billybob the fifth.

Thank you for your expertise.

The earth is flat though.

came here to post this full house of truths

>my one black friend outweighs the literal billions of retarded blacks.

Nice anecdote faggot.

ITT: Butthurt roundies BTFO by based Shaq

Take the flatpill

I knew this chan was retarded but holy crap, flat-earthers too. Too much.