Talk to me brother fags

Talk to me brother fags.

Is the Iranian, Afghan, Iraqi, Somali etc. government, basically any Muslim government, forcing their inhabitants to migrate to europe? Anyfag have any evidence of this, i.e. footage of the military extraditing them, destroying their property, laws... It's convenient to blame the war, but on the other hand you don't see them migrate to other muslim countries.

Tim Pool did an interview with an Afghani saying this:

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how is loosing manpower a good thing?

they aren't losing manpower they're spreading it... but i don't need to tell you that achmed

Because muslim countries are SHIT

Now they move to good countries and conquer them, leading to them also becoming SHIT

yes but i dont think their government is doing this like says

Afghan's economy is consisted of:

agriculture: 20%
industry: 25.6%
services: 54.4%

35% of people are unemployed.
90% of the world's opium trade comes from afghan, safe to assume that's their agriculture
Industry is oil production
And services i guess is enabling these sectors which produce something of value

So your "manpower" is probably so incompetent it's even unemployed in Arab countries.

They're not spreading manpower, they're getting rid of their unemployed and poor that tax their country and dumping them here.

But I want to know if they're facilitating the unemployment and subsequently forcing them out of their country under the pretense of "Either you get out or go to jail" or something like that. Their jails are straight gulags im sure of it.

I'm Afghan and my parents fled because of war. We first went to Pakistan but we didn't really like it and went to Russia after. We stayed for 2 years in Moscow and then immigrated to Canada. My Uncle already lived in Canada and sponsored my family.

Im Slovenian and my parents lived in a communist regime the majority of their lives and my grandma lived through ww1 and said communist regime, watching her friends and families shipped of in trains never to be seen again. I could go on about my history, like you, but what the fuck does that have to do with my questions?


how come you didnt like Pak? moslem paradise from what our media says...


You said that people aren't fleeing due to war Canada>Russia>Pakistan

these shitty countries are happy to send their unneeded people to others
less people to support domestically
high chance of money sent back to families
manpower is a meme, most of the world is really overpopulated right now
it's not a matter of resources or production, we just have a ton of humans that aren't needed for anything
EU claims laborers are needed that's just a lie to crush wages and redistribute this burden around the west
its only going to get worse so long as we refuse to do anything about other countries overpopulation but allow them to migrate freely and inject money into their economies

Ok, child, do you think perhaps there could be any other reason as to why they migrate?

Exactly what part of Jihad do you not understand Luka?

I don't speak for others.

they encourage criminals, uneducated and radicals to mmigrate into europe.

Which countries exactly, and how do they encourage?

i doubt they are campaign for it

mostly, its Europeans fault for projecting an image of safe heaven for every idiot that wants to go there.

Kalergi Plan

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>less people to support domestically
>how is loosing manpower a good thing?

Guys their government is also shitskins and worthless lazy mudslimes. They don't think in terms of manpower, support for the unemployed, dumping undesirables somewhere else etc. You don't know how shitholes work. Gotta live in one to know one. Third world shithole should get a wiki page as a form of government.

All they're thinking of is how to sell more of their country to anyone and make money to buy shit in decent countries. That's all there is to care about for them. If the next day someone might take your shit and your power, are you really gonna think of how to improve social security or how to dump unemployed in Sweden? Nah you're gonna steal to stay in power and if not then you're done.

They see how life in the West is better so they try to make it there. You only got one life. You wouldn't want to stay there too. Other muslim countries that have good shit don't bend over for refugees so you'd eventually go to Europe or US if you're mexicoon.

The countries at war are Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iran. The wars are definitely a reason, but are they the sole reason?

Wouldn't you as a croat, if war broke out, rather go to a country that speaks a somewhat similar language and similar culture as you?

If so, then why aren't they migrating farther east, probably because those countries don't follow anything similar to the dublin regulation, meaning that they can extradite any migrant and refugee seeking shelter.

And also the northeastern countries are all Rusisan.

The monopoly of the sole valuable, that is oil (and drugs), allows their monastic governments to do as they please, because the money will come. OPEC is one piece of evidence.

Similarly to how it is in Sweden. There's plenty of government jobs to be had, since around 55+ enterprises in Sweden are nationalized, but you better not criticize the government or compete against it. That's why there's very few independent entrepreneurs in Sweden.

In these countries ideologies, whose sole measure of success is how far and how much the ideology has been spread and enforced, regardless of real world consequences, will function.

So you're obviously correct, but lemme ask you, what's the sentiment like in Kazakhstan and your neighbouring countries (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgizstan, Tajikistan) against migrants?

Something like 5 million Afghans have returned since the Taliban were overthrown. Afghanistan is growing fast, and they'll need the labor, most of their population is under 18.

it doesn't matter if you are 500km from home or 5000, it will never be home.
Imo, if i had to move, i'd move to best place possible for me

Lets be real, during ex-Yu wars, croats serbs and bosnians didn't move to slovenia/slovakia/Czech republic, they all moved to Germany/Austria/Nordic countries
Only difference is, that all of our refugees were from war affected countries

Afghanistan's on the poppy plant market. American soldiers are protecting those fields.

>get welfare, food and all the whites you can rape
>stay and be killed by more war

>what's the sentiment like in Kazakhstan and your neighbouring countries (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgizstan, Tajikistan) against migrants?
All of these are shitholes but I consider my country to be the most prosperous of them probably because of the oil and close ties with Russia. Well let me tell you how we treat migrants from neighboring countries. There are strict procedures to be followed if you want to work here. So strict that they have to come work here illegally. There are no amnesties for the illegals, no social payments, nothing. They are routinely rounded up and deported with all the cruelty and injustice you'd expect from corrupt police. Actual legit political refugees from all surrounding authoritarian shitholes are imprisoned and traded back for diplomacy points. There are no asylum scammers trying to cheat their way into our country. At least I never heard of it. That would be crazy.

People in general don't like outsiders and they're open about it. If we had the so called SJW class here, they'd dub the whole population RAYCIS af. The purely christian notion of everyone's equality doesn't exist in Asian mind, it is a foreign axiom and while in some people western media cultivates it to a degree, egalite and liberte are widely unpopular among Kazakhs (and all other Central Asians for that matter) while fraternite is reinforced. So yeah we don't like migrants one bit and are open about it. Whites are welcome of course as they are almost everywhere, they're good guests. Provided they can sustain themselves and not beg for gibs or take our jerbs.

>Lets be real, during ex-Yu wars, croats serbs and bosnians didn't move to slovenia/slovakia/Czech republic, they all moved to Germany/Austria/Nordic countries

Expect the Albanians, they moved to Macedonia, gee thanks Nemanja.

he is not talking about what you flee our country, he is literally asking if there're goverments pushing the masive inmigration.

Except that the ones fleeing from war were solely Bosnians that Serbs tried to exterminate, but you Croats did accept like 300.000 of them during the war out of a total of 600.000 displaced people. They didnt go further north.

link me some evidence faggot

>So strict that they have to come work here illegally

Kek my friend.

So you're just like Russia in that case. I assume most of your economy is nationalized and owned by families?

I didn't know that you identify with Asian culture. Interesting. The fraternite or brotherhood aspect is indeed common in both Russia and China, and their governmental systems are still the same. One inconspicously communist, the other openly.



thanks fag

The most credible source of info, , wikipedia, confirms the rise of opium production after US occupation even though it was banned by the taliban in 2000

>I assume most of your economy is nationalized and owned by families?
That is correct. Our glorious leader's (pbuh) clan owns everything. Thank Tengri we only have one. There are several ruling families in Uzbekistan and let me tell you their economy is so shit they have fantasy currency exchange rates in their banks and just only a couple of ATMs. You have to bring your cash to a seedy oriental marketplace to have it exchanged properly. And don't forget to take a couple of bags cause you can end up with shit ton of paper. That is Africa tier shithole my friend.

>I didn't know that you identify with Asian culture.
Not with the Asian per se. We identify with Mongolian shit rather than Chink shit. There's a difference. Chinks work hard and cheat but we are lazy cheaters who also like to fight a lot. There is Russian influence too. We're nation of moody manlets who while nominally muslim, still drink like Russians. Worst of all worlds. I love it though. Rarely if ever would you meet a Kazakh living on gibs in Germoney or the like. Hail Tengri.

>Mongol Muslim Slav hybrids

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