The eternal turkroach


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The Netherlands is incorrect, the Dutch are nazi's.

>Germany is North-turkey


> Ukraine is "bordello" on everybody's maps




passion land?

>caring about the roaches opinion


>arkadaslar kingdom

What did he mean by this?


must be sarcasm

but it's the Russian women who can't stay away from apes like us

based Macedonian absolute madmen

>when even roaches think your country's just whores
get your shit together Ukraine, dammit

translation is freinds
just to be clear to any roaches lurking, we are not your freinds

"arkadas" just means "friend" in Turkish.

maybe the roaches are right about the United Kaliphate, after all

> Russian women. Stay away from.

Very easy to do, pic related.

>West Pakistan
>Not a friend of Erdrogan


Goddamn I hate turks so much


hmm, maybe i should reconsider hiring poles to unblock my toilet.
its a shame the filth get their hands right in about the shit. good workers

The truth hurts.

you'll get over it


>filthy t*rks ever thinking they are our ally

Did they forget who destroyed their precious little empire?

>italian slavs
I mean, i would understand "austrian/german slavs" but italian?
Fucking roaches cant even into history.

>Arctic Saudi Arabia
Who knew roaches had a sense of humor?

Kek, using this from now on

>almost got them

actually Algarve oranges are the best ones I've ever tried in my life, sweet and full of juice, so i have to agree with the roaches on this one

this map is designated by a nonturk I'm sure.

what the fuck are you

Because it's drawn correctly? Hard to draw with feelers I suppose

hes a smelly cypriot ape, like u : )

>filthy mudslimes calling others terrorists

Really jolts the brain cells.


"portugal" means orange in some languages

>eternally butthurt Croat enters the thread the moment he senses a Serb

Like clockwork.

Nordturkei needs to become a meme.


cheers for the (you) mate

No, thank (you).


>Still ours

why are you here?

because im fucked your mom :Dddd

>shared steppe ties
>for centuries the biggest rivals
>centuries of occupation

and all we get is "gulash". Fuck the Turks, seriously biggest bullies, worst people on Earth, 1683, best year of my life, I hope kurd gypsies will get you trianoned again.

>because im fucked your mom :Dddd
Why the fuck are roaches so fucking incapable of writing

>bipolar neighbors



Mongol genes.

>Mongol genes.
Cheked. But nope you and Finns are alright.
Turks however...

This guy gets it.

calm down atilla

that sentence though...

>occupied cyprus is free cyprus
stupid roaches

>blatantly insulting germany
i tought we were friends, turkey.



>lots of pork
Based Reconquista still triggering mudshits to the day

Dear Serbia

Why are you so shit?

What culture were you actually trying to protect from the Ottomans or Austrians?

Like, why did you forsake all the trade and technological advances that came from the aforementioned?

Why do you claim you were heroic in WW2 when the fact is, most of your ancestors were Četnik cucks and Belgrade was the first major city to declare itself as Judenfrei?

Why did you break up universally respected and socially advanced Jugoslavia?

Why do you portray yourself as perpetual victims despite not being invaded by your neighbours for over 100 years?

Why did Nicola Tesla, the only Serb to have ever made any tangible contribution to humanity, renounce his citizenship and get the fuck out of there at the earliest opportunity?

Why couldn't you take Bosnia despite having the entire arsenal of the JNA behind you?

Why couldn't you take Sarajevo despite you having overwhelming military and tactical advantages and them only having home-made weaponry to defend themselves for three fucking years?

Why, despite grabbing all Jugoslav wealth, is Serbia a dysfunctional shithole which is unlikely to ever enter the EU?

Why did you kill Zoran Đinđić despite him being your only hope?

Why, despite having legitimate world stage players, is your football team ranked behind the likes of Israel, Senegal and Scotland?

Why can't your football fans go literally one fucking match without making a complete and utter mockery of themselves?

To your credit, you can claim a few decent musicians like Balašević and EKV... but they loathed Serb nationalism and were deeply ashamed of the way Serbs acted in the period leading to the break up.

Serbia, you are really really shit in every regard. I wouldn't mind so much as most countries are quite shit to some degree. But you're so fucking proud of yourselves. More so than probably any other nation/state in the whole world.

I don't get it.

Why are you so shit?

Yours sincerely,

Fuck off.

Friends eh, well we are both going to fuck Europe, so why not.

The eternal serb btfo

>12th battle of izonzo

>called out as evil bullies
>quick Jumurdzsák post a video about Turks killing innocent ppl with white flag raised

My almonds are 100% active now.

Turks can't write because they are roaches.
Hungarians are based.

We're not friends, we'll never be friends ...
>we're in-laws.

they are communist and kurd... so where is problem?

Serbia is just full of reatards. There are some smart people here and there but they just leave because they can not handle the retardation. And can you blame them? Đinđić was a good smart guy and he got shot.


Heil Hitler

kikes and kebabs get in the oven

It's sad but true

>Kosovo YES!
Fucking roaches, gotta steal even our bad reputation

This map is both outdated and made by a non-turk
You all need to calm your tits


i had no idea, the more you know.
but its a coincidence right? since the origin of the name is Portu Cale (Safe Port)

Mmmm, it's where turks go to get there manhood, by taking a qt polish girl's first time.


no its because Portugal used to export alot of oranges to mediterranean

Hold up, Pedro Emanuel, so you been saying we were some kind of oranges e o caralho!?