I'm so glad my healthcare is going to be paid for thanks to losers like you. Thanks Sup Forums!

I'm so glad my healthcare is going to be paid for thanks to losers like you. Thanks Sup Forums!


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Why won't that fat fuck just die already?

You know doctors cant operate on these people? They use a laser to burn thru the fat but when the surgories done they cant recconenct the fat again together it jus5s burts open.

Hell be dead at early 40


Everything you've posted is wrong.
Boogie is already older than 40

Watch TLC's My 600 LB Life to see them perform surgery on people his size and fatter.

No lasers are involved.



Fat fuck will die during surgery

Imagine the kinky sex boogie and his wife have

This is actually him. He's streaming our responses. Boogie, lose weight so you don't die.

If digits boogie gets sex change on the operating table instead of life saving surgery



Do you think he could even fit in a closet? I mean, where is he supposed to hide while filming his wife and her lover.

She probably cucks him and is only with him for the money. I don't even mean in the meme sense.

They don't. She fucks her "gay" black friend instead.

Does he think his wife will stop fucking niggers if he drops 150 pounds? He will still be enormous and unable to have basic sex.

She will never stop fucking niggers,Boogie.

I hope you have the last laugh and leave her nothing in your will, bud. make her wipe that enormous ass crack for free , homie and then i might respect you a little tiny bit.

Boogie has said multiple times in the past that he and his wife have a healthy sex life.

I hate these youtubers with a passion BUT I admit I respect they founf a way to make serious money without sucking Jew dick to get on tv.

Boogie, if you can afford it they have a procedure now that freezes fat...a lot of fat all at once. Then its really gone and you wont have dangerous surgery. Look into it you pork belly faggot, (but your bitch will still fuck niggers)

Do you really think his microdick can fuck anything under all that fat?

Yeah...he burns calories watching her fuck that nigger.

He's not capable of sex. He's actually "bragged" about this before.

is he one of us, bros?

My kid watches McJuggernuggets religiously. It gets on every nerve I have left. He worships that dork. It tells me televison is dead and i think thats why (they) are targeting youtubers now.

Anyways, thats my last comment. i hope Boogie stops drinking Mtn dews and leaves his old lady nothing...NOTHING...in his will. what a dirty bitch.

Give it to juggy instead.

You know his wife is fucking some black guy on the side.

Where's the pic of her with a bbc?




If you're talking about the picture with her and the black guy posted here all the time, I hope you know that he is super ultra gay. Boogie has nothing to worry about.

If digits Boogie gets the sex change operation and it mysteriously works better than the life saving surgery. As a stronk woman he finds the discipline to diet his way down to 120 lbs and becomes a pornographic movie actress.


he's so fat I didn't notice those where middle fingers at first


Does he have to pay tax on his (((google))) money?


I will watch this everytime


He already said that he can't have sex anymore.
His wife is just into the fat fetish and she already has a ''''gay'''' black best friend, so she is happy


Die you fat fuck.

Doctors can operate on fat people, but they almost never actually do it unless they have to.
The reason is mainly due to the fact that people over a certain bf% have a sharp drop in recovery rates, and they're more likely to be sued if something goes wrong.



doesn't it bother you that healthcare in the US is a handout to pharma companies? our at the counter prices for drugs are 10x what they pay in Europe, all thanks to uncle sucker and refusing to negotiate the prices of drugs

the whole thing is a scam and it's awful

I only use natural medicines because of this,

looks like you could use some natural medicine yourself

If we drop boogie into a swimming pool, would it take a crane to get him out?


I hate niggers more than fat people.

LTG is semi-redpilled though.

>He already said that he can't have sex anymore.

I knew a guy with that problem, he cured it in 3 months with MDMA and dancing all night, it was disgusting watching his skin bags and baloney tits flap around but the joys he had having sex were well worth it,

watching someone change is a powerful thing, it's quite beautiful

I'm fine with my tax dollars paying for your healthcare because then I don't have to pay 3x as much for health insurance and get a superior product

Drop him in the ocean and a pod of whales will take him in as their own.


I am intolerant of ignorance, all of what you describe can be defined through ignorance

WTF I love diseases now.

well there is only so much medicine can do for a poor diet, basically if you eat processed foods you've volunteered for a death sentence

You're going to die during your surgery, you fat, disgraceful, slob.

Its shit like this that makes communism so appealing, I would happily live on bread rations if I get to watch these people die off.

this is old school

free willy

>I hate niggers more than fat people.
I wouldn't go as far as that but again, I don't live in US.

Only if you wrote 1, 2 and 4 on his rolls.






>includes carry bag

>You're going to die during your surgery,

he's having a surgery? what for?
doesn't he realize interacting with the medical establishment is the 4th most common cause of death in America?

I think Mexico has better stats than us at this point and they operate with tools from home depot and shit like that

easy there edge lord.

Even if boogie somehow loses weight, he will still look like shit due to the ridiculous amount of loose skin. He just needs to die.

>Watch TLC's My 600 LB Life to see them perform surgery on people his size and fatter.

I was wondering why it is that Boogie can't get the surgery when he's not as fat as a lot of people who do get it on that show.

It's kind of amazing that all the fatties survive that. You'd think the chance of someone that size dying on the operating table would be quite high. Maybe they just trash the eps where they die.

this photo is a crime against nature


good luck with that, very expensive and a lot of work, who's going to do the hanging when over half the country looks like slim up there

This problem will take care of itself when he dies young. It's a statistical inevitability given his weight and history of having so little willpower to make even marginal changes to his lifestyle.

yeah but at least then he could bang, but it won't ever happen until he changes his diet, he obviously is consuming nothing but poisons

Those stats are massively skewed by fat cunts who cause major complications during surgery, or lie about their conditions then complain when the doctor doesn't read their mind and give them the right treatment.

A healthy person has relatively little to fear in a decent hospital.



>This problem will take care of itself when he dies young

well we would hope he has the potential to change his life for the better, everyone here has some unhealthy aspect to their life that could be changed for the better if they knew how to do it

did you ever read those EMT stories about getting calls for fat people who were rotting away in their homes with sepsis? real;ly sad and disgusting shit, they lift them onto the dumptruck loader and half their body just falls off all rotten

gross stuff, no amount of freedom wand can repair it

>not wanting to casually wipe your ass with that bad boy while standing in line

NZ, everyone.

Can rag on stick people even stand in line??

>A healthy person has relatively little to fear in a decent hospital.

right, because they wouldn't go there unless in very dire circumstances

but healthy people do have plenty to fear, people die from switched charts all the time

my pal is an EMT and he says if he has a patient with appendicitis he writes cut here on their stomach with a marker, he knows they're going to lose the paperwork

lots of people die from stuff like this every day, it's part of why our health care costs so much

it's impossible to keep it organized when it's run by bookkeepers

Its for cheese, you never heard about portable cheese bags bro?

fuck, you got me.

Maybe to much freedom isnt a good thing.

>portable cheese bags

do they fit this bad boy?

Boogie is immortal

Of course I'd prefer for him to make the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight, keep it off, and live a long, healthy life, but we need to be realistic.

When somebody reaches 400+ lbs, it really shows how weak their will actually is. They had to have noticed they were gaining weight, and did NOTHING. I am somewhat sympathetic for people that had shit parents and experienced childhood obesity, but there comes a point where you need to take responsibility for your inaction.

Boogie has claimed he'd go on a diet and lose weight multiple times, and each time he failed. Short of medical intervention, he will never reach a healthy weight. And even then, he doesn't have the willpower to sustain that lower weight. He is destined to die drowning in his own fat, like the glutton he is, and it will be deserved.

>I was wondering why it is that Boogie can't get the surgery

Because to qualify for the surgery, your doctor will put you on an extremely low calorie diet for a few months, and require you to lose a certain amount of weight in that time, before they give you the surgery.

For a long time I thought 'guvmint cheese' was a euphemism.


It's not his fault he's fat, he just didn't know

imagine how nice it must smell between boogies legs


Fuck this monstrosity

>he got too lazy to go to the toilet and diapers in his size were too expensive in the long run so he just shat himself wherever he sat
>wife begged him to stop but he didn´t care
>wife forced him to get a colostomy bag installed so she didn´t have to scoop up his runny, greenish shits every 20 minutes
>he didn´t empty it himself, said it was "too depressing" for him
>went to a con a day after he filmed one of his "lol I eat lots of food" clips
>colostomy bag imploded, shit ran down his leg, terrible smell everywhere
>he tried to play it off by acting like Francis and quickly waddled away
>his wife had to clean him up in the con bathroom while he was crying and shouting insults
>was seen and hour later, laughing and wolfing down a 50-piece nugget meal

What a shitty person, I hope his wife is in the will.

>Short of medical intervention, he will never reach a healthy weight.

appropriate medical intervention I think would be MDMA and dancing all night, he could lose that weight in 3 months and then get sponsors to tattoo ads on his baloney tits


The only reason he hasn't been hanged yet is because no one has a strong enough rope

What the fuck. Any video footage of his shit exploding at the con?

Your hands are so fat, it's hard to tell if you're flipping birds, or index fingers

>a lot of fat all at once
His skin will be so fucking loose




He does not have long now

It must be like watching salacious b. crumb crawl around in Jabba the Hutt's body fat.

>Cook on a George Forman Grill just to drink out of the drip tray.

This nigga straight savage.

its funny

We need to do to him what murderer did to gluttony victim in se7en.