Muslim migration to EU is just payback for colonization

Why shouldn't they come to Europe? Didn't Europe invade their countries for so many years? Y'all fucking hypocrites.

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Actually, Muslims spent the majority of the middle ages invading Europe.

says the person ignorant of mudslime conquest/"colonization" of 67 countries

think they are done yet?

or are they commanded "to fight until there is no religion but for allah"?



yo momma is an immigrant.

Bullshit Ever been to pakistan? The place is falling apart. They never had it so good as when the Brits were there. The whole ME is a shithole. I mean there are some educated people, but mostly illiterate morons who lock the women up with the donkeys and outbreed the ability of the country to provide any services.

Theres a difference between invade and enforce contracts agreed to by representatives of the people.

how to sTUPidify OP with a simple remark

2 wrongs don't make a right idiot
stooping down to the level of those that wronged your ancestors, by attacking the descendants who by now are certainly not more than 3% of the initial perpetrators, and are literally innocent in each and every single way, isn't settling a score, its pure barbarism.

thats like saying south africa used to be a nice placed before ......

Do you have any more pictures of that girl? She'a qtpie :3

Oh, so we all went over did we? We were all that wealthy? Just like how everyone had a slave

They invaded Africa, too, yet apparently they're allowed to do that because they're muslims.

This is the cuckiest argument ever. Literally.

you are the same Bangladeshi vermin that made the other thread. Neck yourself subhuman

At least they bring islam which is the only group that is actively against degeneracy in Europe.

But before that they invaded our countries in the south and southeast of Europe. Then our ancestors realised if we don't conquer them, they'll conquer us, so did something about that. We just have to go and do something about that, put them back in the cuckshed again before they carry on trying to colonise us.

Shut up, traitor

>Invading for so many years
Invasions take like 5 at most years. The crusaders were there to stay, and it was against the Turks, and not Arabs, and they eventually left since it was so expensive to maintain.
Later, after WW1, Palestine was occupied, but the British didn't plan on genocide g the inhabitants.
Muslims are far more destructive, especially what Baibars did to Antioch. They are an existential threat in both CK2 and in real life

>believing in ancient non existent paki sky daddy
>not degenerate

I don't blame you, I blame your lack of proper education.

you must be in milan figa

That goes for nearly all ex colonies with a few exceptions (countries that werent fully colonized, some islands near the american continent, etc)

Which is why Nubia "Sudan" and Ethiopia participated in the crusades against islamic aggressors. Now those two countries are mostly islamic.


British Empire Start at: 1538
And also they learn slavery from jews.

Arab Empire start at: 632 AD

Everytime you'see this please answer with this.

>implying colonialism is bad when white people do it
>advocating for colonialism in the form of Islamic invasion

that would make you a hypocrite actually

>colonization is BAD
>so im going to do it to you
>and thats why I'm morally superior if you fight back then youre a bigot

Some retarded post getting bumped to the front page bothers me

Until I click on the comments and see OP getting rekt

India too. Literal mountains of skulls were created when the muzzies took Delhi but that doesn't count.


Bro, we didn't do that, they invaded us first when islam was born like 650AD

The fuck are you posting a pic of that child?

ther is only one buddhist country left, the surrounding 6 were conquered by the sword and converted to shitslam

So your argument is let them come over for pedophilia? 1. That's wrong, and 2. They are gang raping, out-of-control with crime, you know because statistics, like 140K migrant crimes in six months in germany.

Why would I care about what people did in the past? Die. Sage


What got into people's heads to make them think like this.

>"uh I mean it's just payback"

Even normies in college think like this.

Man... I'm playing CK 2 right now. Killing mudslime nations and converting them to Catholic feels good.

Stfu Abdul and go back to your shit hole and stop leaching of our state and since you are at it go read an history book and you'll see that your argument doesn't hold water

Can't argue against Gods will. Objective religious morals > atheism.

So then colonization was just payback from the EU for 400 years of Muslim aggression. OP you are full of shit history proves that Islam is not a religion of peace but a violent ideology that is spread through murder, rape, crime, and immigration. Every Muslim should be driven back to the shit holes they came from at any cost.

>They are gang raping, out-of-control with crime,
That's nothing compared to what you did to the natives.

This is Christian morality, pure and simple. This is what normies think: "Oh they did some bad shit in the past, now they must pay for their sins". This is why shitholes like us are not cucked in that regard, because we dindu nuffin.

Listen here fuck face white baby,
My family escaped Islam ravaged land.
You want them here you traitor scum?

Wanna hear a joke?
Italy in ww2

Leave it to Italian to switch sides

Turks besieged Vienna twice, too.
I guess it's time for us to go and conquer Turkey, then?

Are you really this stupid ?

Not counting crimes you did against Russia.

Of course it's a Canadian coming in with the fucking MUH NATIVES shit. It's the North American version of holocaust guilt.

Civilizing mission vs Destroying Europe.
Mmmmh. No. No they shouldn't come, we should never have left however.

Europe never colonised the middle east, they just ruled over them.

And colonization of muslim lands was payback for muslim colonization of Iberia and the balkan peninsula, which lasted far longer than european colonization.

kys shitaly

Muslims invaded the Balkans and Crime, are Europeans allowed to illegally come to Anatolia because Turks invaded their kingdoms and homes too?

That argument is as dead as colonialism itself...


it is something we can do about it now.

this is why when people ask me if i believe in karma i tell them no. Shit happens and you just got to deal with it.

you are entirely correct OP and I agree

might makes right, in the end.

reported to the BKA.

>1(one)post by this ID

Inventing vodka was a bad idea

I'll make it short and to the point, komrade

russia sucks and russians suck as well and you all deserve extermination

It's with good reason all your neighbors hate and plot against you

The colonial countrys didn't want the foreigners in their country, so drive them out. Why should the ex colonial people not do the same.

Jeez. Read fkn history

So the whole "well back in the 12th century some people that your loosely descended from fucked over some people that I'm loosely descended from therefore I can walk all over you now to make up for that" that unoriginal argument is horseshit.

Won't end well, the culture in the west is already shifting back towards nationalism.

>1 post by this ID

>payback for colonization

S A G E R U, D E S U