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>Martin McGuinness: Sinn Féin politician dies aged 66

>Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday

> EU summit on 29 April to discuss way ahead

>Labour descends into open warfare as John McDonnell accuses Tom Watson of 'interfering' in Unite leadership contest

> EU mocks Britain with anti-Brexit Tintin poster on wall of Brussels war room

> Jacob Rees-Mogg leads the celebrations at Article 50 party: ‘to the Brexit heroes of Islington!’

Hansard Committee Reports

>The process for exiting the European Union and the Government's negotiating objectives: Government Response to the Committee's First Report

> European Union Committee - Brexit: trade in goods

> European Union Committee - Brexit: Gibraltar

> European Union Committee - Brexit and the EU budget

>European Union Committee - Brexit: UK-EU movement of people

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He is with his mates now

In hell.

Hopefully he wrote confession letters.


>media gushing over a terrorist

Protestant papist here

Protestant Ma and Papist Da?

I find it funny that Lord Tebbit outlived Marty in the end.

Why are Americans incapable of seeing that Capitalism is the driving force behind most of the "liberal" and "leftist" things they complain about?

He's been amazingly brutal in his statements about Martys death too.

Based Tebbit

Most people don't care about politics let alone economic models. Capitalism broadly delivers.

>3 Brit Sup Forumss under 300

We don't deserve an empire.

I'm specifically referring to the ones on Sup Forums which suggests a degree of interest.

rate my brand new art [oc]

can you change your citizenship by descent rule now that you're leaving the EU?

This was made first, the nonce made the other one in spite.
ah right

>the extension of the franchise was a good thing


Too bad communism literally means the destruction of culture and ethnic peoples.

>russian revolution: all churches destroyed, book burnings, progoms and gulags
>chinese revolution: book burning, confucianism outlawed, buddhism outlawed, 50 million dead

The dichotomy is part of the problem. Neither of them are beneficent.

did you guys remember to drink some milk today

I'm tempted to say we should use gold-backed currency and have an entirely isolationist economy of farmers where we can rebuild our island culture but then I realise that's about as agrarian as polpot.



rate my story idea

Bunch of people sabotage a trade union by working for them and then demanding more money, holidays, pension etc, getting all the existing staff to join them and striking when their demands aren't met

Basically using their own tactics against them

At least there is some solace in the fact that the ethnic and tribal identities of Arabs are equally condemned in the Homogeneous Global Future.



fookin halfa jaffa


>German parade
>there is literally a sandnig in the back ground
take the dish cloth off your head then we can talk about whats good for a country

>celebrating the 38th anniversary of the islamic revolution in iran
>in manchester islamic centre
I'm triggered before even getting to Labour.

Anyone watching Ruth Davidson rip STIRgeon and the SNP apart? I'm English but this banter is hilarious.

>islambic gommunism is real


>How can we become even more unelectable?

Based Padraig

>media shedding tears over Marty McGuinneas like they did with Mandela

I think I'm going to vomit lads.

>The plants, the plants are the key to everything in my life. They have been the basis of it and they have been, ultimately, the sole purpose of everything. The plants, here, blooming around us in immensity and glory, everywhere! In the deserts, the arctic, with sand sheer upon the ground, with great flows of blue ice. They're everywhere, circling and going under the ground like veins, veins of pure beauty and being. Look around you here, we're surrounded by them and inundated by these beautiful green forms of life. To the left and to the right and to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west. But there are also insects. Have you ever read Maurice Maeterlinck's Life of the Bee? It's a glorious book. A book about the nature of the hive; the great architecture of these beings beyond death that represent an exoskeleton of life that contains no life in human form because they are reduced essentially to the matter of function. Insects. They are function. They have no false concept of individuality, they serve the whole, which is them - spiritually. Each insect is a part of a greater whole, they have one soul, headed in this case by the queen, superintended upon by slaves who nurture her in the nectar of their own milk - the egalitarian mass of people. The more I looked at these insects, the more I saw them, the more I looked at them through a magnifying glass, I wanted...I wanted to destroy them! I had a decision to make. And even as I looked at them through the magnifying glass I had the belief that I could refract the sun down, through the glass, unto them so as to destroy what was there. And it was when I looked at evolution that I came to the decision upon which my entire life has been based hitherto; that's too destructive, keep the insects to harvest the plants.


I know lad.

>Evolution begins in the seas, it begins with the severing of cells, each one from another. The amoebae split, they bifurcated one as against another forming new cellular forms of life. Then they became fishes, they flowed in the oceans and soon amphibians flopped upon the land and moved about. Reptiles emerged out of these creatures, then larger ones, then larger ones again. They came forwards great claws and teeth, hungering for new prey, all over the plant surrounded by islets and volcanoes. These creatures finally gave way, a meteor hit the Earth and all that was left were mammals. They began small and furry, scurrying in the undergrowth, again in the plants! Without them nothing at all. These creatures moved onwards and upwards until semi-humanoids began to take shape. Finally we emerged. After several thousand years of development what have we done with what we've got?! A bit of culture, a few Gods, a few cathedrals, a bit of knowledge. Work followed by television, that's what 21st century life is for most people. All we have around us are insects. 40% of people in a Western society don't own a book. I sense a distaste for them all. Everywhere, philistinism, ignorance, absence of science, no one thinking of progress, no one thinking about how we could go on, biologically, from where we are now to where we have to get in order to become divine. I began to see a rancidness there, pure function without any prospect of evolutionary growth because it was circular whereas the plants go onwards because they evolve up towards the sun.


I was watching earlier but got bored as fuck and started watching old robot wars instead.

Why don't you apply for this sandwich artist apprenticeship at subway

You could make £131 a week (37.5 hours) to make sandwiches for a giant multinational company.

Is Gerry Adams having a stroke? Fucking retard keeps speaking in GAYlick.. Fucking terrorists.

B A S E D Taig

>tfw he didn't make it to see Brexit/Trump

>want people with experience

>This guys voice

Literally a leprechaun.

My great uncle grew up in a 2 bedroom house in Coventry with 4 siblings. When he was 18 he did an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce and was set up in aerospace engineering for the rest of his life.
Where did we go wrong?

Aye. Based af.

Why are all Green Party's, no matter if they're in England or Scotland, why are they such fucking cucks?


That's Are Girl.

>Where did we go wrong?
we let the companies jew the government into believing these were good for people looking for work, as opposed to being a goodf way for them to get cheap labour

Political terrorism is a right thing to do though

>muh free market

Lads, I've just eaten 7 rashers of bacon and 4 slices of bread

Idiot desu. Both sides were guilty in the troubles. One side glorifying its violence isn't an excuse to glorify our own.

>t. enlightened centrist

Thanks a lot (((capitalists)))

Rewatched the big Brexit debate that was on just before the referendum today.

Bojo's speech was so brilliant at the end.

>violence is ok if I'm using it to get what I want

You sound like antifa chimp m8

>state run business

nothing wrong with violence you cuck

So you have no issue with Hezbollah, Hamas or the PLO blowing your people up?

That's good to know.

>Reacting to the former Northern Ireland deputy first minister's death, Lord Tebbit, who was seriously injured in the blast, said the world was a "sweeter and cleaner" place.

>The peer, who was Margaret Thatcher's trade and industry secretary at the time of the bombing, asserted the former IRA commander had only turned to peace to "save his own skin".

>"He was not only a multi-murderer, he was a coward," said Lord Tebbit.

>"He knew that the IRA were defeated because British intelligence had penetrated right the way up to the Army Council and that the end was coming.

>"He then sought to save his own skin and he knew that it was likely he would be charged before long with several murders which he had personally committed and he decided that the only thing to do was to opt for peace.

>"He claimed to be a Roman Catholic. I hope that his beliefs turn out to be true and he'll be parked in a particularly hot and unpleasant corner of hell for the rest of eternity."

>The peer said he could not forgive Mr McGuinness for his terrorist past because "forgiveness requires confession of sins and repentance". "There was none of that," he added.

>that bit about McGuinness being a Catholic


>some lefty cucks got shot so that justifies a 3 decade bombing campaign

Fuck this shit seriously, I know some lines were worthless but so many were not
>how to trigger country bumpkins with no good public transport

Did you read my post mate? I'm saying that violence isn't justified by anything.

Katie isn't attractive generally, but the way she answers questions, her attitude and the way she seems to bounce around the chamber is really attractive in this debate.

Giant's Causeway is so fucking magical

>universal morality
US doing it - good
THEM doing it - bad

Why did you start using an Israeli proxy anyway?

Deeeyam.... Does anyone have the one of Theresa swallowing a fish? Everytime I see her laughing like this I see a tuna slowly going down her gullet.

>balding twink cuck

No no.. You have no problem with Hezbollah, Hamas or the PLO. You can't have your cakes, cookies and muffins all at the same time... Sorry but the world doesn't work like that. America is stinky and got blown the fuck out on 9/11 and during the Boston Marathon. If they don't like terrorism on their doorstep, they shouldn't fund it.

You're literally no better than 'them'

That would be the Jews, not capitalism
I think he stopped using proxy for once


Same thing mate.

Exactly. It's the way she is so confident, able to stand up for herself and easily smack him down is just fucking sexy.

The way she says arse when she's complaining about fat cunts on planes gave me a chub desu

>You can't have your cakes, cookies and muffins all at the same time...
Yes we can


No actually you can't, because I say so and I am your God so you will listen to me and worship me and lick my feet. Good goy.

get outta here moralfag ponce. There is nothing wrong with killing your political opponents

That was a great video


I've just finished the leftover sausages from last night lad

And I had a fish finger sandwich for breakfast.


>get outta here moralfag ponce. There is nothing wrong with killing your political opponents
Then you have no problem being killed, you have no problem with the Knesset being blown the fuck up with Bibi and everyone else inside it so that Hezbollah, IRG, PLO and Hamas can take over and all those that oppose those groups can die.

That's good to know you disgusting cut dicked piece of scum slime. YOU DIE NOW, YOU DIE AND YOU DIE IN HELL!

Please make this be true

ftp watp


Do you really believe that by not supporting, and setting an example of not committing, violence you control its acceptability? Do you believe in some superfluous and universal social contract? Nonsense. Life is violence.