Why aren't there white genocide posters all over?

It seems like a pretty big deal, don't you think?

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Hitler should have gotten rid of all the jews so this article would never exist.


Who is the target audience of articles like this?

Master baiters on Sup Forums


Every fucking time.

Six Million wasnt enough

>Posting thumbnail

>constantly see anti-white hate articles
>Jewish authors almost every time

And they wonder why we hate them.

Lol, over-reaching as usual. Even normie assboys must realize this is fucking hostile.



unfortunately you can't archive it and read it, so we have to actually go to their site this time.

But, the article is sickening. So be warned.

Reported for illegal opinion

>Finally, laws against hate speech will serve to prevent whites from complaining about this, as any white person who complains will be arrested, given a long prison sentence, and made an example of for the rest of the remaining white population.

actual quote from the article.

communist jews to be precise

>unfortunately you can't archive it and read it, so we have to actually go to their site this time.
You can read it on archive shill!


You aint go shekels from me!

Imagine being so superior that everyone around you wants you dead, but doesn't have the guts to do it and you don't give a shit what they think anyway.

Being a white male is fucking great.

How do they get money if I've adblock? And also if you don't you have to click on their stupid ads.

Fucking jews at it again
Greatest ally people

Aquafresh gets it and handles the burden well

my bad then
I tried to archive it, look at what had already been archived and it just went to the warning page

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no it isn't you shill its totally by leftists shut teh fuck up

Yea, whites have it all wrong

>Allow me to advocate for the extermination of your race, and if you say anything against it you will go to jail cause you are advocating the extermination of my race.


I'd rather not take chances.

>posts a jpg of an Italian woman
wew lad

Honestly, I have a hard time believing that some of this shit isn't just satire

I searched this article, read it and am convinced this was written as satire by a Sup Forumslock

This article does not exist


its all satire
>Sup Forums was right again

It does but it's obvious right wing satire

they write it to get (You)'s on Sup Forums


Can I get a link?

Ah okay I will read that



Funny how the exact argument a liberal would use is also the same argument that forces them to call it a fake article.

I reads like a satire
There can't be people that actually believe that shit, right?

Someone redpill Trump about white genocide with all the race mixing propaganda videos and shit from Sweden and Canada, Germany's sex ed, and all the other stuff so he'll reform education and rip out all the marxist indoctrination that teaches a very limited view of slavery, the crusades, the holocaust, and all manner of things. They paint white people as history's villain through lies of omission and exaggeration.

Ask Sweden and Germany.

give norway a decade or so and it wont be on that list, it's on it's way to being a full on arabic country.

Sup Forums really needs to allow filtering by country.

can someone redpill the entire world.

there's no use being in denial, canadas in the same situation.

The whole world won't listen because the MSM tells them not to. We need important figures to see what's happening and give validity to it against the MSM, then the rest will follow.

I'm sorry, but no.


Yeah, has anyone said. "Say Trump old boy, seems you're a little behind the curve on the whole white genocide, jewish communist take over thing... Would you like some white genocide statistics, or perhaps some objective proof of jewish domination?"

I'm so ashamed that whites are responsible for the massive population growth in nonwhite countries once they gained access to our knowledge and technology. Our awesomeness is literally the reason that we now face extermination. We should've exterminated all the sub species instead of blessing them with colonialism.

People get news to reinforce preexisting worldview. Bitching about the "MSM" is a bitch move

Right, I'm sure our whole ongoing fake news scandal that has even the normies riled up is nothing then.

I felt the same reading the 50th gate in high school


The main Orthodox organisations are also pro-open borders. (For the goyim at least. Don't know their Israel policy. Presumably the reverse.)

That sounds like a parody but at this point I'm no longer sure if it is.

The absolutely vast majority of whites I meet hate one thing only. That thing is white people. Every crime a non white commits is justified as righteous revenge. Every crime done by a white is just further proof that whites need to be removed from power.

The white population at large doesn't think. human cattle indeed.

>emily goldstein

a kike wants get rid of us

Israel built a wall and even did sterilization on african migrants that tried to get in. They want everyone else's countries plagued with demographic replacement while they remain pure.