Britain BTFO by its closest European ally

What now, Britbongs?

>Closest European ally
Are you okay Germany?

Calm down

Just relax okay?

>cucked germany jumps like an ape throwing shit when cucked sweden opens its mouth to say horseshit

both nations have too much semen in their brains from so much swallowing it seems

>>Closest European ally
>Are you okay Germany?

Sweden is and always will be Britistan's closest ally. The Ahmed and negro connections alone make sure of that.

Can't wait for the 29th tbqh

All germans must be killed

>closest European ally
>not Portugal

Absolutely this

I'd say the pot is calling the kettle black but you're already black enough kraut.

>Britain's closest european ally

No, that's us

a-after Portugal.

>closest european ally
le albert barbo we wuz niggers meme all you want but portugal is a fucking based nation and sweden doesn't even come CLOSE to stealing its' title of "best ally"

>4 million Africans in the UK
>800,000 in Germany

You said what? And our "Africans" are the Northern African variety, while yours are all from Sub-Sahara, also called black Africa.

Oh shit Ikea will be more expensive. Maybe we better make our own furniture again.

You aren't even in Europe, Norway.

You will never be Europe.

>norway isn't in europe
just because it's not in the fourth reich doesn't mean that it's not part of europe, mehmet

>just because it's not in the fourth reich doesn't mean that it's not part of europe, mehmet
Oh yes it does.

Europe is everything in blue. Why can I say that? Because we rule Europe, so we make the definitions.

>Closest European ally
Top fucking lel...

>4 million Africans in the UK after 60 years of immigration

>800,000 in Germany after 60 days of immigration


Why don't people realize that the European Union is the 4th Reich? Germany finally conquered Europe, this time without a single shot fired (not counting muslims).

>our shitskins are marginally less retarded than yours!
next you'll be claiming modern north africans are on par with romans

We are UK's best ally. Us, not other nations

why are you guys so butthurt over germany?
go and make a better eu if you can...

The new Germans don't have the capacity to think about the wider world.


Everyone knows based Netherlands is greatest ally.

like you uk cucks?


>Sweden BASHES
kekked so hard

Political Independence > Money
The socialist sure are a greedy bunch.

>Europe first policy
HAH! If only

>closest European ally
This is news to us.

>our closest ally

Most brits couldn't even point out Sweden on a map ffs. Let alone our people are completely different.

up north innit?

There are people who still take that country seriously?

Closest EU ally is Ireland, since UK and Ireland throw passports at each other's citizens WHATEVER your opinion on Northern Ireland, there' no other realistic answer

After that it is Portugal (EU) & Norway (non EU)

Then France, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Germany, etc

Is Sweden even our ally? Do we have any alliances but a barely remembered one with Portugal?


>Is Sweden even our ally? Do we have any alliances but a barely remembered one with Portugal?

Tradition is that Sweden is pro-Germany and Norway is pro-England

>Free trade
>Europe first
>Believes everything is about ww2
You guys are literally trying to make yourselves a muslim-majority country because that will somehow prove that you don't hate jews any more. We keep telling you to stop the cuckoldry and the pathetic nazi guilt.

EU =/= Europe

mfw Americans on this board have corrupted Germans with their braggadocio.

That middle guy - I swear he's everywhere.

>Europe first

Without money you can't be free. cf the West Coast getting bought by China.

this fucking clown deserves to die

>And our "Africans" are the Northern African variety

The Muslim variety.

>Do we have any alliances but a barely remembered one with Portugal?
We have one with the Dutch as well. Our marines still regularly crosstrain with theirs

>Closest ally

I had never heard of that meme country before coming onto Sup Forums

Germany unironically deserves another firebombing.

Aryandied when?

Why is a germanistan kraut piece of shit concered with what Swedenistan cucks are talking shit about??

Go play outside - its lovely and rapey in Germanistan you fucking subhuman kraut piece of shit

Churchills war wasnt with the Nazis - it was against you filthy germanistan pieces of shit - glory to be, when Dresden was engulfed in flames - the best fucking treatment for the krauts.

Go suck a sawn off, cunt.

No, making actual deals makes trade more expensive. Just trading is what makes it cheaper. Stop interfering everywhere fucking government shits.

>closest European ally
Doesn't look like Portugal to me. Gotta try again hun. Anyway, Brits don't need Europe, they have us and the rest of the commonwealth.

Didn't you hear? We're keen as to get a new trade deal going with the UK. NZ too.

This was the only answer, OP has failed on all levels

German genocide when?

Not soon enough

Christ Muhammud, everyone knows Britains closest European ally is Israel

Sorry you lost Palestine and all that but it looks like there's no breaks on this crazy train

>portugal being cucked by sweden of all countries
wow gonna kill myself now

Start it now.

Does Sweden even exist anymore? I heard it was a middle east and sub-Saharan rape zone now.