Tell me your honest reaction to this picture

Tell me your honest reaction to this picture.

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>deathly hallows symbol from harry potter

rip in peace bookfag

It's sad what liberalism can do to a person.
just listening to this tune, i read all of that picture but im still just listening to this instead


I hope for her sake and people that care for her that they find her ok.


>two tattoos
>septum piercing
She's probably just doing heroin and sleeping in a trashcan.

Something something coal toll.


she doesnt even lift

I'd feel bad.
I'd hope she returns safely
And I would send well wishes to her family.

Anyone who would deliberately and truly be vicious about something like this is just as bad as antifa bitches and suck the shit out of my ass.

She's a drugged out naive leftist girl who thought she had a shared struggle with the "black community". She was probably hanging out in a neighborhood that's notoriously bad, but it's raycis to use common sense so she wandered off into the dark, high as a kite, just to get picked up by some feral niggers.
They took her back to their dilapidated house that should have been condemned years ago and proceeded to take turns raping her. I reckon they kept her alive for a couple of days before they murdered her. She'll turn up not far into the woods right off a highway I suppose.

>play stupid games
>win stupid prizes

Meth or heroin

Exactly this.

They assumed xer gender REEEEEEEE

RIP itself actually is an acronym for "Rest in Peace" so you don't have to say "RIP in Peace"

Just trying to help improve discussion on the board :)

She dead

glad its not me or anybody I know.

>90s kid
>Barry Trotter tattoo

Nothing of value was lost.


$20 says this happened

>age 25

too old, don't care.

Generic ugly hipster nu-female clone #9133940

Couldn't give a fuck.



>Harry Potter tatoo

Is this your first day on the Internet?

it's a meme you dip

Here's the reddit thread:

Go help them, I believe in you!


on a binge with a male friend. she's alive for sure

Who gives a fuck? If I went missing no one would even notice.

She got enriched.

Probably something like this. Or rebelling against dad who once called black people a bunch of monkeys off hand and when he cut off her allowance when she turned 25 went to the hood to Fu k a dindu who proceeded to dindu.

Waste of Anglo-Saxon genes if she's dead, but then again it doesn't look like she's reproducing anytime soon anyway

Dann, I hope she didnt get placed into the human trafficking business. The business is a lot more prevalent than people realize so its entirely likely that shes being forced to service other people on the black market

Terrible fate

>had to move out of shared house because she’d broken her arm and couldn’t work
>getting a ride with her father
>jumped out and ran
>didn't have shoes
>literally street meat

That's sad.

She looks like a nice girl albeit very lost.

(((They))) have got to her, but it's not a reason to write her off completely.

>black people

get out, dipshit


Can't they just follow the smell?

You fell for it :( I'm so sorry you're brand new

FPBH. Sad.

She getting tricked out for $30 a turn. She is being kept full of heroin, and when she is all used up, will die and her body will be dumped into a dumpster.

They will find her at the landfill.

>Harry Potter

Every. Fucking. Time.

Well said. You don't know her circumstances.

I feel sorry for her, hope she is found alive and well.

God help that girl.

>breaking limbs

Drink milk, kids.

What a fitting fate for someone clearly so whacked.

>was last seen wearing black leggins, possible shorts, black t-shirt...
>possible shorts

What did they mean by this?

It's sad but I'm gonna go ahead and blame the victim here.

She asked for it by flaunting her degeneracy.

Someone prolly picked up on that and either:
A.) convinced her to run away with them
B.) kidnapped her to rape and murder
C.) Overdose on a substance somewhere.

All cases would be tragic but judging solely based on the way she looks, she caused her disappearance.

Let her go

>black people
nah, you get out

In the county the police report is filled in there's a 6% black population.

>this piece of trash actually had people care about her enough to try and find her
>nobody would notice if I was gone
really made me think

'toll' and 'coal' are two words that spring to mind.

Where was her caretaker when she went missing? People with mental illnesses need better supervision.

Blacked and dead


shes prob high on bix nood

Honestly, my first thought too.


Heroin OD, probably with some other junkies who fled the scene of her death without calling 911 for fear of reprisal. I mean look at her. She does some heavy shit

That's quite a shame. I don't believe anyone deserves to be raped, murdered, sold into sex slavery, etc/whatever happened to her even though she looks like someone I could never get along with.


She is either drugged out somewhere or ran off with Jamal and won't be seen again.

People don't randomly kidnap tattoo covered whores.

Poor girl.

She burned the coal and paid the toll.

I had a look at the facebook page. I can guarantee she's an opoid addict, she was only 95 pounds, had completely different hairstyle and her complexion starts changing. You can see the progression in the photos.

Judging by her picture, it's probable whatever trouble she got into a normal person would've been able to avoid.

>an multicolored oversized vest

Whoever threw this poster together clearly didn't care enough to re-read it.

>ironically correcting incorrect grammar, being fully aware that it's a meme, to collect (you)s

Don't think I can't tell what you're doing, I do that shit all the time

She probably relaxed around blacks

fucking libshit junkie

>fuck you dad reeee

She got blacked from the waist down

did that report just assume her gender?

what does the pisslord have to do with this thread?

Fucking Portland

Earning that drug money on Backpage of course. But she doesn't know that. Shhhhh

Your faggotry is unparalleled.

There is a black neighborhood in Portland

I don't give a shit
Anyways, she's kinda ugly

FB: findmaddiesmith/

Manic episode and subsequent bad decision.

>can find a flag hidden in several million square miles in under 24 hours
>not one fuck given about some liberal, septum pierced, ear stretched coal burner
Never change pol/

thought that first too...has to use arm bar to support the weight of that iced frappacino
>doing herryon fo sure

My reaction

>pink hair

One things for sure, I'd bang her.

probably the wind took her

god helps those who help themselves - you can't find someone who wants to be lost.

Wages of sin are death - first you destroy yourself, then you destroy everyone around you.

>all these faggots stuck on the first layer of irony

inb4 we were also ironic

This is definitely a troll, and you fake ass Reddit heads come here and give him (you)'s. 2007 Sup Forums wouldn't even acknowledged this. Pls leave

>iz dis ur 1st dey??

>manic episode
If I hear this shit excuse ever again I'm going to btfo of someone's puckered anus.

"good luck"

I hope they find her.

I always see shit about human trafficking but never any actual reports about it.

She probably had informations that could lead Hillary Clinton to prison, so guess what happened..

>if you see her call 911


Come on finn.. That's an easy one.. Leggings and then booty shorts over top. It's pretty common

Because she obviously sells drugs, and hangs around with criminals.
She needs to be helped, well, not killed, but definitely sterilized.

So she can get arrested for being a heroin junkie duh.

Because she might try to attack you and give you AIDS.

Don't think you're too clever. I too, call people out who ironically correct people's grammar who are fully aware that it's a meme.