One word... Powerful

One word... Powerful




never forget MAGAman

one word... accurate

>women more likely to get hired into stem jobs
>trump releases bill on top of this that will make women more likely to get hired into stem jobs

whats even the point of being male.

Nearly fappable, but i'm sick of SHAD making so much fucking cp.


that sneaky ball pepe


No, she's originally made of bronze, see OP.
>Actually pretending like drawn images are the same as actual child porn
End yourself


>she's actually made of aluminum
Am I supposed to be retarded or something? I know the actual statue exists. The idea being conveyed in the porn is clearly petrification.

mandatory reply

>women in the way of a bull
>bull market means the economy is improving
seems about right

kek, looks like somebody already posted the shad picture

sneaky indeed

That'd be a bear market that it's improving

The permit expires on April 2nd and the artist who made the bull believes the girl needs to go for mocking what the bull represents for the stock market.

This is what's we can achieve if we work together towards a common goal

Also OP is an fagt

>One word... Powerful

Truly powerful symbolism.
Misandric narcissism of the feminism-marxism movement standing in the way of free market economy from generating prosperity.
Explains the coming global financial collapse perfectly.

Federal Reserve Chairmen Of The US since Federal Reserve was formed in 1913

1 Charles Sumner Hamlin (unconfirmed or afraid to admit)
2 William P. G. Harding (unconfirmed or afraid to admit)
3 Daniel R. Crissinger (unconformed or afraid to admit)
4 Roy A. Young (unconfirmed or afraid to admit)
5 Eugene Meyer (jew)
6 Eugene Robert Black (jew)
7 Marriner S. Eccles (unconfirmed or afraid to admit)
8 Thomas B. McCabe (unconfirmed or afraid to admi)
9 William M. Martin (unconfirmed or afraid to admi)
10 Arthur F. Burns (jew)
11 G. William Miller (unconfirmed or afraid to admi)
12 Paul Volcker (jew)
13 Alan Greenspan (jew)
14 Ben Bernanke (jew)
15 Janet Yellen (jew)

47% so far.. for a US population consisting of 2% jews
Please help confirm the rest.

Just took my morning shit.

Two words... Powerful Boy.

plz stpo

Truelly a site to behold


We need more porn of this.

now THIS is how i like my multiculturalism and globalism working together

>dem milk bags


wasn't someone gonna put a burka on the statue?



It used to be powerful, and then someone took the MAGA hat off of it. Now it's just a pale lie

>Three people who never met each other, from vastly different family backgrounds, living on opposite sides of the vast blue planet that we call our home, come together to, within the span of a minute, transmit signals at light speed in order to collectively tell OP, as if with one voice to kill himself.

Is that a condom on her necklace?

>A statue symbolizing the fight against the stock market and the international jewry

>Sup Forums is against this
Israel is proxy-shilling hard today

oil jew, pls go.


I love how no one know that the Bull is a metaphor for a booming economy that benefits everyone.
Add the girl into that metaphor and what the statue is saying is that this girl is purposefully trying to stop a booming economy for no reason whatsoever.

considering how much stronger the bull clearly is, i guess it's also implied that the bull will smash the little girl out of his way and proceed to MAGA.

Fucking shadman

>Are you divided yet goyim




You misspelled 'cheese'.

Really makes you think.


if that were to happen IRL that girl would be gored and tossed in the air like a rag doll.

I think it's fitting liberals often overestimate their strength and importance, not realizing a fucking raging bull is heading straight towards them.

Earth can be a magical place sometimes.

Pol worships moloch, what a surprise.

See you on reddit

Bull means it's surging. Bear means people shying away from it/more stable . Neither necessarily means better but investors prefer bull.