What happened to the UFO phenomenon? From the 50s-early 00s there were all kinds of stories of

What happened to the UFO phenomenon? From the 50s-early 00s there were all kinds of stories of

>Saucer crashes
>Underground government/military/alien bases

Was it all fake, or did world governments get better at hiding it? Is it just too big of a redpill for people to swallow?

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It was all fake - disinformation thought up by American lard asses to scare / control populations. No advanced civilization or species would run around naked with no genitalia.

there's new ufo footage posted on the internet everyday. Just look for it f Am

>What happened to the UFO phenomenon?

people figured out it was just CIA guys raping people

>What happened
cameras got better and cheaper
only morons believe in flying saucers now because every single case is just a bunch of mylar birthday balloons or something similar
hold on to your butts for the upcoming cold war in space tho

The aliens studied us and found us worthy of joining their society. They've gone back to their homeworld to finalise the plans then they'll return straight away.
Should take about 12,000 years.

They realized blue beam won't work with aliens so now they are waiting until a complete A.I. takeover scenario is feasible to continue.

the nazis perfected the technology.
So very little sightings and basically no crashes anymore.
the more you know...

▄░ ▓ ▓▄ ░▀░▓ ░ ▀

Aliens stopped visiting us when we got cameras on our phones. It interferes with their navigation instruments.

It's Drumpf's fault

Where did you read that? I'd love to redpill on this

Complex story. The government investigations in the early years found that they don't know what the phenomenon is, and stopped pouring money into pointless research.
The great researchers of the olden days quickly turned away from the extraterrestrial hypotheses, since this does not match the anecdotal evidence in any way shape or form. A few started capitalizing on the "ET" idea and keep doing it to this day.

The phenomenon is real, but it is not ET.
The key to your questions is buried in the "contactee" stories of the 50s and 60s, and if you manage to relate them to religion. That's where the shit hits the fan.

My opninion on this topic is educated since I've been studying this for 18 years now. Believe it or not, this is what I have to say.

You know how many fighter jets have pursued balloons that outmaneuvered them?
those balloons sure are quick.
not to mention those triangular 600ft balloons that don't register on radar.
And let's not forget about the balloons that were so prolific in their activities in the US airspace that the US launched a full investigation on them.
Darn balloons.

still happening, the internet is full of articles, witness accounts, videos and pictures, but the problem is that you can't know which ones are real and which aren't.

and because of that most of the people lost interest in the subject

A glass wall was built around mostly of Earth's surface, to keep them away from our welfare.

Unfortunately, the refraction also caused global warming.

Instead of needing a cover story to explain their anal bleeding Brokeback Mountain allowed those hillbillys to be true to themselves.

This probably.
There is a lot of blatant disinfo on the subject as well.

It could just all be a 4D chess psyop thing though. To later create a false flag UFO invasion, in order to help establish a global new world order.

I've recently been of the opinion that they are demons. I fully believe that Genesis 6 has to do with fallen angels impregnating human women in Satan's plan to foil the first messianic prophecy.

they are in suits, desu

It was the jews

>everyone has camera on them 24/7
>number of retarded UFO stories declines

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there is nothing going on. do not look further into this abyss.

i've seen one in broad daylight approx 30 km west of tynset in 2014.

jewish globalistic aspiration for implementation of plans through (( them and us )) crisis or existence, to unite for their plans.

do their plans involve cave prophecy writings from drunken ancient people or are they memeing.

Hurrr muh little green men

Bet you believe in manmade climate change too fuckwad.

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Everybody and their dog has a 11 Megapixel camera capable of 4K video capture and with blur and hand tremor reduction algorithms.

Good luck faking a video with this kind of hardware.

The investigations were red herrings meant to make the American people believe the government was looking out for them. Area 51 was/is an Air Force base where the military keeps and tests captured Soviet and Chinese air craft.

They gathered all the samples and specimens they needed and then left. Now they just watch from a distance while the invasion force is put together.

found the CIA shill

People see UFOs and post it online every day what are you talking about

>it took 13 billion years and a myriad of almost impossible circumstances for life to develop on earth
>universe is so spread out it takes millions of years and basically impossible resources to travel anywhere meaningful
>FTL travel is physically impossible
>if life does evolve to the point where they are smart enough to travel through space, they probably have even bigger ego problems than us and will destroy themselves like humans do
>Hurr why arent we being visited

pull yourselves together idiots, the odds of someone coming here are literally zero.

Why are you even trying to focus on external beings, when we have the numeric egyptian ouija God of chaos on our side? Believe in Kek and we will be traversing the heavens soon.

Everybody got got bored with it.

>FTL travel is physically impossible

For you and your limited knowledge and tech, regressive fuck.

You remind me of those guys who used to say air travel was impossible.

>The German Cross pointed PERFECTLY 100% SYMMETRICALLY at the camera

>Gets ass probed the next morning by yellow people

"contactee" stories flood the mainstream in the 50's, Soviet spies defect to the US in the 60's, share the practice of flooding mainstream with "disinformation" " дeзинфopмaция, transliterated as dezinformatsiya" now there is so much disinformation out there, no one knows what to believe

Due fermi paradox, i find it honestly believable that humans are either the only inteligent life, or at least the more inteligent.

Dont understimate how hard it muat be to evolve into inteligence.

That and FTL travel is impossible. Any and all long distance travel are super risky generations long commitment with no return.

Nobody ever said air travel is impossible... look at birds

There's literally no point to FTL travel, within 40 years we will be able to augment our reality by interfacing our brains with computers and living out our own personal realities virtually. You'll be able to live 1000 lifetimes in a single real-life second, because computer-biologists will have figured out how to convince the brain to pace with the computer's clock, which will be much faster. Then you'll just do whatever you want virtually, they'll be no need to even live in reality.

The UFO phenomenon in brief:

They are immaterial beings who are capable of taking material form only briefly and almost by chance, for now. They are NOT spiritual beings, a better term would be psychic, as they come from the intermediate levels which separate material reality from pure spirituality. Ancients called some of these intermediate levels "Hell" or "the seven Hells" and so forth.

There is a "Great Wall" which divides material reality from these intermediate strata. It's referenced in diverse traditional myths, particularly those which refer to Gog and Magog (and the Sanskrit counterparts, though I forget the terminology). End time propechies indicate that holes in the Great Wall, or tears in the veil, will become more and more common at the end of our present cycle, until finally a fissure in the wall will appear which is large enough to allow an "invasion" - this is the "hordes of Gog and Magog" of the Hebrew Bible.

These fissures in the Great Wall have occurred with some regularity ever since the beginning of the Kali Yuga, some six thousand years ago, roughly. The ancient Chinese myth which recounts how a legendary king and sorcerer was able to repair one of these holes is pertinent. Initiative centers worldwide traditionally were charged with the maintenance of the Great Wall. The advent of the modern world has lead to the breakdown of all initiatic centers, unless there still exist some in secret which have gone underground. During the age of "rationalism" this actually protected mankind from demonic assault, because the human mind became closed both to spiritual and to nefarious influences.

However, the age of reason has passed, and the "new spiritualism," widespread usage of initiatic or hallucinogenic drugs, the worship of economy, demonic music, pornography addiction, and more are contributing to a great unraveling. Without functioning initiatic centers, nor protection from rationialistic closed-mindedness, we are more open

>Nobody ever said air travel is impossible
You're historically illiterate. Try to inform yourself and work on your reading comprehension.


The number of scientists and engineers who confidently stated that heavier-than-air flight was impossible in the run-up to the Wright brothers’ flight is too large to count. Lord Kelvin is probably the best-known. In 1895 he stated that “heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible”, only to be proved definitively wrong just eight years later.

All of that shit is still happening today, it's just that (((they))) are being more secretive about it now.

FTL travel is possible, you blue-pilled cunt.

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity..... anything you can imagine, we already know how to do." - Ben Rich, Lockheed Martin

Fake & Gay.
There's no such things as ayys, they are just interdementional demons.

Read a book.

What we call 'the world' is an infinitely small frequency band. It is not solid as most people think it is, because the atoms that compose 'the world' are made of empty space. Furthermore, 'the world' as we know it does not even exist 'out there' - it exists only 'in here' and is projected by us only when we tune in to it. What we call 'the world' is a computer simulation, which means that it is illusory and therefore malleable. What we call 'ghosts' are beings that are so close to our frequency band that they can 'bleed' through like a form of broadcasting interference. A radio accurately tuned to a radio station frequency will produce a clear, sharp reception with no interference, but when the dial is slightly off-centre, another station or stations can be heard alongside the main one. What we call 'ghosts' are based on the same basic principle and reptilians (for example) are basically beings that we could think of as 'ghosts' in that they inhabit a frequency band that vibrates very closely to the one we inhabit. To us, a 'ghost' would not look solid - but to that 'ghost', we are the ones who would not look solid. There are an infinite number of frequency bands and they all share the same space usually without interfering with each other.

Proliferation of decent quality digital cameras means all the sightings can be identified quickly and easily as bullshit.

Turns out people really were just seeing things.

Normies got good cameras and it turned out to be lies
If aliens found earth we would all be dead

to demonic influences. UFOs and aliens in pop culture play a conditioning role, to further destroy every firm foundation and true orientation toward true spirituality. Humanity moves in great cycles - Manvantaras, which are made up of successive ages or Yugas. Our present Manvantara is quite late in the grand scheme, and our Yuga is Kali's, the Dark Age, last of the four Yugas and correlative with Hesiod's Iron Age. I would estimate that within a few decades we will see the triumph of false spirituality, which will coincide with the aforementioned invasion of the hordes of Gog and Magog. There is no longer any significant number of qualified individuals to resist the horde, much less any group capable of repairing a fissure of the size we're discussing. Lamaism to all appearances is corrupted, Islamic mysticism exercises little to no positive effect, and I don't need to mention Catholicism, I think.

So there really isn't anything to be done. It is enough, in the words of a late Great Master, to remember that there is a true spiritual orientation, and there once was a world which echoed in structure and in all outward and inward forms the world center, Agartha. Agartha, by the way, has been completely inaccessible for some time.

also look at modern contactee stories, especially sects and abductees. Look at what they have in common, and how they do not make sense (inconsistency)

Nevertheless, they all serve a certain purpose, that is manipulation of future behavior of groups of people and cultures.

It is cultural manipulation, but not in the sense you might think

According to mainstream Hinduism, there's 427,000 years of Kali Yuga left. However, Sri Yukteswar convincingly laid out an argument that we're actually in Dwapara Yuga right now and I completely agree with him. Also, Agartha exists inside Earth because Earth is hollow.

Earth is hollow with polar openings that lead into its hollow interior. Outer Earth governments know about this, but are not telling the masses.
Daily reminder that there was supposed to be a voyage to the North Pole in 2007 to find out if there's an opening at the North Pole that leads into the Inner Earth World (and thus prove once and for all that Earth is hollow). The leader of the expedition was Steve Currey and he suddenly died from a brain tumour shortly before the expedition began so all of the money they got from people who were going to join the expedition was refunded. The new leader of the expedition was Brooks Agnew and the new expedition was meant to be in 2013, but shortly after THAT expedition was about to begin, his film crew suddenly vanished without a trace so THAT expedition was cancelled too (and, once again, the money they got from people who wanted to join their expedition was refunded). The expedition was/is known as the 'North Pole Inner Earth Expedition'. Here's a link to the official North Pole Inner Earth Expedition page:


Also, Terry Smith was an Alaskan bush pilot associated with this expedition who agreed to fly directly over the North Pole to see if there was an opening there but he suddenly died in a plane crash on August 9 2010 before he could make that flight. NONE of these incidents are coincidences. There is a world inside our world.

The Dark Forest Theory of the cosmos as a response to the Fermi Paradox.

The first axiom is that survival is the primary need of civilization. Therefore, civilizations will do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival. The second axiom is that civilizations always grow and expand, but the amount of matter and resources in the universe are finite.

So every civilization other than your own is a likely threat. At the very least, they are occupying a planet that you could use to expand your civilization. At worst, they are more technologically advanced and will wipe out your civilization to expand their own.

When two civilizations meet, they will want to know if the other is going to be friendly or hostile. One side might act friendly, but the other side won't know if they are just faking it to put them at ease while armies are built in secret. This is called chains of suspicion. You don't know for sure what the other side's intentions are. On Earth this is resolved through communication and diplomacy. But for civilizations in different solar systems, that's not possible due to the vast distances and time between message sent and received. Bottom line is, every civilization could be a threat and it's impossible to know for sure, therefore they must be destroyed to ensure your survival.

You might be thinking that if an advanced civilization detects the radio signals from Earth then they would know that we are less advanced and therefore not a threat. But again you have to consider the vast distance and time it takes for those signals to travel. Even if a nearby civilization (only 10 or 20 light years away) detects us, it would take hundreds or even thousands of years for them to reach us and that is plenty of time for a technological explosion. If they don't attack us at once, then we might develop technology fast enough to catch up and threaten them.

It won't be like Star Trek. Without faster than light travel, there won't be any communication, diplomacy or trade with alien races. It's kill or be killed.

So that's why we haven't heard a peep from other civilizations. The universe is a dark forest where every civilization is a silent hunter. They desperately try to stay undetectable while hunting for other planets to colonize and threats to destroy.

>No advanced civilization or species would run around naked with no genitalia.
Why does no one think about this?

I will add further that everything I just described has happened before in previous ages and previous cycles. There world has been destroyed and created anew many, many times. Every Yuga is ended with a Cataclysm, the most severe of which involve the symbols of cleansing fire and all-engulfing water in the ancient texts. Now, our particular Yuga marks the end not just of an age, but of a full Great Cycle or Manvantara, indicating that the Cataclysm which destroys the present humanity will be far more severe than the ones which destroyed Hyperborea and Satya Yuga, then Atlantis during Treta Yuga, and the one which ended Dvapara Yuga (Bronze Age).

Thus it isn't productive to speak ecstatically of a new Golden Age (Satya Yuga), because while it is true that a new Golden Age must follow the end of a Great Cycle, it is not true that human personalities survive the grave; and we will all be as dead as our grand civilizations after the Cataclysm. That is, unless a Noah-Utnapishtim figure is chosen to carry the seeds of the possibilities of the next cycle across the border which divides Manvantaras. But speculation about who that might be or whether this will take place is obviously pointless.

One last remark - a counterfeit Golden Age will be heralded in before the true Cataclysm and the True Golden Age. It will be spirituality inverted, and we must stay on guard not to fall for the great deception.

Alien posting became a bannable offense, obvious cover up

I'm interested in the cyclical conception of human history that pre-Abrahamic cultures had. The Ancient Greeks had a cyclical conception of human history that was similar to the cyclical conception of human history that the Hindus had (and STILL have). The Ancient Greeks had a Golden Age (equivalent to Satya Yuga in Hinduism), a Silver Age (equivalent to Treta Yuga in Hinduism), a Bronze Age (equivalent to Dwapara Yuga in Hinduism) and an Iron Age (equivalent to Kali Yuga in Hinduism). I call the model of human history that is currently dominant among historians 'the linear-progressive model of human history'. The linear-progressive model of human history basically says that the further back in human history you go, the more primitive that humans, their cultures and their technology becomes. The linear-progressive model of human history embraced by modern historians and modern anthropologists actually has its roots in Judaeo-Christian beliefs, ironically enough. Virtually EVERY pre-Abrahamic culture WORLDWIDE embraced a conception of human history that was CYCLICAL, with civilisations rising and falling one after the other over VAST periods of time and humans being EXTREMELY OLD. Take the Puranas (a collection of ancient Indian writings), for example. The Puranas describe human lineages going back over a BILLION YEARS into the past and we have PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (in the form of fossils and artifacts) that confirms this.

>According to mainstream Hinduism, there's 427,000 years of Kali Yuga left.

There is huge debate and disagreement about the duration of a Manvantara, the duration of Yugas, etc. A popular theory (apparently no longer popular if what you say is true) holds that the Mahabharata War heralded in Kali Yuga sometime around 3 or 4 thousand BC, and that its duration would be some 6,000 years. The Traditionalist school liked this system a lot, because it allowed for them to explain Plato's account of the destruction of Atlantis and the date he gives as corresponding to the end of Dvapara Yuga (in this system the Age of Hyperborea attested by Vedic and other ancient Aryan sources corresponds to Satya Yuga and its duration was thus much longer than the ages which followed)

My theory is that UFOs are secret Nazi technology that was later appropriated by the Allies. This is the only plausible explanation for why UFO activity really began in 1945 after reports of foo fighters.


The end of Treta Yuga, not Dvapara, sorry

Fucking shill thread. Get the fuck off our board

It's still going on, but since it's been a cultural phenomenon for so long, it's not reported as much because it was overdone through the years.


>There is huge debate and disagreement about the duration of a Manvantara, the duration of Yugas, etc.

No, not really. The disagreement comes from fringe circles. There's nothing wrong with those fringe circles though. Personally, I completely agree with Sri Yukteswar that we're in Dwapara Yuga right now. The sages of Ancient India misinterpreted the lengths of the yugas like 4,800 years for Satya Yuga (for example) as being 4,800 deva years and 1,728,000 human/Earth years. I think this was a misunderstanding due to the corruptive influence of the epoch they were most likely living in at that time - Kali Yuga.

There are also those places with structures machined so precisely that we still can't replicate that precision to this day. Also some places that seem to have been hit by nuclear strikes far in the past before we even had the technology. Descriptions in the myths of many religions describe things in a way that sound very much like modern aircraft and missiles. Things such as Garuda.

Nazi's opened a door to a demon dimension, i guess.
Space is not real.

Yes, the Maya, ancient Nordic cultures, and many more also had a cyclical conception of time. However there is some trace of this remainining in the traditions of Abrahamic religion, specifically the dream of Nebuchadnezzar found in the book of II Daniel. Since you are familiar with Hesiod's terminology, you will see the obvious parallels. The statue has

> a head of gold, arms and chest of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of mingled iron and clay.

The statue also holds a great stone which becomes a mountain (clear Traditional symbolism), which Daniel explains to Nebuchadnezzar is the eternal kingdom which cannot be destroyed. Using the Traditional method, we can draw parallels here to Agartha, the inaccessible island of the Grail Cycle, Shamballah, etc.

The Mahabharata (an ancient Indian epic poem) describes a war fought with weapons called 'astras'. The most powerful astra is the Brahmastra, which I have no doubt was/is a nuclear weapon. Brahmastras are nuclear weapons that are even more advanced than modern nuclear weapons, because the Mahabharata describes a Brahmastra that can 'lock on' to a specific target and then completely destroy ONLY that specific target but NOTHING that surrounds it. I think that such a weapon is today known as a 'phase weapon'. A Brahmastra was actually sent into the womb of a pregnant woman to kill the baby inside it, but the baby survived. There's even an astra that causes people to go to sleep. Also, there are ancient Indian writings that describe vimanas ('vimana' is a Sanskrit word that means 'flying vehicle') that use mercury as a fuel source and we know today that mercury is a legit fuel source.

>travel Billions of miles
>make it to Earth and just hover around int he clouds
>insert probe in Trump voting hillbilly's ass

there's a reason why the UFO meme died out

I said Garuda in my other post but I meant Gurkha. Got it mixed up.

>also look at modern contactee stories, especially sects and abductees. Look at what they have in common, and how they do not make sense (inconsistency)
>Nevertheless, they all serve a certain purpose, that is manipulation of future behavior of groups of people and cultures.
Define "cultural manipulation" please. What are your conclusions after 18 years of study?

>The key to your questions is buried in the "contactee" stories of the 50s and 60s, and if you manage to relate them to religion. That's where the shit hits the fan.
Do you have any links or can you at least mention a few specific cases? Thx in advance.

UFO's are still there but non-consequential. We have bigger problems. Once we have destroyed the saturnian cult we can aim higher.

Humans are BILLIONS of years old and are NOT NATIVE to Earth.
Here is merely SOME evidence (though DEFINITELY not ALL of the evidence) suggesting not only a human presence on Earth BILLIONS of years ago, but also suggesting complex human civilisations on Earth BILLIONS of years ago:

* A human skull fragment from Hungary dated between 250,000 and 450,000 years ago
* A human footprint with accompanying paleoliths (stones deliberately chipped into a recognisable tool type), bone tools, hearths and shelters, discovered in France and dated 300,000 to 400,000 years
* Paleoliths in Spain, a partial human skeleton and paleoliths in France; two English skeletons, one with associated paleoliths, ALL at least 300,000 years old
* Skull fragments and paleoliths in Kenya and advanced paleoliths, of modern human manufacture, in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, dated between 400,000 and 700,000 years
* Neoliths (the most advanced stone tools and utensils) in China of a type that indicate full human capacity, dated to 600,000 years
* Hearths, charcoal, human femurs and broken animal bones, all denoting modern humanity, in Java, dated to 830,000 years
* An anatomically modern human skull discovered in Argentina and dated between 1 million and 1.5 million years years (eoliths -chipped pebbles, thought to be the earliest known tools- at Monte Hermoso, also in Argentina, are believed to be between 1 and 2.5 million years old).
* A human tooth from Java yielding a date between 1 and 1.9 million years years
* Incised bones, dated between 1.2 and 2.5 million years, have been found in Italy
* Discoveries of paleoliths, cut and charred bones at Xihoudu in China and eoliths from Diring Yurlakh in Siberia dated to 1.8 million years
* Eoliths in India, paleoliths in England, Belgium, Italy and Argentina, flint blades in Italy, hearths in Argentina, a carved shell, pierced teeth and even two human jaws all bearing a minimum date of 2 million years (end of part 1)

(start of part 2) Curiously enough, several of the very earliest artifact discoveries display a truly extraordinary level of sophistication. In Idaho, for example, a 2-million-year-old clay figurine was unearthed in 1912. But even this discovery does not mark an outer limit. Bones, vertebrae and even complete skeletons have been found in Italy, Argentina and Kenya. Their minimum datings range from 3 million to 4 million years. A human skull, a partial human skeleton and a collection of neoliths discovered in California have been dated in excess of 5 million years. A human skeleton discovered at Midi in France, paleoliths found in Portugal, Burma and Argentina, a carved bone and flint flakes from Turkey all have a minimum age of 5 million years.
How far back can human history be pushed with discoveries like these? The answer seems to be a great deal further than orthodox science currently allows. As if the foregoing discoveries were not enough, we need to take account of:
* Paleoliths from France dated between 7 and 9 million years
* An eolith from India with a minimum dating of 9 million years
* Incised bones from France, Argentina and Kenya no less than 12 million years old
* More paleolith discoveries from France, dated at least 20 million years ago
* Neoliths from California in excess of 23 million years
* Three different kinds of paleoliths from Belgium with a minimum dating of 26 million years
* An anatomically modern human skeleton, neoliths and carved stones found at the Table Mountain, California and dated at least 33 million years ago
But even 33 million years is not the upper limit. A human skeleton found in Switzerland is estimated to be between 38 and 45 million years old. France has yielded up eoliths, paleoliths, cut wood and a chalk ball, the minimum ages of which range from 45 to 50 million years.
There's still more.

(start of part 3) In 1960, H. L. Armstrong announced in Nature magazine the discovery of fossil human footprints near the Paluxy River, in Texas. Dinosaur footprints were found in the same strata. In 1983, the Moscow News reported the discovery of a fossilised human footprint next to the fossil footprint of a three-toed dinosaur in the Turkamen Republic. Dinosaurs have been extinct for approximately 65 million years.
In 1983, Professor W. G. Burroughs of Kentucky reported the discovery of three pairs of fossil tracks dated to 300 million years ago. They showed left and right footprints. Each print had five toes and a distinct arch. The toes were spread apart like those of a human used to walking barefoot. The foot curved back like a human foot to what appeared to be a human heel. There was a pair of prints in the series that showed a left and right foot. The distance between them is just what you'd expect in modern human footprints.
In December 1862, The Geologist carried news of a human skeleton found 27.5 m (90 ft) below the surface in a coal seam in Illinois. The seam was dated between 286 and 320 million years. It's true that a few eoliths, skull fragments and fossil footprints, however old, provide no real backing for the idea of advanced prehistoric human civilisations.
But some other discoveries do.
In 1968, an American fossil collector named William J. Meister found a fossilised human shoe print near Antelope Spring, Utah. There were trilobite fossils in the same stone, which means it was at least 245 million years old. Close examination showed that the sole of this shoe differed little, if at all, from those of shoes manufactured today.
In 1897, a carved stone showing multiple faces of an old man was found at a depth of 40 m (130 ft) in a coal mine in Iowa. The coal there was of similar age.

(start of part 4) A piece of coal yielded up an encased iron cup in 1912. Frank J. Kenwood, who made the discovery, was so intrigued he traced the origin of the coal and discovered it came from the Wilburton Mine in Oklahoma. The coal there is about 312 million years old.
In 1844, Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster reported the discovery of a metal nail embedded in a sandstone block from a quarry in the north of England. The head was completely encased, ruling out the possibility that it had been driven in at some recent date. The block from which it came is approximately 360 million years old.
On 22 June 1844, The Times reported that a length of gold thread had been found by workmen embedded in stone close to the River Tweed. This stone too was around 360 million years old.
Astonishing though these dates may appear to anyone familiar with the orthodox theory of human origins, they pale in comparison with the dates of two further discoveries.
According to Scientific American, dated 5 June 1852, blasting activities at Meeting House Hill, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, unearthed a metallic, bell-shaped vessel extensively decorated with silver inlays of flowers and vines. The workmanship was described as 'exquisite'. The vessel was blown out of a bed of Roxbury conglomerate dated somewhat earlier than 600 million years.
In 1993, Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson reported the discovery 'over the past several decades' of hundreds of metallic spheres in a pyrophyllite mine in South Africa. The spheres are grooved and give the appearance of having been manufactured. If so, the strata in which they were found suggest they were manufactured 2.8 BILLION years ago.

This. Project Bluebook is a fucking joke. Just classify everything as swamp gas and move on. UFO Phenomenon debunked, nothing to see here.

(start of part 5) What are we to make of these perplexing discoveries? They cannot simply be dismissed. If even ONE of these discoveries is TRUE (and I believe that MANY if not ALL of these discoveries are TRUE), then it changes EVERYTHING that modern mainstream anthropologists THOUGHT they knew about the human species. (end)

The naked without genitals are bio-mechanical drones. Do your research faggot.

I've seen flying saucers on two occasions ans strange lights. This UFO phenomenon certainly is real but we can only speculate on the cause. It could be anything from Ayyy lamos, Experimental air/spacecraft, mass hysteria, time travellers.

I do find some abduction cases to be fascinating especially where there is physical evidence.

You have the vid?

Looks a bit like that mars mission mummy recovery that looked very convincing.

your perception that it stopped, is result of u not paying attention.
there are literally tens of sightings every day.
albeit u are right about abduction, they seem to have stop, does not mean they were hoaxes (its impossible they were hoaxes)

most credible source for hard evidence (since we all became skeptical towards video evidence) is the NASA live stream from space. they regularly shut it down every time UFO appears. and this happens allot.

I don't know if this is real, but anything is possible:


Also Gobekli Tepe, which COMPLETELY shatters the false paradigms of anthropology and archaeology. I can go into it a little more if anyone wants, but it is related to the Avesta as well as Plato's account of Atlantis, and also my previous posts about cyclic time and regular age-ending Cataclysms.

One of the most "shocking" (I use the quotation marks because it's only shocking to closed-minded pedantic types) things about Gobekli Tepe is that as archaeologists uncovered deeper and deeper layers, they found that the structure became larger and larger. According to mainstream historians and archaeologists, this isn't how it's supposed to work. They expected to find smaller and smaller structures as they dug through thousands of years' worth of rubble, but instead they found that the most imposing and advanced structures laid at the bottom of the dig site, dated to 11,500 BC, which is WAY before (according to mainstream theories) any humans anywhere could've been building such massive and well-constructed buildings. It also contains zodialogical artwork, indicating once more than mainstream historians who date the zodiac to a few thousand years BC, are wrong.

Now, here's where things get really interesting. Plato gives a date to the destruction of Atlantis in the Timaeus, which is 9,000 years before the time of Solon. That is, roughly 11,500 BC

this video is older than 2017, and it was claimed originally to be Atlantian immortal giant.
ive heard stories of several of these higher beings being present on earth in this stasis(deep meditation) state, i had picture of one from Asia, female.

When someone asked FBI user about the existence of extraterrestrial life he said life exists elsewhere. When asked again later specifically about aliens he said that he had said life exists elsewhere and some people choose to interpret that as aliens. So this could be simply him tossing in some bullshit to support his plausible deniability. It could mean that bacterial, plant, or simple animal life has been found. Or it could mean that humans exist elsewhere either as our progenitors and we are not native to the earth or as a colonization experiment that we have conducted. From the things he has said before I don't have any reason to doubt him.

11 500 years ago was the time of sudden end of ice age, that flooded northern hemisphere. that was the time that large mammals died out in Americas.
i dont think those civilizations before that point were more advanced than us, but i do very much believe they had help, from above.

wut? put that in simple terms. Are you saying real aliens wear clothes?

The gold bracelet and its skin look like they're definitely made out of plastic and painted so I wouldn't trust that video.

>That is, roughly 11,500 BC

It was about 11,600 years ago that Atlantis was destroyed according to Plato, because Plato said that Solon learned about Atlantis from Egyptian priests and that Atlantis was destroyed about 9,000 years before the time of Solon, which was about 600 BC. So that's 11,600 years ago altogether. Graham Hancock claims that a comet devastated Earth about 11,600 years ago and, intriguingly, there is actually physical evidence supporting this claim.

I firmly believe that Antarctica was Atlantis. Remember that Plato said that Atlantis was larger than Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) and Libya (which in those days referred to Northern Africa minus Egypt) combined. Antarctica is larger than Asia Minor and Libya combined. Read up on Charles Hapgood's theory of crustal displacement and keep in mind that Charles Hapgood died suddenly in (((suspicious circumstances))). Antarctica (Atlantis in those days) used to be near the equator and thus had a tropical climate. Also, Plato said that there were elephants and bananas in Atlantis. Elephants and bananas naturally exist ONLY in tropical climates. Crustal displacement made Atlantis slide southward to its present position.

It's hard to spew imaginary bullshit when everyone has hd camera phones.

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I wish I had the knowledge and resources to conduct these investigations myself. From the hollow earth theories of entrances at the north and south poles to archaeological digs in Antarctica. I want to know the truth. I'm not content to sit here and wonder.

I feel exactly the same way you do about this, Ameribro. I find it incredibly frustrating that (((they))) are denying an entire fucking species its true history.

Yes exactly, and this conception corresponds eerily well to the accounts of the Inca, Egyptians, and Mesopotamian civilizations. The Great civilizations of ancient Pre-Columbus America held that god-like beings came out of the west after a time of great destruction - the Cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis, which as you point out was once situated along the equator. I believe it was probably somewhere in the Atlantic at that time. "Refugees" from Atlantis spread their knowledge west to the Americas, and east to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and elsewhere (the myths of the ancient Irish, concerning the Tuatha de danaan, are relevant). In Mesopotamia and Egypt, it was the Seven Sages and Thoth (later assimilated to Hermes Trismegistus and Idris-Enoch) who brought the sacred knowledge out of the East after the destruction of their homeland

Because its stupid, borderline schizophrenic and most people do it for attention. Without any concrete shit to back it up it kind of dissipated.
Now we have false rape accusations, gender identities and feminism instead.