Wilders lost

>Wilders lost
>Le Pen will lose
>AfD will lose
>SD has a chance

guys.... how is this even fixable? another 4 years and there will be even more non natives to vote against us...

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Haha suck it Sven

im talking about western europe as a whole

>SD has a chance

Isn't that a good thing? Did you mean no chance? Out of all those countries you listed I personally want to see Sweden win the culture war the most. You guys have so much potential and it's being squandered.

Current polls, a year and a half left to the elections.

they have a chance and it is likely they can get over 30% and be biggest party

the other parties might just freeze them out again though

>SD has a chance
we will make sweden great again

My country is too cucked. Everyone keep voting in the socialists who continue to trash our country and destroy our once proud nation.

Rather just have them keep voting socialists so we collapse and can start anew.
I reckon within two or three years tops that our welfare will crumble and that is the end of those damn socialists.

When shtf me and my best bro have enough supplies to last us a year and by summer we will both have guns and ammo to protect our families and kill any god damn traitor who dares to get close.


what is the easiest way to buy a gun?

Nothing, start learning slav meme language and practice squating.

26% against the rest. All the others would gladely cooperate with eachother, but not with SD

>mfw Trump, the most visible alt-righter, ruins alt-right viability around the globe

jimmie will save us

It isn't. Sweden is done. : /

you think nationalistic sentiment will just dissipate? if trump had lost, do you think that demographic, and the ecomonic and power inequality that created them, would simply go away? liberals should be thankful Trump won. If another 4 years had passed without an outlet for the rage the US would have gone full 4th reich. i'm an optimist regarding europe. they will wake up. give it time. that people are just beginning to realise that political and economic liberalism is not a kumbaya drum circle of global happiness and endless wealth for all is a good start.

Moderates have started talking with SD. 'muh feels' Moderates(M) are leaving in droves for the Centerparty(C). The centerparty will likely cuck the rightwing.

Literally a shill for Israel.

>guys.... how is this even fixable? another 4 years and there will be even more non natives to vote against us...

No, trump and brexit scared the globalists.
They'll rig and fix every election they can, anyone who isn't in their pocket will be labeled a nazi.

>tfw you read your nieces homework exercises
>it's a spelling exercise that details the inventions of islam by filling the blanks
>none of the things were invented by islam

Ta jägarexamen och köp på dig drivor med 6.5or ammo(ladda dina egna kulor så kommer man undan med cirka 8kr per kula) och köp en eller två m96or gevär och hagel. M96or kan man få tag i billigt och 6.5ammo finns det gott om här i sverige.

30 “You shall betroth a wife, but another man shall lie with her; you shall build a house, but you shall not dwell in it; you shall plant a vineyard, but shall not gather its grapes. 31 Your ox shall be slaughtered before your eyes, but you shall not eat of it; your donkey shall be violently taken away from before you, and shall not be restored to you; your sheep shall be given to your enemies, and you shall have no one to rescue them. 32 Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people, and your eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all day long; and there shall be no strength in your hand. 33 A nation whom you have not known shall eat the fruit of your land and the produce of your labor, and you shall be only oppressed and crushed continually. 34 So you shall be driven mad because of the sight which your eyes see. 35 The Lord will strike you in the knees and on the legs with severe boils which cannot be healed, and from the sole of your foot to the top of your head.

Deuteronomy 28

kan jag köpa en handpistol då också?

Wilders didnt lose, hes the second largest party, and the largest party took up his talking points.

And le pen will win

guns in Sweden i thought all the Nordic Countries were disarmed years ago ?

Pistoler är jobbigare att skaffa om inte man skaffar på svarta marknaden. Utöver det så måste du gå med i en skytteklubb å vara med i 6månader för att få tillgång till pistoler över .22 kaliber

> i thought all the Nordic Countries were disarmed years ago ?
to the normal public yeah
but gettho gangstas still have plenty of guns

Y-yeah hes fucking based dude!!

You do realize that victory for AfD will be if they get 12%-15% of the votes? There is no chance in hell for them to win.

har funderat på att göra det tidigare

har inget intresse av jakt så tror det skulle passa bättre

Sweden still have alot of hunters and every hunter have atleast 2rifles. Most have 3-6rifles.
The downside you have to go do huntertraining and through them have access to bolt action rifles. Other than that you have to join a shootingclub and get guns through them.

London controls the financial sector.
America with Trump will be swinging their big stick military around with impunity.

We don't need anyone else. (though it would be nice)

I don't know about SD, but the other three deserve to lose because of their socialist economic policies. Enjoy your 100% hwhite utopia with mass starvation.
I don't like how immigration is currently handled, but there's more to life than irrationally hating blacks.

you have guns and you can get them from all over the mainland

what would george washington or churchill or charrlamane do user? what would carolus rex do?

you gotta stop germany somehow...


That poll is joyous news indeed,


hur fan handlar man ens på svarta marknaden
går jag bara till något gethho och börjar fråga om vapen?

säljer du 6,5x55?

>what would carolus rex do?
subjugate the danes, probably.

Le pen will win

>he believed in legit electins
>under a communist regime
>in Europe
You deserve everything that happens to you. Too dumb to live.

borde kunna hitta på darknet

This guy gets it. The systemic factors that led to Trump and Brexit are still there. The Left is so retarded that they aren't doing anything to relieve that pressure.

If the globalists win this round, they'll be lucky to make it to the next cycle without the day of the rope. Even if they make it, it will be no contest.

You know how minorities generally vote as a block? Guess what happens when white people start feeling their minority status? They vote as a block that's 40-60% of the electorate. You can't really beat that.

Once that phase transition happens the entire political landscape will shift HARD to the right and nationalism. Far harder than you're seeing now.

Can you give me a quick rundown on the other parties?

I imagine the reds and greens are socialist cunts, but what is "M"?

>hard right nationalist parties symbol is a fucking flower

even when swedes try to be nazis they end up fucking up and making it gay.

Trump now holds the hard power on this planet. Good luck openly rigging elections in favor of globalism.

dark net?
inte deep web?

Använd tor browser å surfa darknet som en föreslog. Ibland dyker det upp vapen på flugsvamp om du känner till den sidan.

aldrig fucking varit på deep web/darknet

I think La Pen is going to win. There is no way that the average Frenchy can tolerate this multikulti bullshit after the multitude of terrorist attacks in the past two years alone.

Du kan gå till en jaktbutik å köpa ammo utan licens. Nu laddar jag ammo själv och köper krut, hulsor och kulor från jaktbutiker å landar på runt 8-12kr per kula

M is the Moderates. They are Liberal Cuckservatives

We haven't lost little Sven. Wilders achieved a victory in the Netherlands by showing just how divided European politics have become. There are more right wing parties in the Dutch parliament now than there has ever been while the left is hemorrhaging voters. All of Europe seems to be following suit, the migrant crisis and rise of Islamic fundamentalist terror actions was our Reichstag that showed the people the real threat right under their noses. So I say to this to you Sven, keep the faith for soon our people will be free.

Fixa torbrowser och sök på flugsvamp darknet så kommer du hitta dit.

läste lite om tor precis

kan jag använda det för att gå in på vilka hemsidor som helst utan att fbi kommer och knackar på dörren?

Another 10 years and there will be no more vote,because civil war will ravage europe,just hang in there we will one day completly
and uterlly remove all the kebab for good.

>fbi kommer och knackar på dörren?

fuck your language is easy

hejdå puss ;)

Sweden Democrats are right of center at best.

This flower only grows in the Nordics and is protected by the law in Sweden. It has it symbolism.

hejdå gert ;)

you're be colonized, shithead

just relax

and bend over

Made this picture quick for another thread a few days ago

Herregud vi är ju fullsprängda kommunister här i Norrland. Nuke:a oss eller nåt, fort.


So M is "liberal" in the sense of free market, laissez-faire politics? Seems highly judaized if you ask me.

And about the Centerpartiet: Why would FARMERS want more rapefugees? Aren't farmers usually really conservative people?

Folkpartiet seems like a walking contradiction. Are they just demented people scared of a Russian invasion or something?

det är för att ni är efterblivna

stolt skåning och SD'are

ja inte träffar man på många ljushuvven i Piteå

Political defeats now make violent racial war more certain in the future. The current racial migrations and demographic trends in white countries make conflict unavoidable if there is not a decent political solution RIGHT NOW.

>Wilders came second and the left wing is destroyed
>Le Pen will get over 40% of the vote against a friendly globalist, doubling her fathers share
>AfD will become a strong opposition and possibly force the CDU to become a lot more right-wing if the SPD were to win
>SD will block other coalitions from happening
Europe is becoming more and more right-wing as we speak

More than a year ago the PVV was also polling at more than 25%.
Once the elections come closer people reconsider and vote for the "sensible moderate" parties.

Is AFD really gonna lose?

>Summer, 2018. Paris, France
>Le Pen has seized power
>she hosts international meetings
>the meetings agenda: culling the muzzies
>President Trump has chosen to attend
>one by one guests depart the meeting
>the Paris night is hot
>the breeze is cool and smells of baguettes
>Trump and Le Pen find themselves alone
>their golden hair illuminated under the starlight
>their words become heated and passionate
>"I'm gonna bomb the shit out of them."
>Le Pen can contain herself no longer
>she embraces the President, clinging to him
>her powerful and stoic guise melts in his arms
>"I need your greatness, Donald"
>they spend the night engaging in foreign relations
>a cigarette lingers to greet the new day
>a joint-nation muzzie-extermination plan conceived

Even they themselves are aiming for the opposition because it's virtually impossible for them to win without having at least 40% of the vote.

Krogen i Kiruna, Vänta nån timme så är det kommunism centrum

Yes, Liberal in the original European meaning, not the American.

And Centerpartiet started out as conservative and are technically still on the right side of Swedish politics but instead of the farmers party they have become more "green" and "organic", so they probably have more city voters than country side voters.


Thinking the AfD will win is pure delusion. The party is like 2 years old and has a lot to figure out. They'll be an opposition party, which will give them wider media coverage and get them started in "official" federal politics. I expect to see more terrorist attacks and more child rapes by shitskins this summer, so the AfD will take advantage of that. We'll see what happens then.

God, I hope you're right Aussiebro.

är det mkt judar som flydde upp norr efter ww2? Har uppfattningen att de spred ut sig men kanske mest i stockholm och norr.?

>so they probably have more city voters than country side voters.
Not entirely the case as they still want more decentralisation in Sweden
>Folkpartiet seems like a walking contradiction. Are they just demented people scared of a Russian invasion or something?
They are still a liberal party as they put the individual in focus, individual rights etc. Lately they have mostly been pushing their school politics and pro-nuclear energy policies but in the past they were big in the military. In my picture I wanted to present how contradictive their politics are at times.

jag har då aldrig sett nån jude IRL i alla fall.

> Sweden's Right Wing party is called the Moderates

Jesus Christ, how fucking cucked can you be?

You can always take up arms, Sven. I believe in you.

Okej, tack. Undrar vad det beror på. Kanske så mycket vintertid att tvn var ett absolut underverk, ren otur eller alkoholism som gradvis försämrat generna minimalt. Vem vet.

Hmm kom på att det förmodligen är pga att norr var mer ideologiskt rent än södra sverige då norr är isolerat såsom västkusten var för kommunister i usa jämnfört med östkusten då hollywood och judemedia satt fart.

Säkert spenderats mer pengar och resurser på att hjärntvätta där då det är mer som en ö.

>Trump won because he benefited from (international) meme magic, due to everyone here speaking English.
>Wilders didn't benefit from meme magic, because no one could really follow the election.
>Wilders lost.
>Le Pen doesn't benefit from meme magic.
>Le pen will lose.
>Mfw Trump proved globalism works.

So, Mother Merkel again?

Most likely

wtf Sup Forums political party
C = Chan?

Wilders didn't lose, his partu gained 5 seats. Because of how the Dutch system works, and how the other parties view him, he would have has to get more than half the seats for his own party to be PM. That was obviously not going to happen.

in Germany we have some people fluent in memes:


And Drumpf is about to be impeached...
It wasn't meant to go this way

this filename has to actually be a joke nobody is that dumb, not trolling, this mustbe a joke

I think it happened a few times with the "datamining" image, and trolls latched onto it.