Kodak black slays drumptards

Drumpfies get BFTO by KODAK BLACK. Why are you all so violent and hickish?


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This nigga has been in and out of jail for the past couple years, why woud you listen to him?

This nigga looks 30. How the fuck is he only 19?

Are these people still continuing with the "All Trump voters are racist hicks who we can be violent towards!" nonsense.

Oh well, I'm happy to watch them fuck themselves.

What the fuck is this music in usa? usa fucked beyond repair?

no hope for USA... whole world except australia needs to burn

To all you would-be zoomers: turn back now

Drugs, lots of them

I'm so beyond tired of Hollywood, music industry, news media and leftists in general. I wish they'd act on their fantasies already so we can stop being civil with them.

This music gets millions of views.... where were you when degeneracy prevailed.


I'm a huge fan of Kodak Black and I was really looking forward to this song coming out for a few months while all these shitty quality leaks were popping up on fake mixtapes or youtube videos.

Then the real version finally came out and it was THIS video......baka, makes me so mad. Couldn't watch it more than once, altho I do remember something at the end of the video that made me think "Wait maybe this wasn't as super anti-Trump as I thught"

Still love his music tho, sorry guys I just love me some coon tunes. Gucci Manes the greatest.

What a dumb ass, why did he took toy gun?

c.......canned Jim Beam????

>70 million views

LoL murrica

this song is hard as shit.

shame they did some weird shitty anti trump vid for it. completely unrelated, really.

>I'm a huge fan of Kodak Black and

kill yourself

>Guys this person I agree with is a Total genious unlike this other Guy In totally disagree with
>I'm not biased or anything
>Nor am I trying to sell my opinions as facts

No shit, I was talking rap with a new girl at work. I said I liked 2pac and she brought up this dumb nigger. I even played some of one of his songs later, which btw sucked ass. FUCK this bullshit (((music))).


Kodak is good. Music is esoteric, abstract and subjective. It's a bunch of soundwaves, for all you know this guy could just like the flute melody.

Whol song is hard as fuck though lets not kid ourselves.

The thing is he spun it to being a no-diversion thing instead

LOL this is an insane fantasy.
>We gunna get you whitey we gunna kill the non existent KKK boy.
How can anyone be this retarded and have this world view?
>MFW niggers really are this stupid

The video makes a whole lot of sense black thug going onto someones farm and murdering them considering his criminal record makes even more sense.

The mainstream has memed blacks into having a pass on the most autistic shit.

Imagine if a metal band made a video with some stereotype black thug who gets his ass beat after being the aggressor.

All the while shit music about got money got pussy plays in the background.

The only rapper that I really listen to is Kendrick Lamar. What you guys think of him?



I like the message behind his music and is a great lyricist.

back ro plebbit with you, fag

>has no stock
>has no sights

The only rapper I really listen to is Stitches. What do you guys think of him?


I like the message behind his music and is a great lyricist.

ITT: Retards that didn't even watch it all the way through that see a black dude hitting a white guy and get triggered instantly calling it anti white

old 666 mafia only

niggers finish puberty and are fully developed adults by the age of 15. they develop so quick becuase there isnt really that much developing to be done


kodak black currently where he belongs, in jail

Really gets my noggin joggin

Now imagine if you made a video lynching colored gang members

>tfw didn't heed the warning

that's not a joke, and it's not very funny either

jesus christ

actually USA voted Trump in
there's still hope for us and we're working on destroying liberal bullshit
where's your nationalist president?

GKMC is my shit

Literally kek

Is this guy really popular? Out of respect for his fans, he should do some jaw exercises. Open that mouth when you're trying to make a melody.

kodak was alright around project baby era, now as he gets really famous, hes gonna turn iinto a weirdo and start doing pop, just like all people who become starts at an early age. its important to know when to let go.

and yep, i was really disappointed in him fucking up his probation and turning sjw, since he is actually talanted. maybe being locked up for a while will set his head straight and bring him back to his roots


we dont have "presidents"

doubt you are... day pass your people gets replaced by blacks and other shitskins