how does it feel knowing you cannot stop pic related?

The reason trump was elected is nearly in.

Bye bye lefties! Ahahahahah

Bump for scum

Yes my brother. The left have fallen and are desperate. This will happen. Our plan is working. Next is to stop the next plague,Islam....Love you guys.

t. rural and suburban retard

>mfw he also replaces Kennedy and Ginsburg

Solid 7-3 conservative court for a generation

>yfw he gets compromised like Roberts and is now on every intelligence agencies blackmail list.

is he "married"?

6-3, I mean.

no more abortions!

you realize once trump packs the courts with conservatives he's going to absolutely destroy everything you stand for and you'll be totally unable to do anything to do it?

you're never going to get our guns. you're never going to invite infinite shitskins. stuff like affirmative action is going to be destroyed too. trump will invite white europeans and other whites while reducing the amount of shitskins allowed.

how does that make you feel retard? your life is a failure and capitalism will stand strong

>you realize once trump packs the courts with conservatives he's going to absolutely destroy everything you stand for and you'll be totally unable to do anything to do it?




>no more abortions!


All he does is replace Scalia. Unfortunately we still have a 5-4 liberal court.


Anybody else watching it? Is it just me or is that black girl super colonizable? Like god damn.

GorSUCK is pro-Citizens United

So guess what? You like billionaires running everything? Nothing will change under Trump.

who fucking cares about healthcare when liberals want white genocide and marxism dumb fuck.

this is war so there's some cost but the bigger cost is the complete failure of leftism and the purge that will take place in the future. whites will not allow subhumans to take over america

But Citizens United is a cut and dry case in which the Supreme Court ruled properly.

Wow AL, TN, GA,SC. Pretty much looks like nig and spic rural areas from where Im sitting and I have lived in some of those places. He is really hurting the people that voted for him.

I've been looking into Gorsuch some more lately He's definitely /ourguy/

Trump made a wise pick


Health is one of the biggest issues there. the 2012 Supreme Court ruling gutting medicaid to throw it to states is the reason millions are not on it thanks to GOP governors.

These kikes thought they could subvert the judiciary without realizing the rules of precedent. What goes around, comes around, bitch.

>But Citizens United is a cut and dry case in which the Supreme Court ruled properly.

>let me make up my own reality here for a second

haha fuck you. no more islam. no more spics. no more niggers. no more feminist. no more white guilt. not more pinko communist subhumans destroying western civilization

Hey fuckhead, don't talk about the conservative's trojan horse too much, don't want the lefties realizing that impeaching Trump is a BIG mistake............for them.

Trump got him in the door, now it's time to execute the REAL agenda, he he

Also this is the gayest shit. So a household of 2 60 year olds making combined 60k with a paid for house and vehicles and low debt cant get subsidies? Oh my whatever shall we do? I mean fuck even under obamacare they wouldn't qualify and have to pay out the ass for other people. How is this even a valid argument? Also I want the 60+ crowd to die off they are the libshit hippie generation increasing premiums paying to fix their free love free drugs lifestyle.

>this thread

The Roberts court has ruled like more times for corporate rights over people rights every single time. You are literally saying you are ok with a tiny oligarchy to rule over the country.

More black babies and less welfare to support them forcing mothers of said babies to get married and find gainful employment. Causing a paradigm shift in the black community toward a more conservative tilt which often happens when one has to work for a living.

Right wing retard, how you enjoying Trump and Israel?


who cares dumb fuck? corporations are better than spics, mudslimes, niggers, and feminist. you played your white genocide hand too early and failed. this blowback won't stop until you're crushed

Obamacare was a republican idea though. The repubs just didnt vote for it. It was a repub crafted bill though that had been shelved. This is common knowledge.

By the time Trump ends his second term, the Supreme Court will be so overwhelmingly conservative that progressivism will be effectively dead in America for the rest of the century at least.

>Doesn't get a joke

Trumptards everyone! Because MUH RACISM Literally advocating corporations over people's rights. Just admit you want the Kochs to rule over us as new feudal lords.

Why is Alaska so faggy?

Aww man, now I need to beat off to that ratio. The liberal tears when Ginsburg kicks the bucket and gets replaced with yet another Scalia clone will be nearly as sweet as election night.

Literally how do you figure? In what way was the CU ruling incorrect?

Yeah, and John Roberts is a corporate shill who subscribes to the living document belief. Gorsuch=/=Roberts. But better a corporatist shill than a communist shill.

i cared about palestinians before i realized the democrats have a white genocide agenda. now i want israel to exterminate them so muslims get angry and we've got a good reason to exterminate them. let the clash of civilization happen so leftist can be purged

These toothless hicks sure won't care about racism once their are thrown off healthcare and drafted to die for Trump's war with North Korea.

You will derive no benefit from any of this. Nothing in your life will improve.


>implying the left gave a shit about these people before
>now the media is suddenly trying to act like they care about all these uninsured white people

Corporations are made up of people. Usually white people because nigs cant into organization and spics are squat goblins that engage in crime. Why wouldnt we support white business owners?


Yeah and Trump isn't either right?

Technically it is a living document. We have an amendment process.
And Whatya know we also have nearly enough state houses and gov mansions to make amendments!

>stuff like affirmative action is going to be destroyed too

good, that shit was racist as fuck

let each work for their own without interference from government

>implying he's a conservative with a sense of humor and who likes to trigger marxist faggots.

I know he's not actually running a fascist organisation, you dipshit

The funny part is Gorsuch is more extreme than Scalia as a legalist. Scalia was somewhat malleable to RINO desires. Give us two more Gorsuch clones and neither party will ever get another piece of bullshit legislation past the bench again.

Lots of natives get gibs. Thats why the west looks like it does spics and natives.

communist aren't people and corporations aren't strictly anti-white while leftist are strictly pro white genocide. sorry baby but there's no room for return after you play white genocide trump card and fail.

you don't even try and deny you aren't pro white genocide you simply deflect to other things


I can provide excellent healthcare for 0 a month

Trump just appointed two more Goldman Sachs shills to his Government Sachs cabinet!


TRUMP WILL FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE :))))))))))))))))))))

We need one more leftist judge to retire.

America will look like the Hunger Games while millions starve to fucking death. You do realize this insane ideology of yours DOESN'T WORK?

Liberal faggot spotted

No, Trump is also not John Roberts? What the fuck are you driving at?

>Technically it is a living document.
Not in the sense that the term is used. It is technically a living document in that it can be changed but this is what the Democrats mean when they use that term.
>In United States constitutional law, the Living Constitution, also known as loose constructionism, permits the Constitution as a static document to have an interpretation that shifts over time as the cultural context changes.

Thats the plan. Starve out the shit parts of the country or force them to go back. You arent saying anything that is going to turn us off of this plan.

>24 million thrown off healthcare
you do realize that the number is mostly people who will decide that they do not want healthcare anymore since they will not be forced to pay a fine right?


Surly Trump and the Heritage Foundation are looking out for American interests?

So when public sector unions are gutted? What will Sup Forums said about all thise HURR DURRUR TRUMP WHITE WORKING CLASS bullshit.

>you're never going to get our guns. you're never going to invite infinite shitskins. stuff like affirmative action is going to be destroyed too. trump will invite white europeans and other whites while reducing the amount of shitskins allowed.
What makes you think we give a fuck about any of these things.

But it's cute how you're so concerned about muh guns and an unabashed white supremacist agenda that not having clean water, clean air, or health insurance are all attractive outcomes to you. Enjoy it, you earned it.

>capitalism = people starving to death
>zero record of this happening
>communism/socialism =/=
>100 million dead people disagree

Healthcare is not a right and our responsibility but yours

There are no people rights if everything is overrun with spics and niggers.


>Capitalist Liberalism doesnt work
>t. Communist
Begone Synagogue of Satan.

>B-but muh abortions

>Trump is also not John Roberts?

Trump is the biggest cuckservative faggot in governent. All he cares about himself. He's stocked his cabinet with corproate cronys and Goldman Sachs shills. He's not drained the swamp and conned his voters. BUT HEY HE HATES NIGGERS SO I GUESS THAT'S OK FOR YOU RIGHT YOU FUKCING FAGGOTSS?

Unions are standing strong behind trump. My union fully supports him.

>t. Coal Miner.

>claims to be a white nationalist

White conservatives are leading to their own deaths.

>millions starve to fucking death
you mean the niggers, spics, feminist, and other liberal trash? who cares. time to make america great and white again you antifa scum.

>we don't care about guns!
haha sure you pinko communist don't :^) we already saw you guys organize mobs to attack conservatives with your "fist". you know you can't go anywhere except liberal shitholes that tell police to stand down otherwise the conservatives will blast you full of holes.

student revolutions don't work when the "FUCKING WHITE MALES!" have guns and can murder you easily

>clean water, air, health

Fuck off faggot, industrial working people for life. Industry is mans purpose. We were given a lump of clay and you'd be content to let it sit there rather than sculpt and utilize its full potential.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Oh I know. Just wanted to brag about nearly having enough legislators to make an amendment that makes SJWs terrorists

Except most countries agree that healthcare is a right. It would have been a right in the US around WW2 if Roosevelt hadn't died.

>Unions are standing strong behind trump.

When right to work federal passes I'm sure they will still "stand strong" behind him right faggot?

It's so great. These faggits have been openly celebrating the death of whitey, and 50 years of propaganda down the drain because of one orange-tinted showman. Haha, white people exist and this scares the commie kikes.

Even if you were right, I don't care. America will be white, or America will be no more.

This is pretty accurate for me also, now I just want them to end each other.

I love this time line

It'll raise white births too

Niggers will still do it, they're fucking stupid.

waste of digits
>public sector unions
Public sector employees arent working class dipshit. Teachers and tax collectors dont need a union. And we have a historical record of what Republicans touch when they gut public sector unions. They dont go near Fire Departments or Police Departments, they gut white collar unions.

You do realize that CAPS LOCKING isn't an argument or refutation, RIGHT?

Shitty emotion driven idiots will be first ones to starve.

>claims to support capitalism
>opposes immigration and wants to impose tariffs on foreign products


Trumplets are starting to reveal their teeth with this thread.

Economic populism was all bullshit from the start. The goal of the GOP = destroy unions.

There was a case before the Supreme Court about public sector unions. If Scalia lived, it would be gutted. What do you think GorSUCK will do? That's right.

Post the graphs, obamaleaf!

>pop book reference

Can you leftists stop with this

Well at least they will have jobs instead of competing with foreigners. You dont realize how long I was laid off before Trump took office. Shut the fuck up. Im a union member you are some sjw on a message board. You gave lip service to unions while cutting our knees out from under us supporting illegal immigration and shipping our jobs overseas. Fuck you I hope it feels good knowing im getting paid well to hasten global warming so we can flood the brown areas.

>It'll raise white births too

No where even close to needed. Enjoy your death. I caN'T WAIT FOR YOU CRACKERS TO DIE OUT

>implying niggers and spics won't starve to death or flee the country after their precious guns are taken away
The ones that don't starve will adapt. They won't have the loose funds (i.e. White people's tax dollars) to loaf around on. If you think niggers and spics are getting abortions at the same rate as whitey, then congratulations, you've been mentally pozzed.

>Well at least they will have jobs instead of competing with foreigners.

Jobs? What jobs? The ones Trump didn't bring back? The ones being replaced with robots? So you have no unions, no jobs, and thrown off healthcare!

We support capitalism not (((capitalism))). Jobs for us not for you. Products for us not for you. Fuck off were full. Here have some spics as a consolation prize. I p[promise they wont nosedive your standard of living.

Well your going to be really disappointed then. Birth rates spike after elections

We aren't falling for it kike.

>We support capitalism not (((capitalism))).

I got some bad news for me. You may not realize it, but you support ((((((capitalism)))))))

>most countries agree that healthcare is a right
These same countries agree that free speech shouldn't be a right. What's your point?


Ginsburg dies this year.

That's not capitalism, that's corporate welfare.