Please win the elections, please win the elections,please win the elections


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oh, i think she will....

Frankreich, Frankreich, ├╝ber alles!

We need someone like this in Canada.

To be honest she's rather terrible but she's all we have.

ive seen a part of her speech, she makes valid points

Do you retards even follow the election or are you just meming for a candidate with rightwing ideas.
She got BTFO in the debate, HARD

currently watching the debate. she's fucking dumb

some proofs might be in order

That cunt can go fuck herself.

oy vey, gegen die Juden!

No, she will fail, Trump will get impeached in a while and BREXIT never happens.

>Still no youtube video of the debate

Fucking French, useless for over 300 years.

>wtf i love le pen now

Any proofs? No? Then your opinion is disregarded. Have a good day.

meme magic doesn't favor women

it's why that dutch faggot lost

shills get triggered by this one i see

Watch the debate you mong, she completely failed on economy and other points, she can only talk about muh islam menace, she has no clue or idea about other domains of governing

> she has no clue or idea about other domains of governing

but you think you have?
see you at the debates for presidency then, in france.
post a pic when your ready....

I would watch it if you had a link you retard


>not being able to use google

I've asked about 8 times and searched. No one in France has bothered to upload/record the debate.

Yes, they are THAT useless. No wonder their country is falling apart.

according to the shitty media which was pretty expected.

everyone who watched thought her and melencon dominated.

>Not in English

Begging is not a political input

Nobody gives a fuck about france


top kek

Without france your country wouldnt exist

if you need it in english, france24 has several snippets up.

TF1 has the full 3 1/2 hours up but it's all in French with no translation. Someone already linked it I think.

just learn french you faggots.

Marine LePen :
>wants to eradicate islam and all muslims of the world
>thinks they "took er job"
>wants to get out OTAN and pay less police and law inforcement

bonus pic : her mom

She'll win. Digits confirm.

There are muzzies in Thailand?


>just learn french you faggots.

Je nais pas de Francosphere baguette oui oui bon swoir.

living in SA you'll probably literally get raped by a pack of niggers soon. when that happens remember you kept spamming this fucking image on here.


>posts a screenshot from media
you must be new around here

Same study, more questions

>living in SA
He probably is a nigger.

Don't be a fucking dunce. Read a history book. We 100% do and should care about France.

I'd be very surprised at this point if Macron didn't win.