Why do they exist, Sup Forums?

Why do they exist, Sup Forums?
What went wrong to allow such an absurdity to pop up in the middle of Europe in the 20th century?

Austrianfags, report for duty and explain yourselves.

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Quando el próximo tsunami? Tchau, Lisboa.

why do you exist?

seriously though, I just don't get it, you've been cucks of other nations (normal nations) since forever, what the fuck is wrong with you to start with muh independence when europe has external enemies to worry itself with?

we are a 900-year historical nation which has done a lot for the continent. it's inertia, I guess, we can't be deleted now

Dindu nuffin

wthCzech Republic unemployment rate: 5.9%
Portugal unemployment rate: 13%

More GDP growth.

Our own currency.

Not lazy fucks.

bc of anglo ballsucking.

es broma vecinos, luv ya

Oh yeah,

our women dont have mustaches.

>our women dont have mustaches
then how do they tickle your balls while giving you a blowjob?

Why would we keep a Slav province? Why do 3rd world fags assume their shitholes are some rare treasure to be fought over?

>(normal nations)



"He who is the master of Bohemia is the master of Europe." - Bismarck.

>assume they're a rare treasure worth fighting over
>fought for bohemia 100 years ago

are you even trying?

But i agree that moravia should be cast out to sea.

Why did you keep them for so long then? Did you suddenly woke up and realise the old way was not the right way
that sounds odd. why did bismarck ignore bohemia then?

Bad investments. Old rulers assumed Central Europe was an important link in geographic trade routes. The Iron Curtain proved them wrong.

Prussia already got Silesia back when Habshits were getting cucked by Maria Theresia "The Incompetent twat" Habshit.

And because
being an aggressive cunt with superhard on for conquest < diplomatic relations
By the time I am 40, Czech rep. will leave Austria in the dust crumbling under the weight of refugees.
Every Czech knows Cze. rep. is destined to be Global Superpower with GDP 10x times higher than Switzerland.
Even non-Czech know this so they try to piggyback ride us (Nazi Germany, Habshit Empire, USSR).

Now we keep friendly relations with Israel because they know we are the only non-Jewish nation thats destined for world conquest.

idk about that.

We are like hobbits.

We have our little shire. It will thrive as long as no one fucks with us.

jebane pepiczki

>We have our little shire. It will thrive as long as no one fucks with us.
Thats exactly it.
But bitches keep on wanting to fuck.
Its perfect analogy for my sexual life.

Yeah, because it just popped up. It's not like they have over a thousand years of history. Off yourself nigger

Based Polanbro.

>The first separate Czech republic was created on January 1, 1969, under the name Czech Socialistic Republic within federalization of Czechoslovakia, however the federalization was implemented only incompletely. Czechoslovakia remained occupied until the 1989 Velvet Revolution, when the communist regime collapsed and a democracy and federalization was deepened. On 6 March 1990, the Czech Socialistic Republic was renamed to the Czech Republic. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved, with its constituent states becoming the independent states of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

why aren't you part of spain again?

>The first separate Czech republic
There you go, your own quote.


Learn something my african friend

pops up. i didn't deny their existence as a people. I'm wondering why the fuck they think they need a state when they have always been cucks

Because no one wants those ugly seaniggers.

You are one fucking stupid malnourished African. Read something about the history.

>muh old empire
they're austrian cucks. nobody cares about what happened before 1000 a.c.

spain is not even a country, it's just a desert we put in place so we don't have to deal with albino-europeans

How fucking stupid are you?

Fuck off already negro

But East Reich is a Slav province, you just speak a silly dialect.

In 20-30 years time, Europe will be like 40% brown. Even if Central Europe stays white (Slav which isn't really 1st world white anyway), you won't economically profit from bordering West Arabia.
The only remaining comfy regions will be in Northeast Asia

>implying you didn't get to 1st world by simply being there earlier
Great, we won't have any real competition left, we'll take over you and lead. That's the plan.

Very bad thread. Saged.

>I'm wondering why the fuck they think they need a state

Tsunami cannot come fast enough. Read for example this while you are waiting: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Bohemia

When will you leave the Eu?

>Australian ID

This thread has been derailed enough my friend

It's one of the few EU countries that are not bad. Their gun laws a great compared to here.

EU will leave itself.

kek, was there much butthurt about the flag?

Not really.
Still better for Poles to have it than if Ge*mans or Austrians took it.

>Why do they exist, Sup Forums?

You have Czechoslovakia, you take it and split it in two: Czecho/slovakia, now you have Czech, and you have Slovakia.

>cechacka buzika

czechs are ment to be slave of germanic race.
>tfw no german master to suck off


anyway i am losing hope. we are getting more and more progressive. Under latest article about Poles most upvoted comments are calling them literaly bigots. lol. we are fucked

> strangely similar to Chile

nau I trully see


> masz tablety?



>B- but 500 people upvoted this comment on the internet. Our civilization is over!




Why are czechs always so lewd

Explain this shit

don't ask

use it

Why do Portugal exist, Sup Forums?
What went wrong to allow such absurdity to pop up in far west of Europe in 11th century?
Spaniards, report for duty and explain yourselves

Trust me, we get faggot comments whenever there's some negro involved too. Usually it turns into a war of two factions trying to outedge each other.

That's awesome! Especially the accent...

> for $40

I know this is bait, but fuck off.



Pls pls translate someone this