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>France - Macron wins
>Germany - Schulz wins
>EU - gets fucked
>New EU - FRANCE+GERMANY, Benelux, Austria, Scandinavia
>Eastern Europe - Unites, basically right wing version of New EU
>Ukraine, Baltic countries and Belarus taken over by Russia
>Balkan taken over by Turkey
>Spain, Portugal, Italy - Beg for help, become second class members of EU
>UK+USA - Strong coalition
>Germany and France become unstable due to immigrants and political unrest
>By 2020 Germany is totally fucked - Civil War
>France helps Germany, immigrants live dangerously
>Race war and religious war
>European war
>What's next?

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>>Eastern Europe - Unites, basically right wing version of New EU

Nope, speaking for Baltics: we yearn to be like Scandinavia. Been yearning for years. All our media always speaks "but in Sweden..."

Political analysis weak

>Political analysis weak
It is not an analysis.

It is.
A prophecy.
From The Beast 666.

Yeah, go pack your bag son, school starts in 15 minutes

School is long done brother. For years by now.
I have been lazy since.


Wow, that was some intrasteng autistic joke right there

>EU gets fucked
>New EU
Really made me think

>Balkan taken over by Turkey

>Looks at flag

Why do turkroaches people insist on coming to this board or anywhere on the internet really?


Don't call me a turk brother.

I forgot to mention that Romania will fight back the Turks!

Welcome to the world of inflections, neet (or Turk?)

>By 2020 Germany is totally fucked - Civil War
Come on now, this will never happen so fast.

Aren't you guys calling yourself Nordic now?

Politics don't matter. The Euro will fall.

ETHEREUM will rise. AI will govern. CRISPR will cure.

Technology will prevail.

It's pretty late by now actually...


>Eastern Europe - Unites, basically right wing version of New EU

Not in this timeline

That article is still online actually.


Romania is not part of that.
Hungary-Poland will be leading.
Romania will be taken over by Turkey but you will fight back successfully.

Yea, let me hurrdurr cite some link, so that i can attach more substance to my point hurrdurr.

Nope, fail

Turks have no chance at ever conquering the Balkan even Syria. Greece even tho it is poor has quite a good and modern army and if you count ever other nation like Bulgaria Serbia Romania etc except Bosnia and Albania Turkey will still lose.

Their army is a shitshow and only good in terms of numbers. The Turkish army is technically not that big if you take away the old shit vehicles and remember that Turkey still has military conscription.

Besides that Turkey has been failing really hard in Syria with conquering just 1 little village while Assad the SAA with help from the Russians conquered hundreds of villages and cities too.

They had one of the best tanks and still fucked it up and ran away. Also Turkey has a higher death count than Russia while Russia has been more active and for a longer time.

So Turkey taking over the Balkan will never happen because 1 their military in terms of masses just can't and 2 the moral of Turkish soldiers is pretty bad which can be seen during the coup and in Syria

Fuck off finfag.
That is citing the CIA boss Michael Hayden, who warned Europe about the EXACT thing we are witnessing right now, concerning immigrants and so on.

Fuck off, can't even read german probably, yet you act like you know what the article is about.

Again, how would Hayden know what is going to happen? He's just spinning his own thoughts. I'm also interested what Bill Gates think, i'm sure you can find something

It is about a formerly classified study led by the CIA.
It predicted many things people laughed about, yet now they are happening EXACTLY as described by the CIA, which is why some claim that it wasn't actually forecasted, but manufactured by them.

Sure. Bill Gates = an entire secret agency.
Yeah mate, go back to your wood cabin, this is too complex for you.

Before answering again, please read into it.

Damn this article from 2008 which features an interview with the head of Clinton Intelligence Agency really made me reconsider my daily life experiences.

>balkan conquered by turk
>implying they won't get BTFO by a bunch of angry balkanites with outdated military and high command that doesn't know shit again

Why not? It'd be fun.

You're not on German-chan. Cite me English source, and i'll gladly read through it. I also have some interesting Chinese language sources

We failed you once, brother, but won't happen again!

This is an articel almost ten years old.
I don't know if there is anything in english on this matter, it's not like I will research for you LMAO.

All I have is this old Washington Post article. Not EXACTLY the same topic, but similar.

Turkey fuck off unlike german cucks we will fight and be free even if it takes 500 years of wars(again),so fuck off Ahmed.

He can't even read his own article since his initial thesis was that civil war is "late" by now, but his own article can be cited saying that by 2020 some parts of certain populous areas are becoming ungovernable which is certainly true like Duisburg-Bruckhausen, but this is only a minor occurrence and does not mean a civil war is about to start. If anything this is the first step and the civil war can be expected decades in the future when Muslims stand a chance of winning due to demographically being the majority with the right cultural/political background.

I only want you to admit that the civil war is still far off and not "late" by now.

macron isn't going to win, he's an ex-banker... there will be things about him coming out that dwarf le pen her "another bottle, europe pays" scandal

>Schulz wins
>EU gets fucked

Schulz is an EU shill, those two events are mutually exclusive.

Calm down, calm down. >Studie der CIA berichtet, nach der die CIA intern *SPÄTESTENS* um das Jahr 2020 herum in vielen europäischen Ballungsgebieten Bürgerkriege erwartet.
Textverständnis, 3. Klasse.

EU gets fucked anyways, with or without Schulz and with or without Le Pen.

>>Balkan taken over by Turkey

blahblahbah, what a load

Do a refferendum and kick us out of EU, thanks

Fuck off do a referendum yourself kek.
Other than that I am for it. But it's unnecessary anyways, the EU is dying.

>In der von KOPP EXKLUSIV schon im April vorgestellten CIA-Studie wird die »Unregierbarkeit« vieler europäischer Ballungszentren »etwa um das Jahr 2020 herum« prognostiziert. In Deutschland fallen darunter angeblich: Teile des Ruhrgebietes (namentlich erwähnt werden etwa Dortmund und Duisburg), Teile der Bundeshauptstadt Berlin, das Rhein-Main-Gebiet, Teile Stuttgarts, Stadtteile von Ulm sowie Vororte Hamburgs.
>falling for the Lügenpresse
You literally fell for the sensationalistic paragraph which they debunk in their own article.

>Balkan taken over by Turkey

With what army?With the same shitty """army""" that can't take a small town from ISIS??


I believe Germany still has enough money to keep the current liberal mutlikulti status quo going for a couple of decades. That's the big problem

>France - Macron wins
>Germany - Schulz wins
At first I was like "meh"..

>Race war and religious war
>European war
..but then I was like "Feels good man!".

fuck off, no one wants to join your caliphate

My people are retards and will stay in EU to the very end. Just call my goverment uncopentent, illiteral idiots and poles subhumans, that would help

>»Unregierbarkeit« vieler europäischer Ballungszentren »etwa um das Jahr 2020 herum« prognostiziert.
This referes to Europe as a whole, idiot. And it cites german examples only, because that is of interest for a german newspaper.
On top of that, the first civil wars will be farily regional. Germany may still be governable as a whole, for the most part.
Ja, wie gesagt. Textverständnis, 3. Klasse.
>Brüllt Lügenpresse auf der Straße

They could. They just don't want to. LMAO

LEL you're still vexed coz no Austria Hungary anymore. I fell you tho. It was a nice thing desu.

K. kek.

Like they do in Syria???


>They just don't want to.
What aren't you understanding?

>This referes to Europe as a whole, idiot.
Makes no difference.
>And it cites german examples only, because that is of interest for a german newspaper.
I didn't even make a point of this.
>On top of that, the first civil wars will be farily regional.
Yet there aren't any and won't be by 2020, so...Politikverständnis, 3.Klasse?

gayroach army got rekt by unarmed civilians.

No wonder why they can't even take a village from isis

Urban canada gets fucked by immigrants by 2030, and elect anti white MPs and prime minister whilst failing to realize that rural canada which is 95% white provides the majority of the military as well as a disproportionate number of engineers, construction workers/site supers etc. Race wars occur and urban areas fall into chaos since rural whites control the food, raw materials, and the military. The sand nigger trudeau made leader of the military is an imposter and is overthrown.

>Makes no difference.
LMAO yes it does. By 2020 the WHOLE of central Europe will be a mess. Germany will already be by that time.
>I didn't even make a point of this.
Read the above sentence.
>won't be by 2020

Why don't you get fucked. Faggot bish.



This scene was really really impressive.

I think this is how brown people whorship whiteness.