This is unironically a thing

>This is unironically a thing
We deserve to die out desu.
We talk about the decline of white women but isn't the decline of white men just as bad?

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I keep telling people MGTOW, though an obvious backlash to new-wave feminism, is just as poisonous. But, they're too busy posturing as a "tough guy" in a desperate attempt to cover the fact that some girl broke their heart and they're too weak to get over it. Then they'll quote their skewed divorce and court settlement statistics, label women the enemy, and pretend to be so fucking clever for deciding to be a basement dweller posing as a playboy online.

You are not going to fix it without fixing the divorce laws. Can't shame young men into acting out against their self interests.

>without fixing the divorce laws
This is not a problem if men would actually control their women

I can sure as hell shame them for making poor choices in marriage.

You hear feminists saying the EXACT. SAME. THING. about how marriage is, for whatever reason, the worst decision a young woman can make.

At some point you'll have say fuck the law. If she screws you over, you'll get even

That manly men controlling their women trope is from an era when the laws were firmly patriarchal. Take away the laws backing male authority and all you are left with is the LARP'ing.

> lifetime alimony
> life in prison
Those are two shitty choices desu.

Laws cant change the genetics of women
They will naturally follow the alpha in their life

>the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you...
>the feminist cries out in pain as he strikes you...
marriage is the easiest way for a woman to get money besides welfare from the government. in fact, marriage is now a form of welfare from the government

that's your lame excuse for retarded societal standards?

yeah fuck having monogamy and civilization and shit

How is this against monogamy?

Yes. And that Alpha will be their boss at the office or the unavailable tattooed biker they crossed paths with at the bar. Not the agreeable provider type who they conned into getting onto one knee.

>their boss at the office
That is why they should be stay at home moms
>crossed paths with at the bar.
Why is your wife going out to bars?

Define alpha for me

The most important man in her life
The one who she looks to for direction

Marry the most traditional chick you can and slowly so slowly redpill her.

We all have to settle and learn our lesson together: we fucked these girls up, if we turn our backs on every one we might as well just commit seppuku.

T. Husband to an honest woman.

>They'll quote statistics, and I'll screech artistically about le small dick compensation meme, and further objectify both sexes with "you've never egg en left had sex xD" meme

too vague, any man could fit in that discription given chance

Well dont let another man

MGTOW aren't the issue, modern women are.

Them and the jews who are pushing this feminist bullshit.
Fix that, and there is no longer a need for MGTOW

I'm not MGTOW, but I see why some guys are. It's the financially responsible thing to do

Some people do win in Russian roulette. That is true. But turning the bedrock of civilization into that silly drunken game was a very very bad idea.

>It's the financially responsible thing to do
What is the point of money if you have no family?

>Some people do win in Russian roulette.
5/6 is pretty good odds

That's the biggest problem with it.

You just need to figure out a balance and be super careful about who you decide to be with

Sup Forums is autistic. Sup Forums can't make up it's mind as to whether MGTOW is an isolated group of virgin fat guys or the cause for the decline of the white race.

I've talked to MGTOW guys and I found them all to be charismatic and they have their own reasons for how they think.

Do I ultimately agree with them? No and yes. They are right about many things.

Take away all the rights and privileges western women have, and the problem is solved.

People are degenerate in general, it's no positive endgame to write off all women and never associate with them. But western society is outrageously degenerate with gender relations and sexual conduct, and telling young men to "man up" for no reward when they know what's at stake is a terrible strategy.

I really hate this when people try to remove all the responsibility from women and direct it to men
>she cheated on you because you are small-dicked beta male
>you cheated on her because you are an asshole

MRAs are not MGTOW. Stop putting them in the same basket.

remove pedophilia and pedo shaming. this whole OLD HAG empowerment is killing me inside.

>super careful about who you decide to be with
There are actually more decent women looking to get married than men willing to marry them
The problem is most men usually with some slut they met at a bar

Yes but in the marriage version there are 3 bullets. Not even drunk Russkies would play that game.

I don't care.

Give me a reason to care.

MGTOW is a symptom of the problem, not the solution.

Attacking MGTOWs isn't going to help men, nor is attacking men who still want to be married.

>young woman

And then "good" men, who she ignored at her prime, should marry her before she hits the wall.

>responsibility from women and direct it to men
That is like saying dogs should be held responsible and not their owners
When a woman goes astray I guarantee it is either her father or husband's fault

does that really always happen though. I think many people tend to accept half-joking stereotypes as facts.

>Marry the most traditional chick you can
>We all have to settle and learn our lesson together: we fucked these girls up, if we turn our backs on every one

Wait, so are you saying guys should settle with sluts or with traditional women?


I mean, forget about MGTOW and gender politics and all that. I don't get married because I like to spend most of my time alone. Sure, its nice to have a girl in bed to cuddle and fuck from time to time, but I wouldn't want to live with her.

A lot of MGTOW talk about divorce, which is a real issue, but also even if you don't get divorced there is a high probability that as you age your sex drives will not be matched, resulting in a dead bedroom. So for the rest of your life, your wife doesn't want to fuck you, and you are obliged not to fuck anybody else either. That sounds awful. The single life is really just a lot more carefree.

about what

>seeking women validation


Yeah I don't really like dogs and certainly would not want to date one.

I agree but they're still full human beings in the eyes of the law. Dogs are put down when they act out, and the owner might have to pay for it. Women face zero consequences and are actually rewarded for horrible behavior (divorce). It's really difficult to change this.

Once you give women "equal rights", your civilization begins the countdown to extinction

then start removing age of consent entirely.

give the authority of marrying the 13 y/o girl to the father. her consent is bullshit in the first place. It's the FATHER'S consent that counts.

MGTOW is a rational response to the feminists skinner box. Sometimes escape is the only way to safety.

Getting legally married is learned helplessness. You accept the abuse because you are weak.

>We talk about the decline of white women but isn't the decline of white men just as bad?

This is true. I would say that at least 25% of men in their 20's are undateble.

I remember the days when Sup Forums was so angry about the mythical MGTOW menace that guys like you would post reasonable posts like you did, and then people would immediately come out of the shadows and descend like autistic predators upon their prey.

It's counter-productive to try to use internet social shaming to get young guys to be with women again. Anybody that's been around knows where all of this shit comes from and it's nothing new to us.

Sup Forums, feminists and other people that go against young men on this issue shoot themselves in the foot since they provide absolutely no positive incentives for young men to do what they say.

How in the fuck can you control your woman when she has the power to take your house, kids, dog, car, and money even if she's a meth addict and you're a well rounded man with a stable job?

I don't like MGTOW because damning the family unit because some women are cheating whores is irrational, but at the same time I understand it. Getting married is an ENORMOUS risk for the man, he has the chance to lose every single thing in his life forever. In my eyes divorce courts should be fucking banned other than custody of children, which is the only thing that should be debated. Why in the fuck should any side be able to say 'I get this thing that is yours' because they don't want to be together anymore?

this guy gets it


MGTOW should be renamed to WBGTOW

White betas. Only white betas are afraid of strong women and feminism.

This is why I advocate a return to male power. Give men the power they had in the days of old and take away all the power women currently have. Then marriage would be awesome.

It's not about being anti-women, it's about seeing how degenerate western society is with slut culture and gender relations, and cutting it off.

This idea that young men can still be "real men" while women get to experience the best of both worlds (equality and special traditional treatment) is a pipe dream that will never work. A forced meme that was dead on arrival but people don't want to accept it was never alive to begin with.

I thought they are just a small group of fedora tippers and aren't a real threat. Am I wrong?

It's the only fucking thing you can do, that why it's a thing:
>"Just man up and take marriage up the ass", she divorces you, you're either homeless or must must mantain her livelyhood of fucking other guys in your house with your money. Either way you lost your children and assets.
>"just control your woman" she call the cops on you because you mildly touched her or talked a bit louder than usual, you're in jail
>"just find a good white woman to have kids with" you must rescue a slut that is about to run out of eggs and wants to settle down after taking so much semen to her vaginal walls from other guys that your offspring will have more genes from Chad and Tyrone than yours
>"Just date younger" You go to jail because pedo laws consider a 17yr old as a 4yr old child. Anything older than 17 probably is already on way to the former category, or won't want to settle down yet because muh career
>"Just find an unicorn" Fair enough, welcome to MGTOW because you'll be lonely for a long time buddy.

white women make white men, are you this stupid?

Just do a prenuptial or access that she will be able to take half of the community property (in many states).

How is taking half of the community property taking everything away?

The only thing I don't really agree with is the handling of children but at the same men generally are not better at raising children.

There is nothing stronger than a pious christian woman, who is strong enough to follow her believes against a current of degeneracy.

see you in divorce courts

That ship has sailed

No we are not afraid of "strong womyn".

We are afraid of this:

Just say that your lonely loser ass has no game or social skills and you want to rape women because youre pathetic.

MGTOW is just as jewish of a trick as Feminism, except instead of targetting Women it targets Men.

Both prevent the continuation of the white race.

Both prevent healthy, white, heterosexual marraige

True that

a real man smacks a bitch up every now and then

> leaf
> not shitposting

Rare af

Pretty much this.

>being this butthurt about a niche group that will never have mass appeal

> Is MGTOW real?
Look at your native marriage and birth rates.

Many young guys have never heard of the term and never will. Yet they still smell the zeitgeist in the air and are voting with their feet.

t. a woman

Islamic women dont get divorces because they are based and not degenerate like the infidel west. Islam is the answer, and the west will accept it. Its obvious now. Without it, your women turn to whoredom. Chritianity is easy mode. You dont unlock the secret ending playing ez mode binos.

>wins the woman rullette
>tells others to "suck it up"

I'm 36 have had a good job for 15 years, nice car and I can afford a nice apartment. I'm fit and have been called handsome buy more than my fair share of women.

90% of women are trash.

>I cheated on you because you work to much and I sit around on my ass to much... I'm bored.

Last 5 year relationship ended with that, she got her hours cut and I didn't... that's all it took.

>I cheated on you because I have more confident because your good habits rubbed off on me and I look 5x better now.

One before that she was a little on the chunky side, but she was a cool person. Lost a few pounds and became the whore she apparently always wanted to be

When it has happened enough... fuck em literally. That's all I do now, treat them like the whores they want to be treated like and forget I even met them.

I get laid a lot less, but I can live with that.

Dont marry a woman that needs controlling. If you need to control her abehaviour you are her new father because her parents failed to raise her. Its not your job to raise your woman by keeping her behaviour in line. Living like this will be a nightmare and she'll be just as easily manipulated by the next guy - and she'll take half your shit and your kids.

If you are "alpha" you get the alpha female - not a bimbo with silicone tits - but a emotionally stable heathy mother who is supportive of your efforts to earn and provide for the family.

If you are having to control your womans behaviour, you have blundered dick first into a beta female

>Islamic women
>based and not degenerate

should I tell you how they are treated?

I agree with this completely.

Modern feminism needs to be completely and utterly destroyed.

Women can vote. Women can get jobs. Women can get an education. Women can do anything a man wants to do. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO FIGHT FOR.

But, ya' see, there's MONEY to be made in this. Think of all the Al Sharptons of feminism. It is in their best interest to keep women feeling angry.

MGTOW is CANCER, but it is reactionary.

It's nothing more than a reaction to social ills. People do not see that, they only see men for being weak instead of asking why they are dropping out. Because when you find out the why, you will find the answer of how to fix it.

I literally listened to my 8/10 cutie3.14 virgin sister-in-law yesterday complain for an hour about how hard it is to find a decent man that wants to settle down and get married.

So spare me the arguments in favor of MGTOW.

>le virgin fat guy memes

I don't want to rape anybody. But you want me to reply and say I am pro-rape so you have some screencaps for tumblr or reddit or wherever you go.

As for your pic, leftist women are not the only problem. The problem rests in western culture and how degenerate it is, and "traditionalist" women love to pretend to be prude and traditional when they realize they will soon hit the wall and they need a "good guy" to lock down.

She has no idea I think this way, but I do have a gf and as much as I like her, I am very suspicious of her because of this topic. I would like nothing more than to have a comfy life with her, but western society goes against me on this topic so it's very risky.


Its the jew media that convinces women being bitches is empowering

>being pissed that men are choosing to do what they want to do

Sounds like you're either a beta male or your a roastie.

You either die a cuck or live long enough to see yourself become the faggot.

... or was it the other way around?


so not your real sister. why didn't you fucked her yet?

The "This is US" season finale has a scene where young Rebecca is told by her lady friends that she is a great singer, a wonderful singer, but she should have a back-up plan just in case her dreams do not work out.

What is her back up plan? Become a Teacher, Nurse, Accountant, HR worker, any other fucking job? Nope, it's to get hitched to a guy who is able to provide.

Her first attempt is a wealthy man who is successful and is passionate about his work. This is boring to her, and too much against her dream. She runs away from him, pursues her dream and runs into a hard-working tough guy. Her dream does not pan out and her back up plan, a man, is shaky at best.

Fuck this shit. MGTOW is about men not being used as back-up plans for women who have failed in life.

>Not black
>respects black ppl

Im your natural born enemy pol. Im the reason you have ran to eightchan. Because the safe space is no longer safe anymore. This is my playground now.

Show me ur tits bitch

I'm not an MRA. I couldn't care less about "hating women" or statistics.

I'm out of uni, the broads are getting picky. I just wanna focus on my career and play golf. Im not against dating a woman for a little while but after fucking and dumping about a, 2 dozen, it loses its luster.

Look at it this way, the more men go MGTOW or full on herbivore man, the more aggressive women will have to be to get their pussies buttered up. That means more tail for average guys.

Yes. Men need to maintain higher standards and ignore the bar sluts, have some self control and recognise the emotionally stable women

this is a logical response to women being traitors and pieces of shit. you wouldnt blame someone for defending themselves from violence wold you? why attack mgtow's for defending themselves from women's use of the state to commit violence against them?

>If you are "alpha" you get the alpha female - not a bimbo with silicone tits - but a emotionally stable heathy mother who is supportive of your efforts to earn and provide for the family.


Betas lack the basic emotional intelligence to see the red flags.

I've noticed a trend of women who were previously massive whores to suddenly become "traditional". Don't fall for it, if she's taken 200x cocks before she met you that won't stop happening.

I know a girl who fucked more than 70 guys in the last 2 years of highschool alone. Now she lives with a guy and cooks for him while fucking other guys on Tinder constantly. Pretending to be a traditional (albeit unmarried) housewife.

The biggest problem is that women are unable to realize they're doing something bad, let alone hypocritical. So she truly believes she is a traditional woman because she cooks, all the cheating and casual sex is irrelevant because that would be uncomfortable.

How the fuck are we supposed to fix this? Where to start?

how many people do you know that closely fit this description?

>pretend to be so fucking clever for deciding to be a basement dweller posing as a playboy online.
even if this is a low point in their lives, this is so pathetic. I'm sorry for you that you actually know people like this. I hope this is a straw man description

If that's the only way to stop women from becoming degenerate what's the problem?

You should have asked her how those gilded shackles feel.

"How does it feel to have everything, but never truly be happy?"



The problem is TV / hollywood / magazines / celebrity culture convincing women being materialistic bitches is empowering and winning.


Going their own way, is not what these people are doing, they are just flocking to yet another group, holding on to their ideology.

It is why I don't really respect them. They are just the sort of morons who are unable to go on with life on their own two feet, and need others to give them a guide.

Unfortunately it is not a straw man description.

You should see some of the MGTOW red pill society LARPing boards on the Internet. It's pathetic.

MGTOW is inherently homosexual.

Like, it's 2017 and OK to be gay, but just be honest with yourselves if that's what you really believe.

Simple, remove the rug of security from under their feet. Make a strict condition that says if she strays at all, she gets the boot. Easiest way is to ban social media. That is perhaps the best way to prevent her from doing that shit.

If that bitch actually read the expanded universe, she would know that the Jedi were a bunch of pieces of shit and the Sith were the real heroes.

You don't fix it, just open up tinder and enjoy the almost free sex if you're even moderately attractive. These broads will eventually hit a wall at 30, the younger ones will realize and you can marry one of those while the whores settle for beta cucks or die alone surrounded by cats.