I've had all my fill with this Zionist cocksucker



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Don't you dumbshits realize that the more you push anti semitic shit the more Trump has to deflect and pander to the fucking kikes?

Who are his kids again?

Just fucking go

Fuck off. Israel is the only thing stopping the start of the caliphate. If you were smart youd know Israeli Nationals arent the bad guys

gtfo Conrad Myrland.

>yes goy

When the fuck did Sup Forums start liking the jew?




Daily reminder that Sup Forums is a pro Israel board!


Trump being Netanyahu's little shabbos goy bitch is not a news at all. However, news about globalist machine which is UN malfunctioning is always feel great.

Well there is an Israel bias by the UN.

So many Jew problems with so little suggested solutions

UN is a joke. Saudi brought their whole organisation and now use it as their personal propaganda outlet.


T R U M P F A G S, everyone

can't wait until he moves the embassy to jerusalem

There will be lot's of autistic screeching when that happens!

>there's a chance this post was actually serious
>it might not be a joke

The Human Rights Council is trash.

>somehow urinated his shirt too
You don't need to be smart to figure out that that's water.

It's run by saudis who look the other way unless it benefits them, big suprise


His shirt only has blood on it

Nothin wrong with that.

Israel is a jewish White nationalist state.

Globalist Scum ≠ Based Nationalist Israelis

>muh BASED israeli nationalists

Israel is the greatest ally though
If you had to pick would you prefer jews being all over the world or in one isolated desert space?

Nice D&C, Trump's useful while he's tackling immigration. Jews come later.

>destabilize surrounding countries
>this leads to the rise of extremist ideologies flourishing
>those terrorists now attack Western nations

So based mang

I thought it was widely known (((jews))) trying to control the world and normal Jews in Israel are completely different. Israel is just a US territory anyways.

Hitler was a Zionist. This is a fact, stormfags.

10D Chess.

After naming the Jew he gets inaugurated and now he's placating the Jew. He's showing us that they are the ones who are really in charge.

You were conned so hard, alt-right cucks.

What's with all the good goys here recently?

I agree and so does KEK apparently. Without Israel the caliphate spreads faster than ever. Fuck you simple retards that think "muh white supremacy" even has a chance without alliances.

Theyre the true alt-right.

Reddit will go to any length to defend their God emperor from criticism, even if that means siding with literal Jews. I voted for the guy but he is far from perfect and calling him out on his shitty moves is necessary.

Jew shill pls go

/r/the_donald rapefuges

alt-kike revealing their true form.

The_donald infiltrated and turned pol to shit long ago. Get with the program and worship trump and the jew.

gas the kikes

If you think any nation has an alliance with the thieving, backstabbing parasite country known as Israel you're fucking retarded. They have stolen US military designs, killed our sailors, leech taxpayer money, and have the fucking gall to demand more and cry persecution the second the aid stops flowing like a waterfall. If the US stopped aiding Israel our relationships with the surrounding countries would improve immediately, bypassing the entire stated reason for supporting Israel in the first place. Better relations with ME nations lead to their stability which means less attacks on Western nations.

Israel isn't an ally, it's just another bloodsucker draining our country.


those trips don't lie!


What do you expect Trump to do? Bend her over his lap and spank her?


>he thinks there is only one Jew
You must be new.

whats the arrow represent desu?

educate yourself