What will this era (let's say 1950 - 2050) be known as 100 years in the future?

What will this era (let's say 1950 - 2050) be known as 100 years in the future?

The Bog era


The Era of the Start of Decline

Digital Dark Ages

People will remember this time as the time of delusion. Future historians will be baffled at how people in the past could believe in such lies as 9/11 the holocaust global warming etc Of coarse 100 years from now humanity would've likely rid ourselves of the jews. and recolonized the middle east and africa. to get all the mudslimes and sandniggers under control.

many terms often in conjunction with postmodernism are used. late capitalism, media society, consumer society, postindustrial

The Paradigm Shift

The brown era or a pile of shit, I'd bet.

Rise and Fall

The Jewish Hellscape

Jew Age

The age of vanity.

the great collapse

war of the idealouges

The Parabola.


The Kekage.

I am unironically starting to enjoy bogposting. What is happening to me?

pretty obvious it will be known as the internet era / information age

within the decade we will transition to quantum computers

The saving of the west.

>how the breaking of the academia/media cartel by the internet saved the west from a death by islam orchestrated by marxist jews.

Haram era - how the kuffar helped us spread peace for the only true prophet

First technoscience revolution

You're starting to believe.

The Triggering