That David Rockefeller was 101 years old and died.




this whole time i thought that was soros... bill cosby effect

Kek, they say the same about Soros

Yeah, but D. Rockefeller has had more hearts than Link

7 Fucking transplants.

Guess they weren't able to find an suitable child for sacrifice this time

Meh. With all his modern medicine and heart-transplants he only managed to live as long as my great-grandmother did.

So thats what you call those blod drinking leeches!

>eyes of joy and glee, love and care.
>smile of an innocent child
>101, still looking 35 prior to death
>what a role model

>globalist billionares picking winners and losers while engaging in overt social engineering schemes to destroy western civilization


really activates my almonds.

Died on Barron Trump's 11th birthday, which is also the Spring Equinox.

Old news. We've known for 24 hours.

They say like that because he donated 100 millions to Harvard probably


I'm referring to the term "philanthropist"

literally no fucking proof of this

They probably took his brain out and put it in a young body.

Why aren't there more threads disucssioning these absurd coincidences? Its time for another /xpol/ thread

It was the subject of several yesterday


Anything of note worthy?



His transformation into a reptilian was complete

Nobody had any explanation for the coincidences that I could see, I have no idea what connection there is. All i know is it's a strange trio of events.

I wanna take a cruise to your island

I guess they finished uploading his mind into an immortal computer

They uploaded his brain into a robot, he is not dead

Are you some richfag shitposting in a vacation?

101 - He transformed into computer code of a classified technology

thanks for the flag m8
I've been looking for this one

Barron 11

Rockefeller 101

>His d ub s were divided...

t.rare flag

How long until Alex Jones is drinking champagne on set again?

>mfw it takes Soros this long to die

I don't know zero confirmation of this, if it happened it's been covered up, otherwise it's a very cruel joke.

And he deserves that and more.

>Who you aren't allowed to criticize yada yada.


I always wondered if its possible to do this already, add to that the clonation thing


Corporations are people, so what he's getting at is that government is servant to corporations..

he died on the day of the frog and barron trumps birthday

All those dark magic jewish rituals take a toll on the body you know ?

>tfw you probably won't live to see barron trump's 101st birthday party.

Whether you are king or street sweeper, everyone dances with the grim reaper...

Another Saturn worshipper bites the dust. Now if just everyone else in those 13 families would cease existing maybe we could get something done around here.