What's wrong with Hilary Clinton?

Alright pol, I'm genuinely curious about what is wrong with her, when I look at her I see no soul..something very satanic and disturbing is in possession of her..I can just see it...it makes me sad actually. So what do you think is wrong with her? Is she to far gone? Is she possessed?

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Too redpilled for Sup Forums

drug cocktails and baby blood smoothies do that

>yellow teeth
>empty eyes
Shes a lizard

Am I the only one who can see this? She looks like Satan

drank too much infant blood, takes a toll

Bill gave her AIDS. He looks like he's got it too

Well the Rodham family is known for sex magic, and considering what we know about her proclivities, it would not come as any surprise that she had been sexually abused as a child.

And then it just goes on from there. You could leave it at a genetic psychopath to keep things simple, really.

And a life of drug abuse sure doesn't help.

She's got a bad case of Kuru, OP. The disease is steering the ship now.

She's demonic for sure. But Satan could never be so incompetent.

I just feel bad because she has no self awareness, she is the product of corruption, corruption of love and humanity. She was shaped by the very hands of evil itself

>what's wrong with Hillary

Umm, she doesn't have a softball sized exit wound on the back of her head...yet

oh come on guys, no one here would marry her and have a committed relationship??!!?

How did her teeth get yellow so quickly? No supply of baby flesh?


It's neat to watch the difference between when she can react to a real person in real time vs. when she has to try to act normal on camera.

With nothing but a camera, she goes into these bizarre exaggerations. I feel bad for the people who fall for the act.

I see it too. Something genuinely evil and dishonest.

Can you give some examples of how she acts off camera, please?

She was overrun by greed. It happens to many people who's morals have been degraded over time. She was willing to steal , kill, lie, start wars, etc. just to attain the office of the presidency. She had no problem at all being a puppet for globalists and throwing her entire country under the bus.

It is rather sad, not that she did it, but that so many liberals just can't see it.

But we're sensing this evil for a reason, there's more behind the curtain, it's unbearable to even look at that picture, at least for me.

Chain smoking

shes mad because she lost. and also without makeup

old (actually camera)
new (out of her mind)

But pretty much any time she's in front of a big enough crowd, she can't see individual people and goes into the act.

this picture is fucking scary man

Drug use

She looks like some kind of an alien in disguise you would see in the movies.

>> Hillary had Pnuemonia

Allegedly; if thats true though - this cunt, nor her cucked rapist husband havent got long left

>> When she dies, there will be a party
>> Merry songs of Ding Dong the Witch is dead
>> Liberal tears line the streets
>> Cheers all around

There's nothing wrong with her. You're seeing those things because you're a fucking retard who's let your entire worldview be shaped by a Manchurian spaghetti posting board.

Hillary is a regular person.

That picture is fucked beyond belief, you don't need to be on a Taiwense sewing tutorial board to see that.

The symptoms of walking pneumonia actually do line up in this case.

And it would be consistent with late-stage parkinson's with levodopa‚Äźinduced dyskinesia. Not long ago I interviewed a friend of mine who is in medical training and who had been working with such cases, and I didn't tell him why or what I was asking about, but everything he told me fit like a glove.

> nearly 100 years old

> still wearing blue contact lenses

She is a reprobate. Probably too late for her.

Women just become exponentially uglier with age. She's almost 70.

you've conditioned yourself to think that based on the hyperbole surrounding the campaign. She may be evil, but she looks like a normal old lady except for all the fake smiling and general politician gladhanding crap she does

Kuru, you fuck.

That's the answer.

why is everyone talking about satanism/demons?
almost sounds like we're sleep deprived or something
you know what I do feel kinda sleepy...
let's just all go to sleep

unironically this.

She just lusts for power.
Now I'm not saying that (((they))) all don't do that, but when you hitch your wagon to a successful politician and you have more in common with Cherie Blair than Eva Peron the cards are stacked against you.

Also the DNC, while thinking they had a maverick candidate in the bag forgot she was only a maverick in 2008 - really she shouldn't have run, stayed in the senate and then run fir 2016.

Her loss in 2016 has more to do with Barack Obama in 2008, but in fairness who was seriously going do drop that hand, and Obama flopped the nuts.

She needs to take a leaf out of Biden's playbook, be the more senior VP choice for the maverick candidate in 2020. I'm picking Joaquin Castro.

no makeup

(she uses makeup made with a soul extract of dead children)

If you spent your entire adult life as a career politician in the US you'd be doing well if you weren't feeding on aborted fetuses at that age.

Exactly my thoughts.

Nice b8

Fucking shill, how does it feel like sucking Satan's dick, hug? You disgust me


Could also be lewy body disease for all we know.

Apparently the cunt banged her head hard enough to sustain permanent 8th cranial nerve damage, or maybe that was from the lateral ventricle surgery? Whatever it is, it's kind of amazing she's still going to the extent that she did. Sure at first you think maybe it's just congestive heart failure and multifocal seizures, but then you're like

looks like that rumpelstiltskin actor

>I'm genuinely curious about what is wrong with her,

moloch worship

It's simple, she's a demon


she's had a lust for power for quite a while now
you can tell it's fucked her up quite bad
i dont think it's santa, just y'know how girls get the crazy eyes
she's got them but about 100 times worse

Pokemon go to the polls

Her health just goes to show how terrible she is at campaign strategy though.

She chose to deny her health problems. But she easily could have played the "womyn stronk" card about it.

"Yeah, I have all these health problems, but they aren't going to slow me down."

Instead she denied them.

Should have played the disability sympathy card instead.

>Well the Rodham family is known for sex magic

point me at a book that mentions this please,

interesting that the Bush family is rumored to include blood from Alestair Crowley who literally wrote the book on sex magic

I am now quite interested

you sound paranoid, lack of sleep causes that.
do you feel sleepy?
I bet you feel sleepy, just go to sleep for a while


Her mouth is smiling but her eyes aren't. This is the hallmark of an evil entity.

>She was willing to steal , kill, lie, start wars, etc. just to attain the office of the presidency. She had no problem at all being a puppet for globalists and throwing her entire country under the bus.

Too much soul cooking.

She has either been directly involved with some of the most evil things on earth, or helped cover up the most evil things.

You are looking at a possessed witch who has absolutely no conscience and thinks this is all one big game because she has gotten away with so much for so long

Oh Mighty Kek - please let this be the one. Let this be, the one!

Alright anons, it's op, seriously why the term 'sleep', why do these shills use it specifically? It's creepy as fuck

>There's nothing wrong with her.
>Hillary is a regular person.


>Hillary is a real human bean!
Don't you have some people to get killed, Hillary?

Seems accurate..my gut actually aches just looking at her.

>Well the Rodham family

Werent they some piece of shit white trash ?
She got to collage with fucking everyone she needs too, then met Bill and he made her ?

>when I look at her I see no soul
Do you see most people's souls? Even Christians aren't usually this retarded...

>Is she possessed?
Possession doesn't even real, she's just power hungry.

>She has either been directly involved with some of the most evil things on earth, or helped cover up the most evil things.

she had Janey Reno send federal officers to burn children to death on an occult holiday

that really says it all for me

Ceased to be human a long time ago
Too many deals with evil people, attended LARPy ritual-esque events

To think you guys almost elected that .... thing as pres
What would have happend if she won?

> sleepy meme
> greetings fellow teens

Everytime you see a meme
That makes you think of sleep
Open your eyes
Don't feel tired
You've uncovered something deep

>Werent they some piece of shit white trash ?

no, everybody in that family has had money since the 1700s, they were slave trading opium dealers way back then

they've been crooked fucks for a long time, longer than the Rothschild family which puts the Rothschild tweet blasting Podesta into understanding once you know that and understand these people measure their success on how long their family has had money, in the 100s of years, some of them 1000s

She is Jewish puppet. Her husband is a rapist. Her daughter is married to goldman sachs jew banker.

>regular people are capable of starting wars for profit/power.
>regular people eat babies

Sounds regular to me

I ate a baby once. It wasn't that bad.

Ummm, that's the bio for Trump as well.

He's at least honest in his nature, a blustering blow-hard wheeler-dealer that celebrates everything as a win.

I get the distinct feeling H.Clinton really hates being around 'normal' people.

She just looks like an old lady to me

She's a "witch". Not even memeing.



>I get the distinct feeling H.Clinton really hates being around 'normal' people.

just like Thomas Jefferson who had walls built into his house so he didn't have to ever see his servants

you guys are fucking crazy
get some sleep

>Ummm, that's the bio for Trump as well.

Yes, but Trump cant be controlled by Jew money because he doesn't need it. Thats why media attack him and make him look like a fool.

All of this! Not even /x/, but the association with pedos and spirit cooking made her into a demon

She looks like shit because the round-the-clock make up artists and stylists, not to mention doctors, have all fucked off after the campaign.

We know she is ill and getting worse. She won't make it to see Trump's second term.

Then fuck off bitch, go suck a dick

So this was before her soul was corrupted?

>vacant stare

Because you can sense concentration of ill will. That's a part of human discernment that protects us from monsters like her from feeding on our young.

Americans need to learn how to smile with both their lips and eyes.

Please elaborate user


I like you, user.

No but her daughter will. Lets hope she fails as well


Fuck, i really need to stop going onto Sup Forums after taking acid

Its the same with rockfeller and soros.
Look at their images.
Its a side effect of the blood transfusions.


Yup she looks like a Soros. Whatever Jewish magic they use to sustain themselves it's sure not working anymore.

That's the second time you've posted this.