Is this a temporary migration or is it forever? No way to reverse it, now?

Is this a temporary migration or is it forever? No way to reverse it, now?

Europe is done. Over and out. Everyone knows it, but not everyone likes to think about it, let alone talk about it.

only race war can save Yurop now. Too bad those cucks are too sissy to start let alone win a race war

>ameriniggerxican and chinadians calling Europeans "cucks"

Europe's a fucking black hole, you let the terrorists in and you get fucking terrorized. All the more reason to close the damn borders.

m8, what are supposed to fight with? teaspoons?

Polearms repelled the mohammedans just fine for a thousand years.

>fighting an asymmetrical war with guns and not car bombs


ur fucking fists btich?

>No way to reverse it, now
I can think of one way..

When all the polish came over everyone said it was only temporary, they just wanted to earn a bit of cash and go back. But their still here, really activates my almonds

>race war
b-but I thought Muslims weren't a race!

Nope, but Arabs and Niggers are, dummy

Problem with polearms is there has to be a pair of balls, preferably attached to a person, holding and using the polearm.

Is there any kind of legitimate anti-islam, anti-refugee movement in sweden or norway?
Because as of now there isn't in Canada. We have O'Leary but he's mostly a jack-ass. At least France has Le Pen.

Sweden, Norway, Germany, etc. all seem completely doomed from what I can see.
Canada less so, but only because we're moving slower. It's only a matter of time now.

Eastern Europe is new Europe. They know what it is like to be governed by the radical left, they won't let that happen again for a long time. They won't let migrants in because they know that only leads to misery. They see what is happening in West Europe.

There will be coups and color revolutions and proxy wars waged by the Western world on Eastern Europe to destabiljze them, but they know what to do about that.

It's permanent, as planned by the overlords. Stop asking questions, goy.

It's not permanent but I don't see it reversing unless a major war happens. Just look at Poland and Hungary. Although they're practically ethnostates today, they used to be homes to many European peoples until WWII.

unless you cleanse the subhuman dna from your country, it is there forever. the longer you wait the harder it is to remove

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Niggers and arabs are a race

The problem with shitskins is that you can't isolate them by civilised means, so migration will go on unless we go back to using concentration camps. They're true parasites, constantly seeking for a better place because their own Kebabistans are proper shitholes and they know it won't change. That is, possibly, the chief difference between whites and shitskins: if things go pearshape whites work hard to improve their own habitat, while shitskins leeches just move to a better location.

break something so it has a sharp edge
pick up a stick, perhaps put spikes on your car and drive it
anything's possible when you use your imagination user