Beautiful European Culture - Be proud of being white!

Why is Saint Teresa promoting that racist crap?
Should thry get banned from youtube? What does it even mean to be proud of "being white"? Can you be proud of something that has been given to you? Nobody chose to be born white.

i never understood the fixation over nordic sluts.
biggest whores of them all.
garbage society.
history of boat niggerism and savagery.

>shit eye detected

2% of the world is naturally blonde OP.
Are you really asking shit skins to preserve them?

They're the most beautiful women in the world. Also the most fucked in the head unfortunately.

those girls are cute, OP.

But, it is over now and forever.


>implying Aussie girls aren't more beautiful

Get out, traitor.

>butthurt slavs

Hey, can you tell your sister Dika that I don't have any change, and she looks and smells like shit? Thanks

the dumbest women I've encountered in life were blonde and blue eyed.
going against nature to preserve the retarded if a waste of time and resources.

maybe its just your fucked up euro countries, down here pretty much all the blond girls are conservative.

she has a literal pig-like face. What the fuck

Smart blondes are rare. That's why they are worth fighting for.


Dumb blonde is just a meme. In the US, blonde girls have the highest average IQ among whites, followed by brown, red, and then black hair.

u wot m8? no where near as attractive as op's pic

pic unrelated

>Those new uniforms
>Shirt isn't tagged in
>Baby powder make up
Jobnik tier "soldiers" are most disgusting.

Slavic women are the best women
Fuck all white people

>generic looking blondes are more attractive than wholesome brunette aussie beauties

Fuck off out of this country mate. It's too good for you.

That's probably because when you go to wash their windows at the traffic lights for a good price, they tell you to fuck off

Merkel, Blonde blue eyed,
floods Europe with muds.
Hillary Clinton, blonde blue eyed, arms hajis worldwide.
Donald Trump, a jester.
Vladimir Putin, a closet homosexual bankrupting his country.


But can they drive?

>buying into Marilyn Monroe's self-promotion


Merkel is Polish

Probably not. Women drivers are almost universally horrible.

She is 1/4 polish.
Her grandparents were from PoznaƄ. That's why she wants to destroy Germany.

if they are so conservative and not retarded sluts then why all the degenerate race mixing whores that poison the minds of Nations are blondes?

good for her
at least she is 1/4 masterrace

Didn't this (((dumb blonde))) meme start after Germany lost WW2?..

Because the majority of blondes don't do porn? Porn != reality.

You guys are shit at understanding basic statistics.

The funny thing is that they actually have a higher iq than other people

Why do russian women always look like they're gonna beat the shit out of you.

I'm not talking about porn.
I'm talking media and society in general.
the dumbest people I've met in real life were blonde blue eyed.
literal mouth breathers negroid tier.

Yeah it's mostly a media thing, and we all know who owns most media. It's not true, though. What is true is that women are both smarter, and dumber, than men. They cluster around average intelligence on an IQ bell curve but there are far more men who are below average and above than women, so if you're above average and a man, most women are dumb thots.

Dunno, but her porn set is superb.

Maybe because smart blondes are too busy working or raising children to give a fuck about leaving the kitchen / work during the day? Where do you meet them, in clubs?

Is there any kind of legitimate anti-islam, anti-refugee movement in sweden or norway? Because as of now there isn't in Canada. We have O'Leary but he's mostly a jack-ass. At least France has Le Pen.

Sweden, Norway, Germany, etc. all seem completely doomed from what I can see. Canada less so, but only because we're moving slower. It's only a matter of time now.



typical white trash whore willing to kill white people because they are of orthodox faith.
slith her wrists in jail because that's what smart people do when they find out they're borderline retarded.

>because they are of orthodox faith
Welp, that doesn't apply to polish women then. Even ukrainian immigrant babes seem to be pretty smart and redpilled.

Good one Radu, I have to give you that one