What are some redpilled cartoons?

What are some redpilled cartoons?

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Ergo Proxy


Mr pickles

Ren and Stimpy adult party


my little pony


Youjo Senki



Nu pogodi

This , this and this
Nigger moment m

>watching cartoons as an adult

TLA was so fucking good.


If we're putting anime in the same category as cartoons for the sake of the thread, then pic related.

>Plot twist is "it was literally the jews".

The manga is extra redpilled

Whoa, you're trans?

mr. meaty


> Cartoons

Grow up you NEET faggot. Stop watching cartoons like a pussy 11yr old and read a fucking book, get a fucking job, go to the gym and understand that your "entertainment" fix is basically a massive blue pill.

> "B...But I like seeing the bright colours and flashing lights, I like being told how to think by a soundtrack rather than use my own initiative to figure something out and learn it for myself!! I don't wanna go to be mommmy!"

Fucking grow up.

Classic Looney Toons and Classic Disney.

>reddit doublespacing

This. Finally a non beta brit on this board.


t. Hitchens.

Fuck off, you killjoy, everybody needs a bit of downtime.

Dan vs

Something about Youjo Senki turns me off. It's way too edgy looking. is it really decent/worth?

Hannah Montana.

Isn't your lunch break over by now? Better hurry along to Schlomostein. He needs you to work so he can retire a decade early.


Wait till you see the live action movie. it's the pinnacle.

It's always pathetic bongs trying to assert themselves on Sup Forums since their culture is so passive. Shit will always be embarrassing.

Isn't this cartoon australian?

Moomin, shows you how easy life is if you let it be.

>What are some redpilled cartoons?

Drawn Together.


this is the only acceptable answer.


>mfw the actual Generation Z is going to gas these degenerates.

>guy is a demigodlike being
>spoiled slut still a cunt to him

It was too realistic actually.

why did they cancel it lads


It sure is a beautiful thought user isn't it

They named the jew too much, so the jew producer cancelled the jew producers show, jewing the jews in the process


I wouldn't recommend it really and I know for a fact that the ending will hot garbage, but I think the MC is "red pilled" because he's an edgy fedorafag who challenges god and wants to kill him

6/10 would not rewatch

Yuru Yuri

Why the fuck is /mlp/, Sup Forums-lite
Of all boards

The english dub fucked it up, though.

Batman Beyond

> power puff girls white supremacy edition
> tom and jerry 1970s
> any cartoon from the 1940s


Are you for real?

Friendship is Magic was pretty good at some point, but if you saw some of the episodes last year for example, they were kinda hard to sit through.



You ever been to /lgbt/?
They are literally hating the snowflake SJW and have more in common with Sup Forums than you would expect.

I guess that the people who have to deal with SJW the most, start to secretly hate them... this would be the case with /mlp/ and /lgbt/.

We are called the right for a reason

Other Kuwaiti's on Sup Forums?

Fucking Canadians man

Of course not Lad. I am just very curious how bad it will be.

Are you the Syrian?

What do Kuwait-Lads think of Saddam now that the dust has settled? Not you, the general population.

Nope, I'm the Kuwaiti guy; there are only like 4 active Kuwaiti posters


malenkij zasranec

death note
cowboy bebop

We couldn't ku-wait for his execution.

>the general population
Everyone hates him, but I think he what kept Iran in check. now that he's gone Iraq is Iran's puppet state

I only know the Syrian dude who posts under a kuwaiti flag

nice to meet you faggot

Seriously? Was he that bad? What about all these memes i hear about him being a good dictator? Education and keeping terror groups in tact?



The movie was pretty decent.



>Seriously? Was he that bad?
He only killed thousands of kuwaiti's like 20 years ago man

Did this ever actually get made?

the only correct answer

yes please


I can't believe grown men watch this shit. You are ADULTS. Go out ffs

>Why the fuck is /mlp/, Sup Forums-lite
All the girls love monarchies. They are so patriarchal.

>What are some redpilled cartoons?
Boku no Pico

If you look at it like a comedy its prety funny in the English dub

Podesta pls


>You are ADULTS

to be fair it airs on Adult swim :^)

Is it actually good? I got recommended it, but I've been putting it off for a year now.

Early Fairly oddparents
But Hartman is very redpilled
>the grey blob episode
>when Timmys Dad rules the world world with smiles
>pixies are Jews, voiced by the jewiest jew who's ever lived


Duck Amuck is the greatest animation ever made.

>these weaboo shit
neck yourselves
go jump infront of a moving truck faggots

Unironically this. Even has a Nazi sidekick at one point

aqua teen hunger force

tfw I've been doublespacing for years. At least no one has accused me of being a redditor so far.

I'm pretty certain Butch Hartman is a closet Trump supporter.

To be fair the gods are using him to spread their influence against the MC's will and is resulting in his brainwashing and erosion of his personality to the point where he does things and vaguely remembers. On top of that in that world all gods are real, not just the Abrahamic god.

His reactions really don't come as a surprise. Still, the anime is more edgy than the manga so I'd recommend the latter.

Never been on Reddit. Just sent a lot of email

Greatest Ally

It that a legit rebuttal? Then your argument applies to all homo's, schmolo's, blacked.com bitches, cucks and niggers. Re-think it and get back to me.

No, I only work half days as I make enough money to keep my family happy in that time. Some call me clever.

To be honest, I agree, most brits are a bunch of left-wing retards. Kinda like saying all Americans voted for Hillary.

maybe add, AROUND ME and you have a deal, this is not even a real Sup Forums thread.

If you understand how the brain works, then you can understand there are some simple manipulations you can use to prime a response. Also, grit directly correlates to success. Watching a flashy mess on a screen severely messes up your brain. Reading a book means you can choose to agree or disagree with a subject without the manipulations taking hold.

>Timmy's dad hates Dinkelberg for no reason and blames him for things that aren't his fault.
>Timmy's friend is a smart nigger.
>Timmy's white friend is poor and his parents are dumb.

Although, I admit it has red pilled moments. In the newer episode there is another reference to communism. A girl wishes everyone started sharing. Then when it fails, she says something along the lines of: "now we are just in a temporary transition phase".