Just broke up with my vietnamese girlfriend of four months

Just broke up with my vietnamese girlfriend of four months

Told her I want children who look like me, and I have to do everything I can to save the white race

Did I do good, Sup Forums?

I would have told her about hapa people being crazy too, but she got upset and left by then

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you're a retard

You made the right decision. You don't want a Hungarian Elliot Rodger on your hands.

You did good, she dodged a bullet.

you're a fucking idiot

she would have valued you for being white and been jealous of other chink women

now you'll be jumping through hoops constantly for a white bitch

nice! another girl in the pool for the rest of us

He would be the supreme gypsy

you were fucking a 4 months old child?!!

Learn to think for yourself.

you are good m8

not your blog

You are a moron. There is nothing wrong with adding some asian gene to our pool, they are not subhumans. And especially since you are hungarian... our ancestors were asians....

Vietnamese don't like Mongols anyway

100% fine

Maybe should have asked her if she was willing to be a surrogate mother for white children because you weren't a race mixer

Yes, Goy, throw it all away for the pussy.

Well done OP.

Found the mutt

I broke up with my Singaporean girlfriend for roughly this reason. Also she was a cunt.

I didn't mention the whole "save the white race" thing though cause I'm not autistic, but yeah.

im aussie btw

You realize the picture of crazy hapas were all half Jewish right?

You could of had a master race child but you fucked it up by falling for a meme.

Checked... KEK approved your decision

Hungary has ching chong people?

that's where you fucked up. should've tried korean or chink

>loses pussy
>asked if he did good
man shills on here are becoming zombies

Anecdotes are not arguments

You're a fucktard, Magyar. Don't fall for the race-mixing and hapa memes.

You're Mongol, anyway, it's not racemixing.

You did good. Asian women are just fuck toys for white men. Only beta cucks marry them

Slants are our friends, not family

Hello lebbit please fuck off and kill yourselves

B-b-but Sup Forums told me racemixing was bad, I'm only doing what you told me!

I know man, Singaporeans are too westernised but they like white guys as much as any asian gril

Literally only a few thousands.

t. hapa mutantz0rg

Major fail.

If she looked like pic related you fucked up
If not, eh.

>Hello lebbit please fuck off and kill yourselves

>muh white race


One guy with an Asian makes zero difference when entire European districts are Islamic

If you think this is a problem, organise politically, this is not the responsibility of individual men, they should be selfish and prioritise their own happiness, just as women and wealthy men do

It's always ordinary males who are expected to fuck themselves over

>saving the white race is hard
nothing worth anything comes easily, enjoy your retarded looking children

You are an idiot.
Nothing prevents you from having white kids while also spreading your genes to Asians who we will need to kill of the Muslim menace.

Judging by what asian girls usually look like, I'd guess that it's more likely "eh"

chink gf =/= race mixing
i mean it's your choice, you can do whatever you want.

That white family looks so boring. I want an edgy looking family.

REE I want a chinky gook gf so bad and I don't want to reproduce anyway.

6000 officially, 20000 including illegals


These are just the chinese

>our ancestors were asians
not borne out in genetic studies. You might be 1/500 mongoloid, nearly impossible to be reflected in phenotype.

hapas shoot schools, not mosques.

nice try chaim


The white race is over. No white girl wants to date white man. They love big cock

>muslim menace
Lol, I'd rather marry a loyal Persian girl than a chink who's gonna give me kids that look like mexicans with Down syndrome

Just travel with your Asian children to Korea and they will give them an almost white-looking face

shit I wish I had a vietnamese girlfriend.

One crazy hapa beta r9k loser shouldn't reflect all hapas being crazy, but damn ugly hapas are still a thing, only the truly blessed are moderately attractive looking hapas.

So you think that it would be best for him to have hapa children?


>Mfw I still have yellow fever and seeing a Korean girl
>Mfw I will help in the death of my race

Why even bother replying to shills?

Don't worry, muslim is not a race, it's a religion

Do I think you have a noble cause? Yes. Do I think your choices will matter in the end? No. Even if you and every white Sup Forums user switched to making white children, you still would not be able to save the white race by the next century.

Counterpoint, get back with your Vietnamese girlfriend and then proceed to blow up Mecca, all of the Middle East, Israel, and Greece.

Boom, you saved the white race for at least fifty years.


Go suck on a door knob you queer

At first glance, Asian-White hybrid offspring seem ok because Asians aren't retarded for the most part.

I've heard some weird stuff about hapa though, but maybe people who have hapas are just obnoxious weebs whose kids just don't stand a chance.

This thread is proof of the fact that Sup Forums is largely comprised of edgy posers.

>muh white genocide
>proceeds to race-mix with asian women

You idiot, OP
GOOKS ARE OKAY. Take a look around you and spot one thing that wasn't invented by a gook or white. If it weren't for chinks, we wouldn't have flash memory or decent batteries. Who gives a shit about appearance? We need to further society and mankind, so that means not breeding with niggers or sandniggers

Of course you did, Janosz. Godspeed.

>be huge faggot
>break up with girlfriend
>stay single huge faggot
many such cases

Magyars are Asiatic to begin with so there would have been no harm.


>have white kids,
>make her raise them

>just fucking mix race you dumb nigger
I can't fucking believe there is so much god damn asshurt over a non issue. we interbred with literal neanderthals and are better for it.

She's better off without you. You're a fucking loser mate. Those kids would have called you dad and obviously that doesn't mean what it should to you. I hope you never have children. You don't deserve them.

you absolute madman! I hope you tell your future white children about what almost was! You fucking crazy criminal you dodged a bullet!

You can trust us, Magyarbro, did she refuse to make love long time?

>Did I do good, Sup Forums?

no, you should have kept her as side pussy until you got married

Well Hungry, you Nguyan some you lose some. You'll be fine.

Love comes from when the eyes meet--not an ideology. You have placed group-think over the individual. The West is about the individual.

You should call her back and try and fix it. Explain your stress, she might understand, maybe.

Damn youngsters are giving up happiness and love for someone else's ideas they heard.

You should choose a mate based on her individuality, or you are flat out brainwashed.

Think for yourself, faggot.

My brother is married to a girl that is 1/2 Indian. His daughter is 1/4 Indian. She looks a lot cuter than my cousins daughter. His wife is also very attractive.

I don't really mind race mixing desu, as long as its not some inbred paki or something.

>of four months

And nothing of value was lost. I don't understand why you started something with her in the first place. Low quality pussy only scares off high quality pussy.

>Love comes from when the eyes meet

Bullshit. Love at first sight is a huge meme. Love comes from years and years of respect and understanding. The best way to ensure a successful marriage is to have ideological similarities with your spouse.

>You should call her back and try and fix it. Explain your stress, she might understand, maybe.

Never, ever apologize to a female for something you said. It's just weakness to them.

Damn, so much beta male in this post. It must be an asian

You're so wrong my dude, pussy is a ladder you need to start at the lowest rung and work your way up.

Well, what do you think?


Indians just look like whites with dark skin though. Asians have totally different skull structure. The kids would look fucking weird

>Jews are getting whiter while ex-white goys are getting browner

who is the shitskin now?

'so much beta male in this post'

Being an asshole doesn't make you a man. It makes you an asshole.

> ending your relationships to impress your anonymous online "friends"

y-you do realize all of the racism here is ironic right?

You can't date an Americanized asian girl. They are all twinkies. You have to get a FOTB. Either go full native, or try to tame some cunty white girl. Dating an Asian girl that acts like a white girl completely defeats the point.

>Indians are just as white as australoids

>Israel is 20% arab and 40% inbred haredim
>secular jews in the west are much more likely to racemix or be gay

>Indians just look like whites with dark skin though.
Haha yep, Caucasian pride.

(by the way, why is it always Americans saying things like this? They think Iranian sand nigger are also white).

If she had tiddies like that then you fucked up

No, men's reason shuts down in the presence of vagina and viable eggs. What he should do is re-evaluate first what he wants in a partner so he can stay objective in the presence of vagina. We see betas and omegas fucking niggers and chinks because they have no other options. It leads to dumb and unhappy kids who more often than not want socialism to replace their failed parents.

>does she have western values? Personal property, personal accountability, non-aggression principle etc. Or is she at least susceptible to these principles when discussed?
>is she intelligent (what do the men in her lineage do?)
>is she of your haplogroup?
>does she want kids?

Just to name a few.



Anthropology really got fucked with along time ago... That groid looks nothing like any white person.

No, that's Marxism. Sex carries a lot of risks with it. Someone who has a lot of sex inherently needs to seek out low quality, risky partners. Someone who has had a lot of low quality partners becomes a risky low quality partner themselves. Therefore, you are no longer a high quality prospective to high quality women and you are far more likely to end up with some dumb slut who will bear you dumb slut children that get nowhere in life and have loads of problems.


This guys sounds like a lil' bitch.

Muh dik bish.

>thinking women care about your partner count

Lol. You think women want to marry a virgin with no experience? Only women who are virgins (as they should be) want that. Not even all of them, either

You take the concept of alphaness and shift it to the extreme, where you can never ever do a reasonable thing like admit to a mistake, because you yourself are not an alpha. Try acting like that with any sane woman and see what happens.

Half Asian, 1/4 black, 1/4 white here

I look a lot like my dad (the half black/half white). I only got the sloped eyes and brown color with really straight hair from my Asian mom.

So are you saying we should commit mass genocides to preserve our race over others cleaning out the rifrafs?

A redpilled man is in control of his emotions, and should never say somethin he would need to apologize for. What would I ever need to apologize to my gf for? Saying something she doesn't like that makes her mad? Apologies should be very rare. The only time I can remember apologizing to her is when I accidentally hit her with my elbow

You should only date Asians if you're 30+, if you're young you still have time to get a white girl.

you did good. I did the same thing.

Yeah, that's what I'm arguing. Women with a low partner count want a man with a low partner count. If the man if known for skipping from woman to woman, how can he possibly be a good father? Women want loyalty and more accurately, a steady source of income for them and their children. When they constantly have to worry about the man going off to fuck some other woman and potentially giving them illnesses, they are not happy and it leads to paranoid behavior, distance between partners and more often than not, backstabbing and divorce with the kids being the victims of it all.

Vice versa, do you want to know for sure whether your kids are actually yours? Do you want to marry a slut who has ridden over 10 miles of cock that isn't yours?

Some interesting statistics:

Unless she looked like your post, it was the right move.