Are Pewdiepie's views dropping? This was uploaded 20 hours ago and it still doesn't even have half a million views...

Are Pewdiepie's views dropping? This was uploaded 20 hours ago and it still doesn't even have half a million views, is he being jewed?

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Wolverine dies at the end of Logan.

yes, if jews can't smear someone they'll go out their way to financially destroy them instead.

Any fame you have accumulated before google +, will be disregarded.

For a 50 mil sub king nigger, he gets aroun 4-7 mil views which isn't all that much

you have ruined my life, I had just saved enough to go see it tomorrow

No shit, if you didn't see that coming from the beginning you were a complete retard.

I wish this nigger went through with his threat to delete his channel. I guess he cares more about shekels than how youtube fucks him

Yeah his likes exceed his views pretty often. They throttle his channel real bad.

A lot of Youtubers both large and kinda large have had this happen over the last week or so due to some sort of shift in Youtube's algorithms. Pewdiepie, Molyneux, Styxhexenhammer, Sargon, and many others.

It even seems to have had an effect on lefties; Youtube has dumbed down independent political and social commentary because of their new 35-a-month corporate media package I believe.

We can infer that this shift is based on key words in titles, tags, descriptions, or something of that nature and is geared towards search results and notifications, since some channels that have been hit aren't generally political (Pewdiepie being one of them) and merely have delved mildly into such subjects.



Don't we all? Do you denounce your citizenship when the government fucks you over or do you just roll over and pay your taxes?

considering that faggot uploads like four videos a fucking day now and they still net millions of views he's doing fine, not to mention residual income from his older videos
he's doing fine he's not funny and he's a giant faggot but many still watch his videos for some reason me included

only good youtuber is idubbbz

>is he being jewed?
We are all being Jewed.

It still baffles me that we didn't come up with a free, distributed video service anyone could use. All the youtubies, gagles, facebeeks and twatters need to be BTFO, better sooner than later.

>Aren't you a right smart fucker.

Youre gonna die in your sleep tonight. if you didn't see that coming from the beginning you were a complete retard

PewDiePie Did Nothing Wrong !!!

sounds about right. matpat made a video on it, dunno how true it is but it seems like theyre going for corporate content creators more than individual start ups. this is just the start of the youtube deathknell for small content creators.

Still, wouldn't it be kinda fucked up if Youtube just decides to "bug" some peoples channels because they don't like him?

The funny thing is that thanks to these new (((algorithms))) I've stopped getting e-celebs in my suggestion box and started getting gun related videos... Am I being set up?

Jewtube is screwing with him.

you are too busy trying to squash libs. you realize for this to work you'd have to let us in and we'd both have to spend money on it right? then again you are swiss, so maybe the idea of taking a loan isn't anathema to you.

I haven't watched one second of his videos but people get bored of the any old crap they put out for views.

Rack off you roo fucker , i hope you die from abbo aids you disgusting piece of kike cum.

Youtube appears to be shifting subscription feeds and notifications alike towards what its algorithms see as a users' interests rather than who they were interested enough in to subscribe to.

So then I've had a half dozen people appear on my subscription list that I never, ever subscribed to; all these users have material that is roughly like that which I've already subscribed to or searched for. Meanwhile people aren't getting every video from those they've subbed to. I think Youtube has limited two features.

1. Those subscribed to many users, or many active users, only get a limited number of notifications from the whole field they've subscribed to.

2. Uploaders who have substantial fan bases have their notifications throttled to the subscribers partly because of the former, and partially as some sort of artificial limitation Youtube has imposed on certain kinds of content.

Huh...I never get bored of Ashens...

wew he names kek at 0:32

our guy??

I noticed too, definitely our guy

>Professor X dies from Wolverines clone.

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>still talking about youtubers
get a life

Forget that faggot. Watch at the end of the credits.

no i'm to upset to leave the house now. I'm going to get my mum to get premium tendies instead

Stop. No one is like that. If you let shitty jew Hollywood movies dictate your happiness then you need to /syo/

>Are Pewdiepie's views dropping?


Wolverine can't die he has super healing powers and adamantium bones. He is indescribable.

>Kick you off a cliff
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but wolverine is my only male role model


Daughtry of the raptor will soon be upon you.

>I wish this nigger went through with his threat to delete his channel.

But he did? He deleted his other channel that had 3 million subs

thats more subs than boogie1488 for comparison

>day of the raptor

That movie fuckin sucked.

gtfo, Felix, stop shilling your shitty channel here.

Implying I care of these shitty movies

this isn't funny I don't want Logan to die

Are you kidding that's crazy subscriber retention rate for YouTube standards most channels with over 5 million subs can't even get 10 percent retention rate from subscribers

The thing isn't creating the website, it's gaining the userbase. You could make the best website in the technical aspect, it's useless if people aren't there. Alternatives to Reddit and Twitter haven't worked out well, despite both websites being shit heaps.

Caliban commits suicide via grenade

Professor X is stabbed in the chest by X-24

Wolverine is impaled on a log by X-24 and dies

Robo hand guy gets ganged up on by the mutant kids and dies

Laura buries Wolverine at the end of the movie after Wolverine dies in her arms

You wrong nigga
You're supposed to have 50 mills and pull occassionally 80 mil once in a while

This guy max pulls 8 mil on some video each month

>Wolverine is impaled on a log by X-24 and dies

must've been a very hard log to pierce adamantium, or you're just shitting out lies, wolverine can't die in that dumb way

No, you don't get it. I'm not talking about www. I'm talking about core internet services. Build in the spirit of the orignal ARPANET: Doomsday proved.
And as such, the problem isn't some faggy portal, but storage (distributed!) and bandwidth.

What fuck was it again that """commercialized""" the fucking interwebs in the 90ies?? REEEEEEEEEEEEE

He also puts out like 20 of them fuckers as well with YouTube it's not about quality it's about quantity

thanks im having a panic attack

People don't care too much about his gameplay videos anymore. I sure as shit don't want to watch them, Pewdie is more interesting when he's doing things that aren't video game related.

most likely google is fucking with the results. they do this constantly.

Wrong. That's for those vlogging faggots, for demonstrative or entertaining videos it needs to be quality

>still obsessed over another gamers vidyablogs
faggeting much senpai?

Half a million is a big number for pewdiepie with his regular content not talking about his controversial videos that get 5m+ views easily
I was kind of a neet until last year and watched his videos after he posted the "new car " one
The point is that he starts to worry if his videos dont hit 200k after 24hr other than that he is alt right

>comic book character
>dying ever

Fear not, I upboated it.

>Wolverine dies at the end of Logan.

And Leslie Jones will play the new transgender Wolverine in the future movies?

Anyone who tries to create an alternative will be smeared as a child porn/pirated media platform.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine dies.
The character will be rebooted with another actor.

He had over 4m more views yesterday than his "daily average" over the last month.

Can't read too much into a video that isn't a day old. Was uploaded within 24 hours of two other videos.

Maybe it shouldn't be started by some fagget US startup from California then?

His views were on decline, while jacksepticeyes gameplays were on the rise
so he become edge
then the nazi saga
and now he is going full redpill
>kids don't like his gameplays
>he is tired of doing letsplays
now he does reaction comedy videos, along shock social incorrectness

At least he still has a soul

Hey, feel free to start one yourself.

Who fucking cares? The superhero movies need to fucking stop. They are the best weapon to promote liberalism to the masses, because of muh blockbuster.

Of course you're an fucking australian. The country that contributes NOTHING to society comes on Sup Forums just to wreck shit for everyone else cause you are sun soaked, alcoholic dole bludger

People lose the incentive to make good videos because they do not get ad revenue.


Really? I thought he died in the 1990s comics

>in position to initiate project set to replace Internet
>in country that has state of the art resources and access to all the skill in the world
>in country that will never be part of the EU, thus making this re-internet truly independent
>complains that slave states aren't doing it instead